WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Time For Reeling and Writhing and Rhythm Tic

 Thankfully there are responsible, sensible, and caring adults who are putting thought into how to keep our schoolchildren safe and healthy this fall semester, in spite of a severe lack of any of that (not even a hint!) from the federal dunderheads whose job that is supposed to be!

Thus, topically and Top-ically, WolfieToons from previous Geological Strata:

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

It's Larken's Birthday!

 This one time, but not in band camp, I gave Larken this Birthday Button:

And she wore it all day!


Yes, she did, and got seven offers!


Maybe it was five.

One really good one.

And she wrote this WolfieToon, A Revised Antediluvian Tale:

In which I deliberately hid everything of any prurient interest!  Ha, take that!  

But it reminds me of another True Story:  Larken once appeared live on stage as Eve!


Yes, and they did Authentic Costuming


All Natural!  Or is that, "au natural."

Now you have committed a Fibhood.

No indeed, I heard it from Randy Beaman's cousin Harry!

I'm just wild about Harry, and so is Larken.  Here's Wild Harry now:

Happiest Birthday, Querida!

Here's a song parody she wrote;  whoever does the best Dean Martin, call me, and we'll record it!


by Larken

(In Spankoli, where love is King, when Top Meets Imp, here's what they say~!)

When the moon hits His eye 'cause you're over His thigh

That's amore!

When He makes your tush shine 'cause you've had too much wine

That's amore!

Imps will sing, what's that thing, ouch what sting,

But they'll sing a cappella!

Imps will prance; they will dance, without pants

Like a hot tarantella!

When your Top is old school and He makes a new rule,

That's amore!

When you dance on His lap with each loud ouchy slap,

You're in love!

When you're spanked 'til you gleam

It's your dream, and you might want some-more-ay,

Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Spankoli

That's amore!

When His spoon makes you cry 'cause you did not comply

That's amore!

When His brush makes you whine 'cause you stepped out of line

That's amore!

Tops will say, "Imps obey!"

You might stray, and 'cause you're not vanilla,

You'll be tipped,

Over all the way,

Spanked without delay,

He's a real Toppy fella!

You're an angel all day, and you just want to play,

That's amore!

Then Top Logic appears and you're flipped OTK,

You're in love!

When you're life is a dream that's come true, you adore your Signore!

You lie over His knee and you're spanked happily,

That's amore!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

FOooooore! play

Many of the men of my family play golf.  But not I. 

So when these drawings from the redoubtable Frank Frazetta popped up, I began to wonder what I might be missing!

Especially if I got good enough to coach!

As a topper, this has nothing to do with golf, but I thought you'd enjoy this Frank Frazetta image, too!