WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, June 26, 2020

A Bit of Solstice For Our Times...

It's officially Summer now, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy it without stupidly exposing yourself, and consequently even more vulnerable people, to a virulent virus that is still more than active!  

So, to kick things off, Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the finest pianists and vocalists to have crossed our planet,  Nat "King" Cole! 

Now, here are some WolfieToons celebrating the sun and other things warm and friendly and/or fierce and blisteringly hot!

I bet you haven't seen these two early ones.  Truthfully, I've been hiding them, because, to quote the Witch Village Peasant Who Had Been Turned Into A Newt, "I got better." 

Don't know If I've ever put this one here, but, I haveta tell you, the real fun of having teens is being able to mortify them in public.

And behold!  A couple of Summer Reruns.  (That was a bigger thing when I was a kid.  Now the TV Networks do Reruns constantly.) 

Stay safe, treat everyone else with respect and courtesy, and remember your shades!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Wolfie Ruminations (Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rumination!)

This is lengthy, but it's full of illustrations!  And even a collage!

If I could get into Doc Brown's DeLorean and meet my younger self... he would run away screaming, and there might be some rip in the Space-Time Continuum, so maybe that's not a good idea.

But there might be, even in this overloaded internet information age, some young someone with the same questions I had up until about eighteen years ago, to whom I would love to impart my insight.  

In fact, an Unnamed Researcher asked me in previous comments, if my Wolfie Work is an embarrassment to my friends and family, if maybe people think I'm "some kind of pervert" for making Spanking Cartoons, and if I am ever bothered by that.

I've been surprised at the reaction of a few "Vanilla" friends who have found out.  Or, I should say, the lack of reaction.  I was expecting them to gape at me like the audience watching "Springtime For Hitler," but they shrug and chuckle, and even remark on the qualities of the drawing they like.  I've always thought a good WolfieToon should have something going for it besides just cute bottom-smacking, so that counts as a success.

However, I do know members of my family who would be embarrassed by my salacious stuff, and so I've spared their feelings and not told them.  After all, what would be the point?  And there's a lot of their private life I'm happy for them to keep private.

There is one son who knows for sure, and although it's not really his thing, he appreciates the humor, and his partner has even suggested I collect and sell a book!  There actually have been a couple before.

If other offspring or relatives are in the know, if they recognize the cartooning style, they haven't said anything.

Sometimes in a crowd-- back when we could be in crowds-- I'll wonder, "Who in this grocery line has been chuckling over WolfieToons?"  It's not impossible that fans and I have crossed paths unknowingly!

Now, as to the matter itself, I decided long ago that there is really nothing perverted about erotic spanking, with the caveat that no one is seriously hurt, denigrated, disrespected, bullied, or belittled.  If it's actually consensual and fun, whatever the Pretense might be, it can be quite a thrill!  Spanking's certainly no stranger than any other sex act, and Sex is pretty silly to begin with, eh?

That is hard-won wisdom.  For most of my life I didn't know if I was indeed twisted, or maybe developmentally stunted for being aroused by spanking.  There was no one to ask, even if I overcame the embarrassment, and a dearth of proper research in any book I found.

I was titillated by the occasional "Penthouse Letters" spanking fantasy, although most of those were badly written, especially by men pretending to be women.  There were some dandy for-real female fantasies in Nancy Friday's books that I enjoyed.  And I knew something was going on in all those romantic musical comedy spankings;  they played 'em for laughs, but there was a winking awareness of something sexy going on, too. 

I always hoped the Birthday Spankings I got to give my girlfriends would spark something.  They seemed to have taken it in the intended affectionate spirit, but never told me if it got their juices going.

My ex-wife wasn't really into it, but played along, and even enjoyed it sometimes.  She whispered in my ear once, "Spanking is your subtle need to dominate me!"   Thinking it over later, I decided that must be some part of it all, but for me, it's more about Sensation than Domination.

So it wasn't until the Internet came along that I met other Spankophiles-- intelligent, empathetic, decent, funny people who also happened to find spanking sexy!  We had many long conversations, sharing our histories and thoughts, and I was so grateful to know that I wasn't alone, or stuck in with a bunch of drooling maniacs! 

Of course, there's a wide range of "takes" on this:  there are Tops, Bottoms, Switches, couples into serious Domestic Discipline, some who need a "reason" to spank, and others for whom it's just jolly good fun!  There are those, outside my circle, who go in for really harsh stuff, whips and blood, and Zeus knows what all, and they're welcome to it, but that certainly doesn't appeal to me.  I'm in it for the play.

Oh, I guess it goes without saying that a lot of us are voyeurs and exhibitionists, too!

Springrose pointed out, when we first met, that "Everybody's having such fun in your cartoons!"  And that's really the idea.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Interrupting the Slapstick

I say very little about my personal life on this blog; it was designed for frolic and foolishness.

But it seems not to say anything at all about our current affairs would be vacuous.

I can't be as eloquent as Devlin O'Neill, or as cuttingly passionate as Erica Scott, nor am I looking for applause, converts, or argument. There won't be any.

Anywhere you look on the Web is news and opinion and opinionated news. It's feckless to preach to the choir, and equally time-wasting to try to convince anyone at this point supporting the self-focused, ignorant, corrupt, and inept buffoon currently in the White House that he's not the one to secure the stability and righteousness they want. He's always been a Symptom and not really the Cause, anyway, but a lot like gasoline on a fire lately.

I grew up in the turbulent 60's and 70's, spending a lot of time trying not to think about the overwhelming events. I might have been drafted and sent to be uselessly shot in Southeast Asia in my later teen years, but meanwhile “Dark Shadows” was on, and Supergirl had begun sporting hot pants. Escapism isn't all bad, unless you stay there.

My parents were conservative but caring people, well-educated, very hard-working, contributing a lot to the well-being of the parts of the world they touched, and taught those values to their offspring. They could argue passionately about their stands, and did, but respectfully.

The backlash of the last decade or two, the devolution of political parties into cartoon caricatures of themselves, the reemergence of vicious hates we thought mostly conquered, and the celebration and exultation of deliberate stupidity reveals a sickness very sad to see.

But it's not hopeless. I work in a place with a lot of young men and women of exceptional character, who show empathy, intelligence, and a desire for integrity and honor.

Social media has the War of the Memes going on, and most are designed to inflame passion, whether or not they're based on any thought or truth (that's the definition of propaganda, and it's used by everyone in advertising and politics and whatnot), but I did like the one I saw today.  I'll post it below.

And then return to the regularly scheduled silliness.

A Friday Night Edit:
Hopefully DaddyCat won't mind if I post this link to his thoughtful and thought-provoking blog entry.  Very worth your time: