WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Cartoon Spanking Frenzy? Oaky Doaks!!

You gotta go over to  SPK COMICS and read this Oaky Doaks series!  I'll put the link below. 

Yes, that's a version of King Arthur, Merlin the wizard, and Queen Guinevere, who is getting a fine bottom-warming from that Li'L Abner of Camelot, Oaky Doaks! 

I never saw Oaky in the papers--it ran from 1935 (nearly two years before "Prince Valiant") until 1961.  It's been praised as genuinely funny, well written by Bill McCleery, and superbly drawn by R.B. Fuller. It featured the adventures of a lunkhead named Oaky who decided on his own to be one of King Arthur's knights, made a suit of armor from his pop's tin shed, and rode off into often anachronistic adventures on their plow horse.  

In this particular run, the wicked Morgan le Fay (you heard of her, right?) dopes the dope with what is supposed to be an enslaving love potion, but instead, it turns Oaky into a mild misogynist, and he turns every woman he encounters over his knee.  

Not all the women necessarily deserve their spankings-- but some do!

And some-- 

Now, admittedly there's some 1940's Chauvinism in here, but I think the humor outweighs it.


When you click on the strips, they get nice and big and legible!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Love them

    1. Glad to be able to do it, Ron! There's a wealth of stuff over at the SPK page. He (she?) has even categorized these collections!