WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, February 11, 2011


Erica Scott just posted a blog about her long-time heartthrob, David Selby;  Devlin O'Neill published a tribute to Diana Rigg;  and now I will post a tribute to a woman I love and respect, for her enormous talent-- she can do both comedy and drama, she sings and dances-- and for her class and courage-- she has shown parents everywhere how to deal with the worst tragedies-- and because she is truly one of the most beautiful women in the world, a frequent star of many a WolfieDream!  Here is Barbara Eden!!

Barbara on the beach...

Barbara on a bike...

Barbara on a bowling lane..

Barbara on a doorstep...

Barbara on a swing...

Barbara on trampolines...

Barbara on a stack of film cans...

Barbara on a bottle...

Barbara on stage...

Barbara on the stairs...

Barbara on Larry...

Barbara on Larry more recently...

And you should see this sassy li'l number, "Don't Tell Mama!"  Trust me;  you'll be happy you did!


  1. Barbara Eden, a young teen heartthrob of mine. I didn't see 'I Dream of Jeanne' during its original run but later in syndication along with 'Bewitched' and me and my horndog buddies always debated Barbara Eden vs Elizabeth Montgomery. Both were gorgeous and Samantha Stevens received the occasional smack to the bum, but I preferred Ms. Eden. Always thought Jeanne should have ended up over Tony's lap to have those harem pants set ablaze.

    And, DW, you justly point out that Barbara was an all around entertainer who could act - both comedy and drama - sing and dance. And with those gams and that derriere you can tell she is a dancer. No wonder many of her publicity shots were from behind featuring her bottom and flashing her bare or stockinged legs.

    And that video is fantastic! Never saw it before. What a find.

    Wonderful homage, DW, and greatly appreciated.

  2. Mr. Wolfe, Great minds think alike, for I to have always had a special place in my heart for Ms. Eden, I remember back in 81, I was taking the universal studio tour out in California, when the driver annouced " And to our left we see that star of the screen ,the lovely Barbera Eden!", I looked over and there she was, she looked at the tour and smiled and waved, she was radiant, it was bright sunshine, but her smile out shone the sun, a couple of minutes later , we saw Ruth Buzzy,of "laugh in" fame, who I always wanted to spank, she was a lovely woman to, its funny, I always had a thing for funny women, I find them very exciting, one that I always had a yearn for was Vicki Carr from the Carlo Burnett show, but I will always remember Barbera, on that beautiful morn, thanks for reminding me of her, your friend bOB

  3. I love it, Wolfie. I remember your breathless Barbara praise when I posted a blog entry about harem girls. Love a man who knows what he likes.


  4. She is so utterly cute. She still looks cute now.

  5. Barbara Eden was and still is stunning, and very crush-worthy! :-) I would imagine she's fueled many a fantasy, spanking and otherwise.

    And yessssssss, Major Nelson spanking Jeannie would have been hot hot hot. He did threaten her in one episode, but that was it.

  6. Thanks, y'all!

    Mr. Bob, what a great story, and wonderfully told! Thank you! Barbara has always been the epitome of graciousness. I'm sure she can be a real wench sometimes, too, but overall I find her good humor wins out!

    In fact, Michael, I heard a story, I've forgotten the source-- Barbara would show up early in the morning at the Screen Gems makeup department, singing! Which would elicit a somewhat grumpy response from the other lovely lady getting ready for work on the lot-- Elizabeth Montgomery!

    And, oh yeah, Liz also inhabited my fantasies, too, and I kept a running list of every time she got a swat on the rear in "Bewitched!" And there were quite a few!! (Great Shades of Endart!) If I liked the book that much, I'd go find Liz's audio recordings of Anne Rice's kinky "Beauty" series!! Makes ya think, don't it!

    Glad you liked the number! I remembered that one, and several others, Barbara used to do on the prime-time variety shows! I never missed her if I could help it!

