WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, February 24, 2017

Here's An Idea!

Cartoonists sometimes think alike, and it's fun to see the results!

For example, I did this guy chasing his wife around--

And a few years later I saw a remarkably similar drawing, except there's no bathbrush in sight. Oh, and sorry, but I don't have the information about it now, who did it or for what-- 

One Halloween, lovely and witty Larken wrote this gag for me--

and recently I saw an old Playboy cartoon with a similar theme!

And my pal NIK ZULA did this wonderful wolf girl OTK!

While we're in Monster Mode, here's Lyndal Ferguson's cartoon with the Creature From the Black Lagoon attending to a miscreant! 

On a parallel track, I also had Blacky LaGoon punish Julie for Sign Disregardation! 

Here's a WolfieToon from 2009 with a pretty funny idea, although I'm not so sure how well it was executed now.  

Anyway, that bit of classic comedy also occurred to Nik!  I think his 'toon is livelier

When I did THIS POST I didn't know Nik had done a mermaid getting her tail spanked, too!  Here 'tis!

And I'll rerun my mermaid from a few posts back!  

Speaking of Sea Creatures, the idea of eight slappy arms is irresistible to us!  

The Warner Bros Gang had an octopus smack Porky Pig in the 1936 cartoon "Fish Tales"--

But I bet you'll find Nik's and Wolfie's 'toons sexier!!   

And there are animals with other appendages good for spanking, too!

Mrs. Jumbo paddled the miscreant picking on her son in "Dumbo"--

But, again-- 

I like Nik's added political take!

If I think of some more later, you'll see 'em!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Exhibit B

Once upon a time. there was a certain Victoria's Secret Model who made the eye-rolling remark, "No woman likes her butt, and I don't like mine."

Instagram and Pinterest and other options for posting "Butt Selfies" have pretty much put the lie to that ass-ertion.  There are obviously LOTS of women who love their behinds, especially when displayed in Yoga Pants!

And, of course, WE love their spankable and curvy, delectably displayed buns,  too!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Wolfie Swimsuit Issue

Well, now it's February!  I was doing other stuff and missed GROUNDHOG DAY here, but if you click on those big blue letters, you can see last year's Chuck Wood entry!

Meanwhile, there's another happy annual event I can take part in, thus: 

All year long these pages celebrate our favorite sport

but in this short month while the cold still lingers, it's really nice to warm up with the anticipatory joy of  the warmth ahead

with fun for all ages

when we will once again dom swimwear-- er, don swimwear for the back yard, 

or the beach 


or Uncle Ned's pool!  

Everyone will have a grand time!

I saw those two when the Interwebs were new, and still don't know who they are!  Maybe you know?  I think the girl in white might be an insurance agent.  She seems to have better coverage, HAR!! 

So stave off the chill, think warm, happy thoughts!!