WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Smurfin' Wolfie Tribute!

Presenting a Peyo Parody for your peekin' pleasure! 

(Credit where credit is due-- Larken came up with the Color Smurfle.  She says that's what happens when a blue bottom gets reddened! I hadn't thought of that, but decided it must be true and fixed my cartoon accordingly.) 

But, wait!  That's not all!  You also get in this entry, at no additional charge, the link to Phil's spankin' new blog, OVERBARREL'S SPANKING TOONS!  Treats await you when you click on those blue letters like THIS: 

Phil's busy moving all of his Poser Work away from the Yahiccup Groups into Blogger where it is so much easier for everyone to see and enjoy,  so go have a look!

Oh, and have you seen the latest free samples at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE?"
That's worth a click, too!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Our weekend entertainment continues with a gorgeous painting by DICK WILLIAMS that I've never seen before!  

Apparently this was an illustration for a magazine story.  I don't know what story in which magazine, or exactly when it appeared, but I bet it beat the hell outta that recent Gray Book that's been getting so much damned attention.  In fact, why the authors at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE," who write much better and much hornier tales, don't get some of that attention is beyond me.  But I digress.

This picture really appeals to me, because this couple obviously loves to read.

Oh, wait!!  I know Who that fellow is!!

"I wear a bow tie now.  Bow ties are cool."

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Morning WolfieToon!!

You got your bowl of cereal, right?

Saturday Night Edit!

Lovely Larken says I should explain this for much younger women who did not watch Boy Shows, and for people from out of town, like Australia.

"Space Ghost" was a Saturday Morning action-adventure cartoon show from Hanna-Barbera (The makers of "The Flintstones," "Scooby Doo,"  "Yogi Bear," etc. etc. etc.) that began in 1966 to capitalize on "Batmania."  It combined Super Heroes, Outer Space (complete with Spaceships!), Ghosts, and Things Blowing Up.  How could that NOT be Really Cool?!  At least for the ten-year-old boys like I was and am.

Space Ghost and his two adopted teen-age assistants, the twins Jace and Jan, and their pet monkey Blip, patrolled the Galaxy in the Phantom Cruiser, keeping renegade robots, lava monsters and evil world-conquerors in line.  They could all become invisible, fly with power packs, and Space Ghost had power bands that shot out a variety of power rays.

The introduction looked like this!

Much, much later the Cartoon Network did a snarky talk show parody of snarky talk shows called "Space Ghost Coast To Coast," which I didn't usually care for.  It had its moments of absurd humor, but would they have done that to Zorro, the Lone Ranger, Superman or Batman?  I don't think so.

OK, NOW ya know!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Asking For It

It has been said that if a woman has to ask for attention and affection, her man is not doing his job.

There is, however, often communication confusion between the sexes.  Men are generally straightforward (which is not to say aggravatingly obtuse) and women are generally subtle and complex (which is not to say tortuously murky.)

The late Fr. Andrew Greeley often said in his novels that men must learn "that when a woman says no, it means no, unless it means yes or maybe." 

What I hope you'll take away from this, men, is that it is worth the effort to try to read all the signals to see what your woman is really saying, and women, please try to be as direct as possible with us.  

For example, if you feel inclined to a good spanking, but are disinclined to say aloud, "Honey would you please spank my little bottom until the glow can light up the hallway?" you can give us a visual clue.  Maybe like this: 

This girl is asking for it, with some degree of subtlety.

This girl is asking for it with a lot less subtlety: 

And this woman is using no subtlety whatsoever.

And of course, sometimes your fella will tell you that it's time for a butt whapping. 

The end result is that everyone will be happy with clear communication..

Wednesday, January 1, 2014