WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween Comeuppance!

Make of the post title what you will!

I hope you have fun, and take to heart the moral of this WolfieToon Rerun!

Behind the scenes story:  this cartoon was drawn, colored, lettered, on the least advanced Windows Paint program back in 2008 when my scanner suddenly broke, and there was no time or funds to do anything about it to meet the weekly deadline!  So parts of it look (to me) a little askew, but all things considered, this came out pretty well!    

The gag and her sexy peeking pirate panties carry the day, anyway, eh?

Monday, October 29, 2018

A Halloween Re-Rerun!

And this little piggy said, "Re!  Re!  Re!" all the way home.  

And she made sure a Wolfie was chasing her.

Looks like the October full moon came a re bit early for Halloween this year-- so allow me to compensate.

And salivate.

Another Halloween Rerun!

I recently ran across a contention that author Robert Louis Stevenson intended this name to be pronounced "JEE-kill."  

He certainly is trying to be a buzz kill here.  However, it just might have the opposite effect.

Friday, October 12, 2018

About To Pull A Boner

And not like some of you young wisenheimers think.

Notice the literary quote for your cultural enrichment.  
WolfieToons, fun AND educational!

Our Disciplinarian Wizard is based on a TV personality from the early 70's in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the star of "Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi's Uncanny Film Festival And Camp Meeting."  

Monday, October 8, 2018

Good Night, Irene! I Mean, Lois!

Nightie spanking is really cute and sexy, no?

I've always thought so, even at age ten, when I stumbled upon this scene in a reprint of "Three Nights In The Fortress of Solitude!"

You've seen that picture before, but if you want the full context, I explained it all in this early and goofy WolfieBlog post .

But, you know, it always kinda bugged me that the panel didn't look like this:

(I generally frown on cartoon alteration, but that's because it's almost always done so badly, and the perpetrator rarely admits the deed!  Then people think the original cartoonist couldn't draw!  Well, I admit the changes here!  I dood it!!  And pretty well, eh?)

Probably artist Kurt Schaffenberger, or his editor, or the Comics Code Authority censors decided my version would be a little too sexy instead of Lucille Ball humorous.

Because Kurt was never shy about gluteal anatomical details in other contexts

and even in this scene, drawn about eight years after Lois fell over the Superman Robot Guard's knee!

But, that's a boy!!

Only Li'l Iodine, Little Audrey, Little Dot, Little Lulu, Little Lotta and other Little Girls ever got spanked on the seat of their panties in full view of their comics reading audience;  the Big Girls never did, in American Comics.  But wouldn't it have been cute if Lois had?

And just imagine the furor that would have erupted if it had looked like this?!

But we can dream now, can't we?

Wild, wicked Wolfie.