    There was an episode of "Jeannie" in which she passes out in a gold spacesuit (long story) and Larry carries her off over his shoulder-- OH WHATTA GREAT BUTT SHOT that is!! I must have saved it around here somewhere... In fact, she was carried OTS (as they say) in a bikini in a TV movie called "The Feminist and The Fuzz!" These things left an indelible impression.

    Oh, yes, Libby, as you see, I take every opportunity to sing Ms Eden's praises! I appreciate you, too, and your remarks!

    Hi, Poppy, and you're absolutely correct-- I find Barbara every bit as attractive now as then, even though she's just a bit younger than my mom!! (Ooh, kinky, huh!!) And, y'know, I gotta give Larry Hagman his props for the humor and grace to go gray and wrinkly, with big scary eyebrows-- not every fella in Hollyweird does that!

  7. Hi, Erica! You sneaked in while I was writing the previous remarks!

    Yes, Tony did threaten Jeannie with a spanking, at least once-- maybe twice??-- and I always, ALWAYS wanted to see it happen! She did get a swat with a clipboard from behind a screen in one episode, but that's as close as we got! But, ohhh, yeah, that woulda been hot! Almost as hot as the story I read somewhere about an "evil stranger" coming to the door of a Monday night!!

  8. I guess all of us would have liked to see Tony spank Jeannie. Of course Barbara did get spanked once, but on a different show - haven't seen that one in a while. Anyway, nice tribute, Dave.

    The performance number, "Don't Tell Mama" is originally from the musical Cabaret, if anyone is interested, although I couldn't tell you when this version hit the airwaves. I think Barbara sings it better than Jill Haworth, who had the role on stage.

  9. Web-Ed, you're a wonder, thanks! I didn't know that's where that song came from! I could probably track down what variety show Barbara's performance was from-- but, as I recall, it's circa 1971.

    Yes, I've seen the TV clip-- some western in which Barb is facing the camera, against the railing of an inside upper storey, getting a quick assualt from some cowpoke.

    Now, Pat Boone gave her bottom a swat, thinking she was one of the sailors under his command, in a ridiculous movie called "All Hands On Deck!" I forgot, I have that shot somewhere around here, too! (Wolfie oughta organize his furshlugginer files, huh?)

  10. hi wolfie,

    first off i have to agree with michael..........there were soooo many episodes of i dream of jeannie where she needed the daylights spanked out of her. too bad it never happened.............sigh. btw, what happened to the caption that goes with that first pic of her on the bed with her bottle?? i thought you had done a drawing of her getting a spanking so i checked my "wolfie" folder and didn't find it but i did find that same pic with a caption that you sent years ago:D. if you don't remember it or have lost it let me know and i'll send it to you. thanks, phil

  11. Nope, Phil, I don't remember that caption at all! :-D

  12. Well, Phil told me what my forgotten caption for that first picture of Barbara lying on her tummy was: "Hi, Mr. Wolfie, I'm ready for my po-po paddling! Tee-HEE!" Urk!! Now I know why I forgot it! :-D

  13. A great retrospective, Dave! Ms. Eden and/or her cameraman certainly knew what one of her best features was....

    A spanking on I Dream Of Jeannie would have been great, but it's kinda hard to spank someone who can blink herself into thin air!

  14. Thanks, Doc, and you're right-- it WOULD be hard to smoke someone's bottom who is-- smoke! :-D

  15. Barbara Eden is indeed lovely and sexy, and definitely knows what to do with a song! And what Top wouldn't want to spank that little Imp, Jeannie?

    If Imps had the power to poof themselves into smoke every time they were due for a spanking, would they? Hmmm... ;-)

  16. Isn't she just a doll, Larken? And on top of that, Barbara won my heart and respect enduring real tragedies with unbelievable grace and courage.

    And oh, yes, Jeannie is the Imps of all Imps, and it might indeed be hard to smoke a bottom made of smoke!!