WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Spring Break!!

Here's a post to celebrate the arrival of beachier weather and a vacation from all your diligent study and hard work!  

And if you've already had your Spring Break, too bad, suck it up and get that paper done. 

And enjoy these images!  

Here's a re-colored version of one of the first cartoons I put on the InterWebs: 

And a very early WolfieToon from "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE!"

Hey!  WHO spanked these little bottoms?  The victims try to find the culprit.

(Bet it was that gal in the red shorts.)

And now, with appreciation, Beach and Bikini Frolic from around the Web:  

Spanking Preparation.    

Of course, that could just be a royal wedgie.  Like this:


Now, you better have finished those chores before you think you can traipse off to the shore:

But when you and Ma are done, we'll be waiting for you:

Some of our favorite friends will be there, too!  (Thanks, Guys and Dolls!!)

I believe this gal is being punished for the unfortunate color job. 
I'm just kidding, it's lovely.  Ahem.

Yes, I bet it is.

So whether you sneak off for some private groping and thwacking-- 

--or you like to be thick in the middle of everyone--

--enjoy your Spring Break!!


  1. Spring break are the my kids, who of course will just be driving me crazy since it will probably rain the entire week. But we are getting ready for our visits to our clothing optional resort. There I am probably the whitest person there but I have the reddest bum.

    1. Now that sounds pretty cute, Blondie! I've wondered about that situation before; in fact, there's a WlfieToon in here along those lines!

      I suppose you could powder-puff your behind to reduce the more obvious crimson, but where's the fun in that?

  2. I'm going to Alaska for Spring Break. :-p

    1. (I think Alaska why she's going up there!)

    2. (Singing that Johnny Horndog song from 1960)

      "When the Imps are not minding
      red bottoms they're finding!
      NORTH! To Alaska!!
      Go North, and get it on!
      NORTH! To Alaska!
      Get a tush as bright as dawn!"

  3. That is not what is meant by Northern Lights DW. Hrumph.