WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, June 9, 2019

It's My Point Of View, Anyway!

 I suppose certain Spankees might argue that not everyone thinks these POV cartoons are as cute as I do.

But who's the Top in this situation, anyway?

Besides, it was a great way to beat the deadline back in the day.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

And Now For Something Completely Subversive

  Found "Circus Antics" in my files.  

It's probably the weirdest WolfieToon you've ever seen, or are likely to.

Is it funny?  Possibly.  Is it erotic?  Unlikely.  What it is, though, is a nose-thumbing.

I decided to tell as much of its story as I remember.

The Web Hosts (whoever they were) of "Discipline & Desire" had decided in 2010 that our content needed policing.  Why, Zeus knows.  Maybe they thought a site devoted to erotic spanking was... troublesome.  I suspect that Money-- or the lack of a lot of it being made for them-- was the cause. They were hosting other "adult" sites, all of which were a lot more explicit than "D&D", and also a lot more profitable.

So for whatever reason, the Owner-Editor, the Authors, and the Cartoonist were given a list of restrictions, and, like nearly all censoring efforts, that list and its enforcement were completely arbitrary and inconsistent.  The stories began to be "overseen" by a rudimentary scanning robot that couldn't take any context into account.  

For example, the authors could have their characters swear, but not use evocative, volatile terms like "murder," and "kill."  So, "Aw, f*ck this sh*t" was perfectly acceptable, but, "Wow, this hike is murder!  My feet are killing me!" set off loud alarms, chucked the story, and got the author banished.

The Mild-Mannered Cartoonist, who chose never to show explicit things anyway, was forbidden from employing any sort of nudity, and a list of other unnecessary and prudish restrictions.

Therefore I decided that my next published cartoon would proudly feature-- its characters' denials notwithstanding-- Violent Monkey-Spanking.

Or, since it is literally a monkey spanking a human-- Implied Bestiality.

That just might be a female monkey, too, so, Implied Lesbian Bestiality.

She certainly has erect nipples!

She's also flipping off the censors with her back foot.  

The Ringmistress Spankee has a fine display  of D├ęcolletage, that is, Cleavage, which might also look like a bare butt.

Her moans are almost orgasmic.

In the background, there's some clown honking his own pink horn to relieve the blue balls.

To the right is another clown in erect phallic form and color, who is also pretty close to an offensive cartoon racial stereotype.

Further to the right is another nearly offensive cartoon racial stereotype, wielding a phallic-shaped and (Caucasian) colored net, while casting a shadow in the form of a vulva.

Seems to me there were other things hidden in the shapes and shadows and colors, but they must have been so subtle that even I've forgotten them now.  Probably the brown ground is a scatological reference to what I thought of the new "purity laws" for an adult-oriented website whose contributors were classy and talented people.

I didn't explain any of that to the Owner-Editor, who thought this cartoon was a little strange, but published it anyway, not knowing she was aiding my slightly subversive protest.

And now you know...

the Rest...

of the Story.