WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thwackety Whack!

(Don't talk back!)

Besides a WolfieToon with a sound effect reminiscent of a Coasters song, this week's update at "Discipline and Desire" features some scintillating stories for the start of summer-time and free chapters for you to sample from "Feisty Fables" and "For the Love of Giving!"  Enjoy!


  1. Why does a man with such big hands need a hairbrush?

  2. Nothing better than otk with a lovely brush spanking her naughty panty!! Awesome, that is a classic scene, Thanks.


  3. I hadn't thought about it, Poppy; maybe the hairbrush is actually gentler?

    Thanks, Ron! I'm getting good feedback on this one!

  4. Congratulations on being Spanking Bloggers Network Blog of the Month for June! :-)

    BTW - Poppy makes a good point. You know what they say about big hands, don't you? Big gloves. *grin*

  5. Onna whatta who??

    Wow-- I didn't even know that was going on! A surprise party from Season and Michael!! Many thanks! Now I guess I should put some stuff in here worth looking at!

    Big hands, big hands... no, except for giving a big hand, as in Applause or Direction and Correction, can't think of anything they say about big hands.

    Once at SCSWC, a gal asked why all my cartoon guys tended to have big feet, and did I have big feet myself, and did I know what big feet were supposed to indicate. I replied, for tall people like myself, remaining grounded and upright in a stiff breeze.

    She may have been alluding to physiognomy, in which case, everything seems to be more-or-less in proportion. (I just heard a "WOOF!")