WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Y'know, I never did any Passover-related WolfieToons.  I never thought there was anything appropriate.  But, then, maybe:

 "What makes this night different from all others? "
 "Oh, nothing, I guess!  Heh heh!" 

On the other hand--

Here are some Easter Reruns that are surely not as bad as that Rankin-Bass puppet 'toon featuring the Evil Rabbit with an iron tail that wiggles with a CLINK! CLINK! and Vincent Price's voice.  (Yes, I know, that's somebody's very favorite, with all sorts of warm memories attached to it.  Go, watch, enjoy it, you'll be fine.)

If that was composed in the, er, heat of the moment, well, all right... but if he spent TIME making up those lyrics, YEESH!

Oh!  My lettering's hard to read here?  Sorry!  It goes,

In your Easter panties, 
your pastel purple fanny
will make the greatest target
for my loving cascade!

Though you kick and wriggle
I still can hear you giggle,
and know you're really loving
my hot Easter cascade!

Probably it was funnier when you couldn't see it and were making up your own words.

Ah, well, one of my better ones began thus:

and finished in full-color glory!

And my possible favorite Easter WolfieToon:

Enjoy the time, the ones you love best, and LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

New Reruns

Like the man said, "any book you haven't read before is a new one!" 

So there might be someone cruising along here for whom these Teenaged 'Toons from the Wolfie Files are spankin' new!

 I really like this first one.

There was a time when this little 'toon could have have appeared in any Family Newspaper!  

Do you think it might cause a ruckus now?

Here's a very cartoony 'toon, and a rare WolfieToon employing a cane!

And I've seen someone using this one on YouTube!

See ya later, gators!