WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, September 23, 2022

Erica Scott Birthday Week!

Thursday, September 22, was the birthday of my lovely friend and one of the most remarkable raconteurs in the world,  the one, the only-- Erica Scott!!

Fellow Pluviophile!!

My near-crippling day job and other pressing art commitments prevented me doing a new cartoon for her birthday this time around, so I'll show some previous ones here!

In case you think, "Wolfie, you're late even for that!", I'll tell you that in my family there is an unofficial tradition of Birthday Week, in which celebratory shenanigans and all appropriate considerations are given three days before and three days after, as well as the actual birthdate!  

So-- Behold!

Starting with a Wolfieoon in which-- Gasperoonies!!-- there is no Actual Spankage!!

Butt, of course, that can't last!

Neither can many implements!

I just read Erica's story from this year's Oasis Party in Las Vegas in which a friendly fan met her, and had that very 'toon on his phone!

My, how these things get around!!

Speaking of traveling:

"Say, lookit John, willya?"

On a related note, you younger youngsters may not remember "Falcon Crest," nor "Dark Shadows," unless you've stumbled onto the various Rerun TV Channels, but you might have encountered David Selby as Brubaker in the series "Legion" that ran wayyyy back in 2017 to 2018.

(I kid, but, after all, four years is probably a much larger percentage of your life than mine just now!)

Well, David first caught our attention as Quentin Collins in the '60s gothic afternoon soap opera "Dark Shadows"--  especially Young Erica's.

(A WolfieBlog Bonus-- Download, or Print, and Color!!)

So naturally, Selby was at this party!

I have praised Erica's acting skills before;  she can take on any number of roles, serious or whimsical, with great aplomb!

(That might be a Sound Effect:  Aplomb!  Aplomb!)

Anyhootenanny, I'm glad you're COVID Negative now, and feeling better, Erica, and may any delayed joy and enjoyment be all the sweeter for it!

Loads O Love!

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Taught To the Tune of a Hickory Stick! And A Paddle! And A Firm Hand!

 And so we roll on into another school year...

It seems Students are not to be spanked in school these days.
Teachers, now...

I suppose there might be different policies in some places...

And possible exceptions when exploring cultural and literary history... 

And, outside the classroom, who knows?

 So, make sure you're properly supplied and make it a great year!!

Friday, July 22, 2022

Comic-Con Cartoons!

 So, this weekend they're again having Comic-Con International in San Diego!

And, yes, it will feature, among a myriad of things, some spectacular Cosplay!  Maybe even...

As you might surmise, I've loved comics and cartooning and all that all my life!  

As Larken wrote once:

(Drumroll, exciting music!!) 

Faster than a speeding deadline!

More powerful than an ulterior motive!

Able to draw Tall Blondes with bottoms round!

"LOOK!  Look at that GUY!

It's a NERD!


No!  It's-- SuperToonMan!!" 

Yes, it's SuperToonMan, strange visitor from Pulp Fiction who came to Cyberland with powers and abilities far beyond those of Mortal Toons!

SuperToonMan, who can change the course of mighty Imps, bend pencil lines in his bare hands, and who, disguised as Dave Wolfe, mild-mannered cartoonist for a great metropolitan blog, fights a never-ending battle for Truth (as he sees it), Justice (for Imps), and the Spanko-American way!!

You've probably seen a bunch of the comic art pastiches I've done-- except this one:

And, yes, there were these:

But, WAIT!


Is YET to COME!!