WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The First Shall Be Posted

You have Erica Scott to blame for this WolfieBlog.  Go spank her.  But you might have to get in line, she's very popular.  

Anyway, this dear one and I were together at the "Southern California Spanked Wives Club" when MSN gave it to Whirled Groups (misspelling on purpose).  Soon it became terribly troublesome to do anything much there, so Erica began a blog at MySpaz (misspelling also on purpose) and suggested that I do the same.

So I did, but pursuing social network link-ups wasn't important to me, and so for the longest time, MySpaz reported that "Dave Wolfe Has 2 Friends."

That was freakin' HILARIOUS!!

But soon MySpaz also became a particular pain in the patootie to operate, so Erica packed up and began her fabled Blogger Blog!  And eventually I came here, too.  .

NOW, in THIS POST this gorgeous troublemaker is recommending that everyone repost their very first blogs, from the suggestion that Secret Spanko made HERE! 

Great idea, huh?  Tell ya what-- Here is my first cartoon published at "Discipline and Desire!" 

My first blog at MySpaz had a Halloween cartoon you've already seen, and incoherent mumbling  about learning how to work the darn thing.  So here is my SECOND blog, which has nothing to do with spanking, but is rather Wolfie: 

MySpace-  December 13, 2006
Makes You Proud To Be Canine

Okay, Kids, gather 'round and Grampa Wolfie (wheeeeeeze kaff kaff) will tell ya all about the days when comics were only a dime to 12¢ 'cause they were done cheaply on newsprint and it was the Olden Days when people were only making a buck an hour anyway.  

In that faraway time, comics not only featured superheroes, but funny animals, funny kids, funny teens, cowboys, spies, detectives, lovers, ghosts and goblins-- and the most amazing dog ever-- REX the WONDER DOG!!  

REX made Rin-Tin-Tin and Lassie both look like Odie!  For example~~ 
Here is REX breathing underwater and saving a babe from a naked octopus:

Here is REX swinging on a vine to save a tree-bound babe and her boytoy from Charlie The Lonesome Cougar:

Here is REX riding to the rescue on My Friend Flicka and playing a little grabass at the same time:

Here is REX trying to mate with Flipper's Daughter (notice her smile!):

And finally (for now)  here is REX about to kick a DINOSAUR'S ASS!!

(A lot of that artwork, if anybody cares, was done by one of my favorites, the late Gil Kane, famous for later runs on "Green Lantern," "The Atom," "Spider-Man ," "Conan the Barbarian," and much, much more!)

I'll be looking forward to wandering the web to see what other firsts show up!


**Edit and Addition Feb 16th!**

I gotta insert this bit that Larken e-mailed to me 'cause it's so dagnabbin' cute!!  She says:

 Oh,  and I've been thinking.  Maybe Wolfie could get his own show.  Let's see…
REX the WONDER DOG                          WOLFIE the WONDER SPANKO
* Breathes underwater…………………….….……..     * Spanks over underwear
* Saves a babe from a naked octopus……. * Spanks a naked babe  :shock
* Swings on a vine…………………………….…………..      * Swings his arm & Imps whine
* Plays a little grabass…………………….……..…..     * Plays a little grabass  :shock  8-| rolling eyes  :wink
* Tales of pounding excitement……….…..…..   * Tales of astounding tail ignitement
* Sir Rex Four Footed Knight……………………     * Sir Wolfie Two Handed Spanker
*  Made Lassie look like Odie…………………….    * Spanks lassies
* Mystery of the Midget Sub……………………     * Mastery of the Midnight Sub
* Rex kicks a dinosaurs ass………………………..    * Wolfie spanks a divine, sore ass
*Four Footed Defender of the West……...  * Two Footed Defender of Jest

Thank you,  Darlin' Larken!  (Stands and Applauds!) 


  1. Rex the Wonder Dog presented by Wolfie the Wonder Spanko - "I wonder how many naughty imps I can spank over my lap at the same time? There's Larken and Season and Kaki and Erica....."

    Donning his Oxford don's cap and gown - "I wonder the quantity of spanks it shall require to raise the temperature of a naughty imp's impudent bottom 5 degrees? 10 degrees?"

    "I wonder what was is the porpoise of a dog mating with a dolphin?"

    "I wonder if Rex's royalties were paid in bones?"

    "I wonder, wonder who wrote the book of love?"

  2. DW, forgot to comment on your actual post. LOL
    Love the idea of revisiting first blog posts - thank you Secret Spanko and Erica - and it was great seeing your first D&D WolfieToon again, and seeing for the first time your initial My Spaz - copyright Dave Wolfe © - blog post.

    When I first started investigating the internet - or the World Wide Web as it was known back then - My Space was all the rage and the go-to social networking tool while facebook was just the pipsqueak little brother. My, how things, including 23 billion dollars, have changed.

  3. Yes indeed, Mike!

    LOLCats call it "Teh Interwebs." And FB outstrips MySpace for so many reasons.

    Glad you enjoyed Rex-- I thought he was pretty dang entertaining, myself!

  4. I remember when comics were 10 cents, and the jumbo ones sold for 25. I once bought one of the latter and found not one, not two, but three frames featuring the spanking of Lottie, Lulu, Nancy or some other white-bottomed cherub.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Rex rocks!


