WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

Some celebratory images:

The first year I used this, Erica said, "I think you better pull your own cork, ya perv."  ROFL!!

Here's an outstanding suggestion from Phil on how to ring in the New Year!!
(Promises, schmomises, she doesn't look very repentant to me!  Notice how her toes are all curled??)

And here is the exciting, colorful New Year Party Picture from Little Miss Naughty!

Have fun tonight and don't be stupid and text and drive or get in the driver's seat with ANY alcohol in your system;  I want you around to have fun later!

The Following 'Toon Is Brought To You In Living Color!

Isn't this a gorgeous bit of color work?  I just got it in the e-mail from Underling!  He used the original pencil drawing, adding the lettering from the ink version!  

I love the subtle shading and highlights, the night colors, her pinked cheeks (above and below!) and her glow!  Thanks very much, Underling!  Splendid job!

Not to be piggy greedy, but I hope U's work inspires more!  :-D  

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tink To Color!

Here is a cleaned up ink version of the Tinker Bell drawing from last time for those who have expressed an interest in coloring it!  (Just like the WolfieToons Adult Coloring Book, sneaking in a commercial!)

There are at least three ways to do that:

1 -- Print it and color it with your favorite medium-- paints, markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc!  You can be "on model," as they say in the cartoon biz, or just go crazy and give Tink a candy-striped dress and pink hair, whatever!  And if you have a scanner and want to send it to me, I'll be thrilled to post it here!  That's dwolfeman 2002 @ yahoo . com , taking out the spaces I put in to ward off unwanted spam robot spiders!

2 -- Now, if you don't have a printer, and you've never done graphic stuff on the computer, here's a simple way:

You should be able to copy and / or save the full-size pic on your computer (as a "Bitmap" is easiest to work with);  then open it up with the "Paint" program and go nuts!  If you have any questions or problems, ask me here or at the e-mail address!  And, naturally, I'd love to see the finished pic!

3-- And, if you're a whiz-bang graphics pro, you can Photoshop the heck out of that puppy, doing stuff I've never even learned yet.  

In any case, have yourself a blast!!

Sent To Her Room!

A new drawing of everyone's favorite pixie, just ahead of Little Miss Naughty and Amber Wells, but only because she's been around longer!

I may ink and color this at some point... unless someone else wants to!  :-D

Monday, December 27, 2010


Greetings, Class!

And, what th' heck, Greetings, No Class, too! 

If you don't use the word pastiche regularly, Merriam-Webster says it's "a literary, artistic, musical, or architectural work that imitates the style of previous work; also such stylistic imitation."

For example, as an unofficial Baker Street Irregular, I can tell you with some authority that Mr. Devlin O'Neill has written one of the finest imitations of Arthur Conan Doyle ever, and-- I bet my furry tail--  the only Sherlock Holmes spanking story "The Curious Case of the Woman in the Red Drawers!"  You fellow Holmes fans and/or spankophiles will be tremendously titillated by the tale!  If you're neither, well, here's an opportunity to expand your horizons. 

So here now are the cartoon pastiches I've done over the years.  These have been around the InterWeb, but not all gathered together in one convenient, ready-to-click-and-save place. 

To start, here is what Max Fleischer and company missed doing in the 30's with Betty Boop!

There's a man in the funny papers you all know... well, at least, MY Generation did!  V.T. Hamlin's "Alley Oop!"

Uncle Walt's cartoons had spankin'-- but. well, not in THIS context!

(I may have that one up on this blog already... but since Little Miss Naughty likes it, and apparently lots of others, there it is for completion's sake.)

Naturally, cartoons are different these days... I did this one for the "Southern California Spanked Wives (And Girlfriends) Club" and the source (namely, Seth MacFarlane) proceeded to go wayyyyy beyond my pitiful parody of "Family Guy!"

Back to the funny papers, and the Wolfierization of Mort Walker's family strip "Hi and Lois!" 

Oh, yeah, there's another family strip still running, created toward the end of the Flapper Era by Chic Young.  I've seen various bare-bottomed and colorized versions of this around the Web-- Hee!! -- but here's the original "Blondie" I did for "Arild's Cartoon Spanking Yahoo Group"--  

Naturally, I've done some superheroes, but had no one particular artist in mind at the time.  This one might have just a touch of Bruce Timm (if that), who's been doing the DC characters for Warners Animation.

I can now see several flaws in this one I did for SCSWC, but if you can't, I won't point 'em out.  HA!!  

