WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is Paddle Cat-- P.C. for short.

He's in this week's WolfieToon at "DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE", and he's one of the rare repeating characters I've used.  I'm thinking of making Paddle Cat T-Shirts to sell.  He has one of the best catchphrases ever! 

Y'know, I think most cats are actually spankophiles.  

Consider their intelligence, sensuality and general cattitude.

Certainly cartoon kitties enjoy "TTWD!"

That's from cartoonist John Stanley's "Tom and Jerry" comic that you can read at "STANLEY STORIES", a terrific blog by Frank M. Young.  (Not to be confused with his cousin, Frank M. Stein.)  

Richard Windsor also featured the full story AT HIS BLOG! 

Naturally, cartoon kitty women will follow suit!  And, oh. how I love her suit.

(That's Poser art by Invidia, who featured a whole month of superhero spankings at her blog some years back!)

I hadn't seen that one before!  Nice job!

You do know, I suppose, that Anne Hathaway is the movies' new Catwoman.

Excuse me a moment while I react.

I'm going to imagine her in the scenes above while she cooperatively poses.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happiest of Birthdays, Phil!!

Today we celebrate the creativity, the humor, and horniness of Phil "Overbarrel!!"

If you haven't seen any of Phil's work, you can get an introduction at THIS POST, and you can see all of Phil's Poser Goodies at his Yahoo Groups!  There's a link to Group Number Five over to your right, or you can CLICK HERE!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kinky Vampires, and the Monkees Sing "Shades of Gray"

I'll be talking about shades of gray here, but this week's WolfieToon from "DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE" is very colorful, with cute butterflies and a cute butt. 

Erica Scott is featuring a video of Ellen Degeneres reading "Fifty Shades of Gray," the purportedly erotic bestseller based on the "Twilight" vampire series.  Check it out HERE, it's brilliant.

I found out about "Gray" from an article in TIME magazine and I thought to myself, "How did a mediocre piece of fan-fiction with attempts at describing erotic spanking and such become a national phenomenon, while any story appearing at "DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE" each week is better written and certainly more authentic?  How could "D&D" get its proper due?"

Any thoughts would be welcome, and I'll pass 'em on to Editor Reesa Roberts and the "D&D" authors.  

I recall, to repeat what I told Erica, when my literary ex, who was going through an enjoyably active erotic phase, discovered the three "Sleeping Beauty" books that Anne Rice wrote under the pen-name "A.N. Roquelaure."  There's some pun there I've forgotten.  I always remember the name as "Roquefort," because the "Sleeping Beauty" books were kinda cheesy.   

However, I do have to give Anne credit, because she said, in print, that her only reason for writing the "Beauty" series was to create "a good one-handed read."  She apparently went into an "adult" bookstore and bought a bunch of fetish books and magazines for research, and the tangled plot of the "Beauty" books did try to explore and explain the BDSM psychology.  

But the actual thing did very little for me, what with people hanging all night on stone dildos in the hall and such.  Ew.  That was also the first time I heard about "pony girls," because I don't get out much.  The spanking scenes weren't bad, and By Gum., it did cause my ex to want to do some empirical research of her own.  I hope her bottom still remembers, wink!!  

So since Vampire Kink seems to be in vogue (possibly in Vogue, too, I'll have to look) here is a somewhat sloppy WolfieToon that was in "ARILD'S MOVIE SPANKING YAHOO GROUP!"

(Disclaimer:  "WolfieToons" are entirely fictional and any resemblance to actual vampires, dead or undead, and actual cute round bottoms, punctured or not, is entirely coincidental.)

And if you never heard the song in the title for this post, here ya go:

See Ya!  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daisy, Duck!!

"Ooh, WOULDJA?!"

I found this Darn Old Duck newspaper strip on line:

(Click on it for a bigger and more legible version!)

Now, I'm wholeheartedly on the nephews' side here.  But I don't know that I've ever seen Donald spank Daisy.  On purpose.  Except for THIS CARTOON THAT I DID. 

Tsk.  We should call in the Dog.

Say, I've been distracted of late and haven't toldja about the latest updates at "DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE!"   But you can click on those big blue letters and see the latest offerings, including story snippets, full horny and/or hilarious story chapters and the smaller version of those wacky WolfieToons!  Enjoy!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Scarlett Bottom!

For the record, I have always enjoyed Scartlett Johansson!  

Especially from behind.

No better choice to portray Natasha Romanova, AKA the Black Widow.


My. my.