WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks and Spanks, 2012!

Many comics and pundits have pointed out the irony of the "Black Friday" X-Mas shopping surge that has intruded upon the very afternoon of Thanksgiving, with thousands bursting into shops to buy more fairly unnecessary stuff.  Nevertheless, I still think a day set aside to remember all the people and things in our lives for which to be grateful is a very good idea!

So here is a detail from this week's WolfieToon at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE"

It's a Rosey Thanksgiving!  Y'know, that name seems familiar... Hmmm... Well, I'm sure that exactly to whom it might allude will Spring to mind in a moment.  Meanwhile, Larken has composed the rest of the song the Choir Here Invisible is singing!

We gather together to watch Rosey's spanking.
He chastens, and hastens his will to make known.
Though turkey is waiting, they'll postpone the thanking;
Despite the dust bunnies, his lap o'er she's thrown.

He chides her and guides her, the spanks, they are raining;
Ordaining, maintaining his kitchen divine.
So from the beginning, our Rosie wasn't winning;
We never, no never on fungus will dine.

The spanking is ouchy, but no one is grouchy.
Who knows if it's better to give than receive.
Let this congregation observe her elation,
As Rosie gives thanks to be over his knee.

Thanks, Larken!!

Here now is the very first Thanksgiving cartoon I did for "D & D":

But this one still tends to be my favorite.  I posted it here last year, but neither of us want to have to go scrolling along Blogger Way to see it: 

Enjoy your weekend!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

For the Lurkers I Love: "Raw" Art and Rarities

Hey, Good Lurkin'!  Whatcha got workin'?

I'm a bit late for the "Love Our Lurkers" party, and many thanks again to hostess Bonnie of "MY BOTTOM SMARTS" for beginning this annual celebration!  I propose that LOL Day be extended a little, maybe even to LOL Week, because these days I barely get to my own blog here, much less to reading and remarking on the others I enjoy!

So with great appreciation to all who peek in at any time, and especially for all who so kindly leave remarks, I present a batch of crap unseen doodles and details from pencil starts to previous "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE"   WolfieToons!  

Like this:

And this:

One time (at band camp) one of our fans was trying to describe a scenario, groping for the term "Dunce Cap," the tall, pointed cone that so often adorned the noggins of naughty brats in the corner, and called it a "Naughty Hat."  Being the wisenheimer I am, I teasingly did a rendition of a Naughty Hat: 

Here is a study of Spanker Hands.  The one at the top left is supposed to be holding a paddle.  Or a brush.  Or a spatula.  Or a paint stick.  Or a switch.  Or...  

Here I play with paddler poses and positions.

This is one of the inked characters from a very odd D&D WolfieToon. 

If enough of you ask-- and "enough" might even be "one"-- I'll explain that.  


Okay, Kaki and Lea both wanted to know, "What the hey??"  So here is the full cartoon, one of the goofier ones I've done, entitled "Picanic."

(Wow, it looks like Ranger Bayer is literally busting that redhead's butt!  Cheee!!)  

And here are three of the characters from the "Obedience School" cartoon I'd posted here some time back.

A penciled spanking watcher.

I put all of her clothes on later.  Reluctantly

Here are more cartoons at the pencil stage:.

Here you can see the evolution of the Spankee's face.  It took a few tries to get the "animation" and expression I was after.   

And then some things don't seem to quite work, at least not to my full satisfaction.   This is a tribute of sorts to the Disney "Fantasia" centaurs that never went any further.

Which reminds me of an illustration I found in a book of Greek mythology as a lad absorbed in the tales of Gods, Monsters, and Heroes.  Usually centaurs are depicted with the human half ending at the waist.  This particular pervert  artist drew a man all the way down to his testicles  and penis-- full frontal, mind you, in a sort of sketchy ink line drawing-- and then the horse half came up behind that, complete with equine genitals, too!

Holy Testosterone, Batman!!  I suppose that would explain the notorious lust-fullness characterizing centaurs in the old stories   Anyway, that image was branded in my young mind, but I don't recall who drew it, or what edition of Greek and Roman Myths featured it.  I know it had been in the elementary school library.  It's probably not there now.  Anyhow, having put that image into your head, too, I feel better. Thank you.    

And also thanks again for stopping over, and for checking out the fun to be had at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE!"  Here is a detail from the spankin' new cartoon.  "Punkin Butt" sounds like a cute nickname, Fellas, but I don't really recommend that, it might be too easily misunderstood.