WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Spankin' New!

The last three years have been very hard on me, with a lot of grief, and a lot of transitions.  

I've never done a blog like Erica Scott;  my purpose here has always been recreational, therapeutic, and occasionally commercial.  I don't mind sharing personal info if anyone asks, but it hasn't been the focus.

But not to create a mystery, last week my mother died, in her home, surrounded by all four of her kids, a bunch of her grandkids, and even a great-baby-grandson.  It was very quiet, very peaceful, and certainly spared her any further sad ravages from galloping dementia.  Since my father died after a debilitating stroke over a year and a half ago, my brother and I have taken turns caring for Mom, with a qualified caregiver while we were at our weekday jobs.

My own sense of humor is largely inherited;  both nature and nurture at work there.  My folks always enjoyed my "vanilla" cartoons, including some book covers and mugs and whatnot, but. although they were not entirely cream-flavored themselves, I doubted they would fully appreciate my Nom-De-Web WolfieToons, and chose to keep all this "private."  Elsewhere in the family, my sister knows I've done "racy" cartoons, and has no desire for any further information, preferring my General Audience Stuff.  At least one of my sons knows all about my lupine art activity, but it's not really his thing.

So there you have more personal Wolfiemation than has ever been here, I think, and probably more than most folks really want to know.

The for-pay story website "Discipline & Desire" disappeared a while back.  My apologies for Links To Nowhere that show up all over this blog, but I'm sure as the moon-rise not going to go through and cut all them all out.  Wowsers, what a time-consuming and feckless task that would be!  

Anyway, I've been considering what to do with my spanking cartoons, new and old, for fun and perhaps a little profit, and have been looking at publishing them in a cheap-to-get volume.  Maybe an e-book.  Maybe both?  The devil is in the details. 

Larken wants-- very badly-- a Wolfie Cocoa Mug.  I wonder if anyone would wear a WolfieToon T-Shirt to bed?  Wouldn't that be so darn cute?!


Here is my favorite of the new cartoons, so far seen by only five, maybe six people.  I hope you enjoy it, and I'll keep you up-to-date on future developments!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Duck Ruckus!

Professional performers of stage and screen respect the time and efforts of everyone involved in a production. and behave accordingly.  However. once in a while, someone somewhat self-involved might forget that and cause a ruckus.

Such a lapse might need to be cured over laps.

Say!  You don't suppose Ms Duck might have engineered that scene after all??