WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Thanksgiving That Got The Bird

 Well, here we are, Gang!

There is hope on the horizon, but today, parades are cancelled, and a lot of people are not being able to gather together as usual for the last Thursday of November in these United States!

So, I hope that whatever your circumstances, you find some joy, and love, and peace!

There are things to be grateful for, after all! 

To that end, here are some cute ends from Turkey Day WolfieToons of Yore! 

(And Hissen.)

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Meanwhile, Across The Web--

 If you've missed the "Poser"-program cartoons done by Phil "Overbarrel," here's a chance to catch up a bit!  

Click these blue letters for the Overbarrel Spanking Toons Blog!

Sadly, Phil is struggling with ALS, and unable to produce new work.  But, with loving attention and care from everyone around, first and foremost from his lovely and remarkable wife, his kids and grandkids, and splendid service from the V.A. and their incredible technology, he is in good hands, and has been able to re-post past presentations!

The latest was the series he did for our Springrose's birthday sometime back, featuring that Resourceful Masked Man of the Plains!  Here are three from it:

(It runs "backwards," on the blog, so now you can follow it properly!)

Another was a celebration of couples who began spanking in their high school years and kept going through married life-- "Then And Now!"

And there's even some Halloween Magic!

Phil's dialogue has always been intended to augment and complete the fantasy!

So, enjoy!  And if I could persuade yo to leave a short comment there, too, that would be exceptional!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Bare And There!

 You remember that late one night, Macbeth intoned, 

"Is this a derriere I see before me,

unclad before my hand?  Come, let me clutch thee."

If you don't, I may have got some of the words wrong.  

But I do know that Hamlet said that one could quiet things down by taking up a bare bottom.  Or, maybe it was "bare bodkin," I was thinking of something else at that moment.

(Any resemblance between WolfieToon characters and actual actors Kenneth Branagh and David Caruso is entirely likely to be undetectable.  But-- Horatio Caine!  Get it?) 

Anyway, this post will feature WolfieToons featuring unclad buttocks, denuded behinds, and bare bottoms.  If  that's a rare thing in my cartoons, it's because doing it that way gives it more -- impact!

This early one was a favorite of the late and loved editor of "Discipline & Desire,  Reesa Roberts, and a lot of other people, too.  I've even seen it on YouTube!

Naturally, Delectable Derrieres Au Natural come in all sizes!

And occur for all kinds of reasons!

The main thing is, everyone wants a happy ending!