WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kaki, Larken, and the New WolfieToon

Well, that's not really Kaki and Larken.  

But it could be.

And that's certainly Impy enough, we might be getting closer.

Ooh, speaking of being closer!  Yowza!

Anyway, Larken and Kaki

both remarked about training the pooches to fetch toys over in the "Pinups and Puppies" post,  which I thought was a splendid carton idea, and so I surprised them with co-writing credit for this week's WolfieToon at  "Discipline and Desire!"

They were pleased, but couldn't possibly have been as tickled as I was with their responses.  Hopefully they won't mind me sharing excerpts!  Kaki wrote: 

* SQUEAL!!! * 
This has to be my favoritest cartoon in the whole world!  Thanks so much, I love, love. LOVE it.

That dog can wipe that smug look off her face.

And Larken added:

Oh ! Em ! Gee ! 


This is SO COOL!!!

Wait just a minute here.  That dog is a girl?!  Just look at that sly smirk!  And her tail's waving away like a mini rattan cane!  Man's best friend.  You got that right.  Hrumph.  That traitor.   :wink  

 (Maybe the Imps can train the dogs to chew up the wooden implements, or at least bury them in the back yard.)  :innocent

I love these gals!

Oh, tush, tush, I hardly think they're in that group... but it does remind me of my Youth.

Anyway, thanks again, Kaki and Larken!    

 Oh, look!!

I nearly forgot to mention the two free chapters of the "D&D" books on this week's update:  Medieval mischief from Maryse in "Chance Encounters,"  and things get hot in the hospital in Reesa Roberts's "A Chemical Romance!"  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dean Yeagle Cartoons!

Taking a break from my own weekly WoofieTooning for "Discipline and Desire" to share some images from one of my very favorite guys, cartoonist-animator Dean Yeagle!

If Dean has done an actual cartoon spanking, I've never seen it, but there's plenty of personality and good humored sexuality in his work, especially the "Playboy" cartoons featuring Mandy!

I missed putting a couple of these relevant to previous posts-- for instance, here's a Valentine cartoon:

And here's Mandy in Pajamas!  With a Shakespeare Quote!

A Pin-up Type and her Pup(s)!

Mythological Mayhem. 

Ice spy something Pink!


I woulda put some Cartoon Stars there, but Dean knows when enough's enough.  But we can go to the stars:

Speaking of Aliens, you Ray Bradbury fans will recognize these.  Ray's in there, too, chomping on the stogie.  (And if perchance you've never read Bradbury, check some out from the library!  The WolfieBlog, it's fun AND culturally enriching!)  .

This bear is enjoying the "SPANKING 101 SAMPLER" clip at SpankingTube--especially Erica Scott in black leggings over Paul "Tubaman's" lap!  WOWSERS!!  

Well, sure, distracting your opponent will give you an edge!

Hay, watch the horseplay!

Gasp!!  A cliffhanger!!

But all's well that ends well.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fish Tails, Or, "Icthyosoreass"


Ogden Nash (1902-1974) 

Say not the mermaid is a myth, 
I knew one once named Mrs. Smith. 
She stood while playing cards or knitting; 
Mermaids are not equipped for sitting.

I made the same point, albeit not so poetically, back at THIS POST, but it's interesting how often Mermaid Spanking Images show up anyway!

Now, we all grew up with merwomen, 

so, familiarity generally negates the notion that encountering such a creature would be pretty goddamn scary.

Perhaps that's the subtle psychology behind the desire to tame such Faerie Denizens.  Or maybe it's just that Spankophile Imaginations don't really need all that much encouragement 

Thus, the question becomes, where does the Fish End and the Girl Rear Appear? 

(Cartoon by Mike Maihack)

Of course, Ron Howard let us have both versions of Daryl Hannah in "Splash," and God bless him for it.

When the Disney Dudes decided to adapt Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid," the director told his designers and animators, "I don't want Ariel to look like a girl wearing a fish costume!"  So pains were taken to make her lower half authentically aquatic. 

However, that never stopped the aforementioned Spankophiles from depicting her over someone's lap in fish form.  I can't find any good images of that right now, but they're out there.  And Dean Yeagle had no problem whatsoever supplying Ariel with cute buttocks in this sketch for a fan:

Girls in Mermaid Suits With Cute Butts always reminds me of the opening of "THE GLASS BOTTOM BOAT,"  a 60's movie in which Doris Day swims onscreen to enchant the customers of her dad's (Arthur Godfrey!) tourist attraction.

Rod Taylor, fishing where he's not supposed to be, snags her mermaid tail and yanks it right off.  They have a heated exchange (ensuring, by romantic comedy rules, that they will end up together by movie's end) and Doris angrily turns tail and swims away.

As we were watching this pic on TV-- lo! so long ago-- my sister squealed with glee, "She's really NOT wearing a bottom!"  and I tried in vain to pierce the water's murkiness to see Doris's lovely naked behind.  I'm sure she was, in fact, wearing SOMETHING, but the notion of seeing Ms Day's uncovered derriere... intrigued me.  I had seen her fanny swatted in a couple of other pictures, and, as Clark Gable confirms in "Teacher's Pet," she had a lovely rump. 

Butt, I digress.

One of the first cartoons I found on-line was of this Old Salt solving our dilemma:

(By the way, Web-Ed has this over at "The Chicago Spanking Forum" on his HUMOR PAGE!)

Most Adult Parody Videos are pretty lame, however, Dallas and Company (As in, "Dallas Spanks Hard!") have created a pretty good one called "I Spank Lucy" that you can preview HERE!   It features Lucy in a show wearing a mermaid costume;  at least until this moment:

Endart did a cartoon returning us to the original idea called "Catch Of The Day."

There is a way around the Half Woman-Half Fish spanking problem that others have suggested;  here is my version:

There could be other problems there.  But, I dunno, she might be a pretty good kisser.