    1. Hi, Hermione!

      Yes, the 80-Page Giant "Superman" I bought for a whole quarter featured cool stories about the Fortress of Solitude, including the "Lois Lane" reprint "Three Nights in the Fortress," in which the Superman Guard Robot spanks her nightgown seat!

      And truly, Li'l Dot, Lottie, Lulu, Nancy, Li'l Iodine and lots of li'l gals got panty-warmings that got MY attention, too!

      Web-Ed frequently featuring Comic Spankings of Yore over at the Chicago Spanking Forum!

    2. P.S.-- What a great phrase is "white-bottomed cherub!!!" Hooray, Hermione!!

    3. I just paid Chicago a visit. What a treasure trove of cartoons! Thanks for the tip.

    4. You're welcome, Hermione! I never know who's seen what, and I'm glad you enjoyed his growing collection!

  5. Okay, so, I saw the Flipper cartoon and immediately thought (because ERICA was on my mind), "Hey!!! Jump the shark!!" (Erica will understand.)

    But alas, it was just a pervy Rex trying to hump a dolphin!

    Never was into comics much, but recognized the references!


    1. Giving Ms Sarah a big "AYYyyyyyy!" thumbs up for your reference!!

      Yes, the show about the dolphin had the theme song that went,

      "And he will flip her, flip her, faster than lightning,
      much to her glee, right over his knee!
      Yes, he will flip her, give her a new world to ponder,
      wriggling there over, over his knee!"

      Oh, no, wait, excuse me, that was the show about the wolfie!

    2. I only just learned that reference during a flame war in Fetlife. I had to ask Richard Windsor what it meant!

      As for Flipper, that is one theme song I DO know from an...errr, old show. Also courtesy of Nick at Night. I sometimes sing it to my kids, but will now have to be careful not to substitute your words for the actual ones!!


    3. Yes, that's probably a good idea, Sarah-- although the kids might find it funny to see Mommy get spanked for teaching them questionable substitute lyrics! :-D

  6. I never read Rex the Wonder Dog, wonder why? I do remember all those other references, including Charlie the Lonesome Cougar. Dang! that was a long time ago. I also remember comic books costing a dime, popcicles were a nickel and penny candy was... wait for it.... a penny or even two for a penny.

    Thanks for sharing and the trip down Memory Lane.

    My goodness, Michael, exactly how big IS your lap?

    Oh, and "briefs", *snort, chuckle, rolls eyes*

    1. Hiya, Kaki!

      Yes, somehow I missed the original "Rex" run, too!

      But for a quarter I could have a great time: a 12¢ comic book, a 10¢ Hershey bar, and with the leftover pennies you were talking about, a couple of pieces of bubble gum, or even better, one or two Pixie Stix!

      (For kids that missed those, it was sugar and flavor in a straw-- kinda like eating the Kool-Aid right outta the package! Not, uh, that I ever did such a heinous thing.)

    2. I coulda got two Hershey bars for a dime. :-P
      Hershey Kisses were two for a penny. I used to pour the pixie stick candy in the bubble gum, I wasn't addicted to sugar or anything. LOL

    3. Kaki, did you also put de lime in de coconut and drink 'em bofe togedder?

      I couldn't remember if the nickle Hershey bars were smaller or if they just went up to a dime at some point.

      Anyway, I hope you brushed with Crest for 21% fewer cavities!

  7. It's fun looking back and people's earlier posts. Thanks for sharing!

  8. (laughing @Sarah) Yup, I have seen a bit of that reference lately... Is it safe to come out? Are we rid of the PGH (Pariah Go Home)?

    Wolfie, we certainly go way back, don't we. :-) Love you!

    1. Yep, Erica, a ways! ;-) Love you, too!

      Hey, I remember that song, "They call the wind Pariahhhh!" From the show, "Fix Her Wagon!" Big pop hit for Robert Hooray!

  9. Love the briefs, awesome panty spanking, thanks

  10. Thank YOU, Ron!

    Someday I may feature a plethora of panties from WolfieToons!

  11. LOVE that court cartoon, DW! And… Objection!

    Wow, I had no idea what dog daring-do was depicted in comic strips back in the olden days! :-) How the heck did sweet loveable Lassie get her own show?!

    If I had known there was spanking in comic books, I would have read some!

    I remember penny candy! I was missing sour apple Jolly Ranchers. But I found them on Teh Interwebs! :-)

    P.S. Nice Flip Her theme song there, Wolfie! ;-)

    1. Objection overruled, Larken. With a real ruler.


      You found Jolly Rancher! Yay! My favorite was the "Firestix." Hm, a jolly rancher with some fire sticks--sounds like a WolfieToo

      Lassie had a better agent than Rex. Or Rin-Tin-Tin, for that matter, I don't even think he made it to Color TV!

      And, yes, I thought you'd recognize that other TV theme! ;-)

  12. Speaking of Jolly Ranchers, it's an affectionate term those of us on a breed-specific dog list use. When males get "excited", the result looks like a little Jolly Rancher.

  13. OMG and LOL, Hermione!! Now I'll haveta think twice before licking those candies again... However, you did remind me of something I'm going to put in the next WolfiePost!!

  14. Hilarious! O.K., so Rex can beat up a T. Rex, but can he spank a pretty girl? That would really make him top dog in my book.

    1. I was hoping you had these books in your collection, Web-Ed, 'cause I'm certain that Rex could, and probably did-- and then we'd have ANOTHER dandy CSR feature!