A cartoonier version;  I still like the attitudes! 

Again, with a slight influence from Mr. Timm, another SCSWC sketch:

Erica Scott has mentioned the Kids' Comics she read that had spankings;  I altered this panel from a "Little Audrey" story to be more appealing:

And I'll stop with that Baker's Dozen!  

P.S.-- Aren't you glad the frakin' Christmas commercials that started on Hallo-goldang-ween are OVER?!! 

But this week you can get a jump on Ground Hog's Day!  Or maybe Valentine's... the WolfieToons Book Sale continues to January 1st!  Details, and no spam or pop-ups, not even pop tarts, when you click the blue letters!

Friday, December 24, 2010

And To All A Good Night!

There will be a lot of folks up very late tonight wrapping presents and trying to figure out how to make the B connection installed orientation into slot C rotated 180 degrees from base A. 

With that in mind, the 2007 Christmas Eve cartoon from Discipline And Desire:  

Hopefully you can find comfort in knowing you are not alone, and get some groovy ideas for stress relief!

And, just for the heck of it, here's the first pencil work-out sketch of that cartoon:

And you can still take advantage of what I'm cornily calling the Howl-A-Day Sale!   It goes on until January 1st-- just think of the fun you could have during the commercial breaks with the other big people who have come over to watch the Bowl Games!! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

There's No Business Like Snow Business!

A wintertime fantasy from "Discipline And Desire" --

And its obvious inspiration:

(Note that "Peter Pan" image belongs to Disney, and I'm only employing it under "fair use" and all that legal jazz!)

Now, my other favorite pixie, who signs herself  "Little Miss Naughty," has said, "I like that Jack Frost cartoon, but wouldn't the heat from her butt melt the snowflakes?"

LOL!  A very good point, Luv... I'm not sure of the physics there, but I suppose he'd just have to try harder!

By the way, thought I'd mention that Wolfie "Howl-A-Day Sale" again!  Of course, I doubt at this point that the the physical stuff would make it through the mail before Christmas Day, depending on where you are, but there are the instant E-Book downloads, or you could make up a little "coming to you" coupon!  Heh heh heh!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Howl-a-day Sale!

Hey, here's an ad for those of you who wrote to me about the Wolfie Books on Lulu!  We came up with something to make your holiday really bright, and I mean glowing!

From now to January 1st, the cartoon collections have a discount you wouldn't believe, 50 to 75 percent!

Pull the crayons outta your striped stocking (hung by the chimney with care, or with Carolyn) and thrill to each of the 50 black-and-white spanking cartoons in the "WolfieToons Adult Coloring Book," NOW a mere $5.00 for the the E-Book download and a piddling $13.41 for a hold-it-in-your-lap, honest-to-goodness paperback! 

But, WAIT!  There's MORE!  You can now cover that embarrassingly naked coffee table and start the most tantalizing conversations with the first ONE HUNDRED, full-color Wolfie cartoons that ever appeared at "Discipline And Desire," and for the best price ever:  "The Wonderful World of Wolfe," NOW for a shocking $12.50 for the E-Book download and an amazing $53.10 for an actual big ol' hefty coffee-table book, with an actual cover drawn to look like leather, sure to inspire lively talk and other pleasurable activity!  We wouldn't even charge this much, but the printing costs are sky-high on this beauty!

 Act now, because there are no operators anywhere nearby!  Follow those links for unique gifts for your partner, for yourself, or for that unfortunate person whose birthday falls on December 24th!  And if you don't-- that's okay, I'll always love you anyway!  :-)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Delegation!

All over the InterWeb there are delightful pictures and cartoons of Santa doling out spankin's!  But, holey socks, even Santa must delegate at some point, don'tcha think?  From "Discipline And Desire," Christmastime five years past:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well, Look What I Came A-Chross!

You saw the post about Phil "Overbarrel's" artwork  here the other day;  I'm delighted now to tell you that Chross has  his annual Christmas images up. and leading the group is Phil's new Santa's Workshop 'toon! 

Naturally, you can see it at Overbarrel's Spanking Toons Yahoo Group #5 , but to stave off carpel tunnel syndrome a bit longer, I'll share the 'toon and Phil's remarks with you here:

"Hi Everyone,

My kids and grandkids all live nearby, so I get to see them every week, and I have been told by many old friends just how lucky I am because theirs are scattered all over the country, and in some cases they are even in other countries.  It seems to me that this separation would be felt the most at Christmas time... and what about our men and women in the military?  They are often separated from their loved ones at Christmas while they are off serving us all over the globe.  It seemed to me that in cases like this one, you would want to send a special card to let them know that you are missing them at Christmas.

