WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, August 19, 2017

She Got Spanked In A GIFfy!

Oh, sorry, I tried too hard in that title.

I suppose I could have titled this, "I GIF to you and you GIF to me," but how many of you know the Cole Porter song "True Love?"    

And, "GIF tastes more like fresh peanuts!" makes no sense at all.

Anyway, here are some cute little animations.

I have mixed feelings about seeing my cartoons GIF'ed.  First of all, it's usually my quick and sloppy drawings, and the "fill-ins" required to make it move aren't drawn so well, either.  But on the other hand, whoever made these liked 'em well enough to invest the work into it, and they are kinda funny!

I was fascinated by the butt wiggle, but Larken said it was a bit too much like Jell-O!

Here's one of my old pencil sketches someone tried to color and animate!

Dave Mire, also known as "Peskinhead" has done some very appealing and funny cartoons, particularly his strip "Cheer Squad!" (Click on them for a better view!)

He also did did some animations a long while back, he says, "for my own stupid amusement," meaning, I suppose, that he chose not to bother with all the details, but they're still cute!  Lita Spends a lot of time with a tingly bottom:

It is a a lot of work to animate a "loop" and have it look good.  Some have had more practice at it than others.

This 3D art (like the "Poser" program "Overbarrel" Phil uses) is very nicely done, with attention to the "follow-through" details!

Now I know some of you don't really like the "girl-girl" kind of thing, so I'll even it out a little:

There now.

So would you like to see some GIFs with Real people from all over the Web now?

All right, then: 

Okay, then.  If all that doesn't improve your mood

I did try!

Saturday, August 12, 2017


A couple of months ago,  Erica Scott told me that author Allysa Hart was looking for a Spanking. 

Oh, pardon me, I was taking a sip of coffee, I mean. Allysa was looking for a Spanking Cartoonist.  Erica kindly recommended me, and put us in touch.  It wasn't a spanking touch, although that might be fun.

Anyway, Ally had seen and liked WolfieToons (sure, who doesn't?!) and told me she wanted to create a banner for her book signings.  What she had in mind was one of those placards like they have at amusement parks and such places that you can put your face into and pose for a funny picture.  I'm sure there's a correct name for those-- Photo Thingummies.  Like these:

So, I did some quick and sloppy sketches

and Ally chose the pose she liked best, stipulating that it be sexy but silly (quite in line with my particular predilections), using the "big heads" caricaturists so often use.  Here is what we finally did:

Here's the finished banner:

These are pictures Ally took of the set-up at the first book-signing she took the banner to! 

Now let's say "The Big Bang Theory's" Amy, actor (I used to say "actress") Mayim Bialik, had attended, got her copy of Ms Hart's book autographed, and then had her picture taken in the banner! 

(Everybody chants, "'The Big Bang Theory's" Amy, actor (I used to say 'actress') Mayim Bialik, had attended, got her copy of Ms Hart's book autographed, and then had her picture taken in the banner!")

 It would have looked something like this:

Thanks for the commission, Ally!  I'm glad it was a hit!  

I think we'll do more stuff together!  Meanwhile, check out Allysa's page;  you'll find some entertaining and arousing literature and perhaps find out that one of her book signings is t an event near you, and put yourself into a WolfieToon!