WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Things That Go Spank In the Night

I admire those of you who have the DISCIPLINE & DESIRE (Har!) to keep up your Blogtivity!  There is a lot of older stuff to scroll through here at the WoofieBlog, but "real life," gainful employment, and other distractions have made new entries precious and few.  Sorry about that!  However, here is some Halloween Fun!!

During a conversation with Larken, it occurred to me that that, oddly enough, there aren't enough Werewolves in Halloween WolfieToons!  And then she wrote one on the spot!  It's this week's 'toon!

The new "free page" at "D&D" is still baking, so here is your "preview!"

How about a couple of early drafts for the five-year-old Halloween greeting you must've seen around the web?

I got that far in the inking and thought, "Nah, somethings's not quite right.  Let's try again."  And thus--  

That one's actually worse!  It's all skewed to one side like I was trying to draw it lying down!

Well, back to the proverbial drawing board--

Yeah, that's the ticket!  It eventually became this:

By the way, if you've never seen the 1931 "Frankenstein," you have a treat in store!  Here's the creation scene, which, to my mind, has never topped in all the other versions. 

Y'know, several of the Universal Movie Monsters have wandered into WolfieToons, like this guy:

Say, didja know the Gill Man was designed by a woman named Millicent Patrick?  

She was a commercial artist, illustrator of children's books, fashion designer and actress. ("Actor," say the P.C. moderns.)  Her Universal boss. makeup department head Bud Westmore, initially took credit for the Creature because, well, because he was a putz.

Anyway, Gill had a great time on the set.

Here's a monster movie poster with no monster on it!  How did they expect to lure all the monster-loving teenage boys and teenage-hearted men into the theater?! 

That's Julie Adams in a wonderful white one-piece suit.

Here's Julie in short shorts.  

What was I talking about?  Who cares?

"Oh, no, no, don't spank me again!!"

And now, here is some vampire spanking.

OK, this next one isn't really spanking.

Peter Cushing played vampire-slayer Van Helsing in the Hammer movies of the 60's, but in 1974, he played an actor who played Dracula in a deservedly obscure French movie with the English title 'Tender Dracula."  The lovely young woman who got her (unseen in this scene) bare bottom smacked was named Miou Miou, not to be confused with the catfood song. 

I couldn't make heads or tails of exactly why Peter spanked Miou-Miou.  Mr. Cushing was always good, but this movie is not.  However, if morbid curiosity compels you, you can find it on YouTube.  The spanking is toward the end.  So to speak. 

Well, have fun this All Hallow's Eve, and I hope Sandy Claws brings you lots of candy and paddles!