As I thought about creating an example of such a card, I started thinking about Springie Hiney.  Her sisters Packin Hiney, Kisma Hiney and Big Red Hiney are 3 of Santa's best helpers and spend every Christmas season at the North Pole, but Springie has other obligations and doesn't usually get to go.  What would cheer Springie up more than a nice pic of Santa and her sisters going about their business, all dressed in their holiday finest, with a personal sentiment written by Santa himself?

The new pic is called 'Missing You at Christmas.'"

Now, you can see Phil's other cheery and cheering Christmas pictures with Santa, the Girls, and that SMILING BEAR over at the Overbarrel Spanking Toon's Groups at YahoOOooooOOOoo, link above, and over to the right!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Past

I only bring out a holiday WolfieToon this old for its  hysterical historical significance.  From the MSN Group "Southern California Spanked Wives and Girlfriends Club," my very first attempt at an Erica Scott caricature:

Of course, you all recognize the guy in the red suit.

That's Dick Cheney.

OK, OK, it's not.  It's Wilford Brimley.

By the way, have you seen this week's update at "Discipline And Desire?"  If you click on those blue letters you will.  Well, you might haveta go to the "Yes I am a Grown Person" page, and from there to the "Free Area."  But once there, you  can actually see the last four weeks' updates, with snippets of the stories out now from Laura Smith, Jordan Grace, Nattie Jones, Kristin, OTKRomance and more!  Enjoy!

Monday, December 13, 2010


These gals and I would get along very well-- our senses of humor jibe!  Of course, I didn't have to go throw anybody's bail, either.

Wolfie Explains That Famous Lois Lane Story! (Urk-- A Rerun?!)

Wow, just like the shows on the big TV networks:  five or six episodes, and I'm already doing a dang rerun!

But this is for Poppy and anyone else who didn't see it at MySpace, or "Spanking Scouts" -- if there's even any interest!  And for those of you who have seen it-- if there's even any interest!-- I'll toss in some new bits, starting with this wonderful collage by the painter known to us as The Spirit!

If you've seen that image around the web, and the letters "WTF?" popped up over your head, I can fill you in here!

First, to add to your enjoyment, a bit about the guys who came up with this!  Writer Otto Binder (rhymes with "cinder") not only had a bunch of science fiction novels out at the time, but he and his brothers had been wheels at Fawcett Comics, the producers of "Captain Marvel" and company.  When comic books began losing money in the mid 50's, Fawcett decided to quit, and as a bonus, could settle the on-and-off lawsuit from the DC company, who kept claiming Captain Marvel was a Superman rip-off. (He wasn't really, but that's another story!)  Both Binder and Fawcett artist Kurt Schaffenberger moved over and began working for DC, bringing some of their whacky Fawcett fun with them!

Ergo, this story, "Three Nights In The Fortress Of Solitude," from "Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane," number 14, cover dated January 1960.  (Quiz at the end of the post.)

Everybody wants to read about the wonders and alien pets and stuff Superman keeps in his hidden "Fortress of Solitude," so Superman flies ace reporter Lois up to do that story!  Within the first few panels, Lois "accidentally" exposes herself to deadly outer space rays leaking through a telescope Superman keeps around for plot advancement.

She now has to hide out in the Fortress for three days-- because stepping into sunlight before then will disintegrate her! I hate when that happens!

However-- scheming Lucy Ricardo, I mean, Lois Lane, has actually done this on purpose, to show Superman that his home in the frozen north would be a perfect sanctuary for a little wife!

So, her first night there, she "dons Kryptonian nightwear" (pretty conservative nightgown by SciFi standards, eh?!  I wonder if the Puritan Comics Code Authority at the time influenced that?!) and settles down on what turns out to be a "Kryptonian Floating Bed."  (Labeled so for observant visitors.)  Then something wonky happens with the ventilation:

And, Hot Diggity Dog Diggity, BOOM!

Well, Lois is sure nothing else will happen there-- but several more somethings do, to the point that she is delighted to leave the Fortress and its various dangers, suspicious souvenirs and weird alien fauna and flora at the end of the three days!  

At which point, with Lois wrapped protectively against the frigid Arctic air in his indestructible cape, SuperExpositionMan's thought balloons explain what has happened.  Sure, he may not be the world's greatest detective -- that's Batman!-- but he had suspected mischief!  So he used his Super Voyeur Vision--

And thus our hero, engineering all the other mishaps, escapes blackmail wedlock, making a happy ending for all the young readers who had been writing letters to the editor wanting to see Lois get a good, sound spanking for being a continual pest!  (They really did!!)

And, look at that, he's grinning at that rear-view spankin' just like the rest of us!

Notice, however, Superman's fine moral code (and the aforementioned Comics Code Authority) keeps those X-Rays tuned to the top of Lois's Kryptonian Nightwear, not all the way through to her red, red bottom!
 Now, if that had been Super-Wolfie--!!  Which reminds me of another one of Phil Overbarrel's Springrose birthday cartoons!  But that's another tail.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

There's no need to fear! OOOoverbarrel's here!!

My friend Phil "Overbarrel" is the Steven Spielberg of the Poser art world, putting these puppets through paces and puns with a panache I've never seen done anywhere else with that program!  First of all, here's a minor example of his always clever staging:

Next, notice the sensuous textures and lighting here, the subtle twists he gives the figures, and the exquisite expressions!

But best of all-- is his sensahuma!  Overbarrel cartoons are hilarious and horny!  (Or is that "horney?")  Well, anyway, here's one of the opening shots from his 2005 production for Springrose's birthday-- a Tail of the Old West!

That's Wolfie as Wyatt Arf, and Phil as the Old Ager.  The bumfighters square off to see who will win the honor of birthday-spanking Springrose and the rest of the gals at the Long Switch Saloon!  Bat Smackherbum calls Wyatt out, treading across the floorboards with a CLUMP-CHINK!  CLUMP-CHINK!  CLUMP-CHINK!  Wolfie, that, is Wyatt Arf, not having boots and spurs, approaches with a PAD!  PAD!  PAD!

But wait!  Who is that man with no name just lighting his cigar in the corner??!

I love how the redhead automatically throws her hands protectively over her bottom!  And it is indeed Mr. Swingwood who winds up with Springrose over his lap, and then over his shoulder, disappearing up the stairs as she grins giddily!

Now, in the latest Overbarrel show, "Takin' Charge," Clint returns in the role of Ranch Hardin, the new foreman who takes Boss Becky to task, and over his knees!  You can tell this is now the New West, 'cause all the put-upon employees whip out their cell phone cameras!!

Now, If you went to see the latest Harry Potter pic this weekend, here's an Overbarrel creation called, "The Switching Hour!"

And we close with the warmest of season's greetings, the Overbarrel Family Card, 2010!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Self-Imposed "Discipline & Desire" Quality Control

Here's a wintertime WolfieToon that the members of "Discipline And Desire" enjoyed:


And here's one that got as far as this pencil workup, and I leaned back, looked at it, and thought, "AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHhhhh, uh, No!"  But it is kinda funny, in a perverse, John Kricfalusi kind of way.


Whew, I'm glad nobody saw that!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

"Dollybums?!" Yep.

In this interview, both Erica Scott and Richard Windsor confessed that, as kids, they tried to understand their budding inclinations by having their dolls spank each other, or by spanking their dolls.  Well, Rich actually spanked a Teddy Bear.  (Holy A.A. Milne!)  I personally know of a fella who had Captain Action™ spank Barbie™ while G.I. Joe™ was off at the war.  This was before she met Ken™.  (By the way, the name of that fella has been withheld so that the innocent will not be found guilty.)

You say you also know of similar cases?  Well, guess what?  It's not as uncommon as you would suppose, nor is it only youngsters.  There's a Flickr group known as Dollybums.  The Web is indeed a weird and wonderous place.  Behold some examples:

I've seen a batch of Mermaid Spanking cartoons, which makes you wonder how it's accomplished, because fish generally are bereft of buttocks.  But if anyone could manage it, it would be another aquatic Creature. 

You think I'd know these characters, but I don't.  Your identifications are welcome. However, as a science fiction movie and cartoon buff I do know these two:

(And if you're unsure, that's Maria from the silent German classic "Metropolis," and Leela from Matt Groening's "Futurama!)   Here's a cousin of mine:

The next one is actually from this Wordpress blog!

I don't know about you, but I think there oughta be a "Toy Story" spin-off!

"That will be enough of that!  Come over here right now!"