WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, June 27, 2011

And from Historic LOL...

By the way, this animal has information to impart.

Inside Joke!

Those of you who've been around the Blogosphere this past week will know why this kitty looks so sly

and you will also find the title of this week's  WolfieToon at  "Discipline and Desire"  very familiar!

There are, as always, not-to-be-missed snippets of the five spankin' new, hot stories for D&D members, including more Fourth of July tales!

And, maybe best of all, the two free chapters for everyone to read are from a couple of my favorite "D&D" books:   April Hill's thriller, "How Does Your Garden Grow?" and from Michelle Carlyle's "Bad Girls III," Calamity Clarissa heads for certain calamity, if you know what I mean, and I think you do!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Petunia Pig Gets Whacked!

Talking about Bob Clampett in the previous post, "Time For Beany," made me remember one of his most famous Warner Brothers cartoons, "Porky In Wackyland!"  (You can click that YouTube link if you've never seen it, or want to again!)  He goes to Wackyland in search of the Last DoDo!

So, the Wolfie Mind being what it is, I thought, "Hm, Porky's girlfriend Petunia should get whacky, too!"  And behold, here is a companion piece for the Daisy Duck Paddling WolfieToon.   


I could say "He's really bacon those hams!"  But, no-- one has to know when to curly-tail the puns.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Time For Beany! (Off Topic-- Pretty Much)

If you're disappointed that this entry doesn't have anything (much) to do with spanking, you can blame Larkenand take her right over your lap!  

For 'twas she who put me in mind of Cecil the Sea-Sick Sea-Serpent at this earlier post and I thought perhaps you'd like to chillax after a hard Monday with a cold beverage and some chuckles, found at the YouTube link below.

"Time For Beany!" was a brilliant, Emmy-winning "kids' show" on KTLA, Los Angeles in the late 50's.  Its fans included, no kidding, Harpo Marx and Albert Einstein! 

It was the brainchild of  Bob Clampett, animator, writer, director, and one of the several guys at Warner Brothers who developed Bugs Bunny!  

His star performers were Daws Butler and Stan Freberg!

You may not recognize Daws' name, but you've enjoyed his performances thousands of times;  he was the actor who voiced countless cartoon creations, especially at Hanna Barbera.  His characters included Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Cap'n Crunch, Quick Draw Magraw, Elroy Jetson, Aesops's son on the "Bullwinkle" show, Various Bad Guys, and Three Gazillion more.  Note that Huckleberry Hound is pretty much the same voice Daws had used earlier for the Wolf (!!) in the MGM Droopy cartoons! 

Besides voice acting, Stan Freberg is a humorist, writer of renown, and a legendary parodist.  He won awards for his TV commercials and magazine ads.  Enter his name in the YouTube search and enjoy!

Eventually the live puppet show ran its course, but a short time later, Beany and company reappeared in animated cartoon form.

So, here for your enjoyment is one of my faves, featuring a jungle beatnik, Go Man Van Gogh.  

Click this to see "The Wild Man of Wildsville!"

(You don't have to get the topical 60's jokes to giggle, but if you do, good for you!)   

Oh, here's a confession:  I "borrowed" one of Bob's jokes for a Halloween WolfieToon at "Discipline and Desire!"  At the end of one of the Beany and Cecil cartoons (as I recall from childhood)  the Mad Doctor who owns a haunted castle our heroes had gone into spanks the Invisible Man for creating havoc.  Invisible Man is only wearing his hat, sunglasses, gloves and boots.  I changed that to the Invisible Woman, with her skirt up over her invisible behind.  :-D   Now, I might be mis-remembering, and got that gag from some other show, but it does seem very Clampett!  

A Bear Behind In His Work (Speaking of Funny Animals)

Mitch of "All Things Spanking"  is featuring  an odd cartoon he found floating around the Interwebs!

He wanted to know if it was one of mine, because somewhere along the line some chump had cut off the signature and such.  Well, shore 'nuff, it's a  "Discipline and Desire" WolfieToon from 2006, one of the very few I've colored on the page, with pencil, instead of using the computer.

I think it fits in nicely with this entry featuring Tom Cat and Minerva Mink, and this one with Daisy Duck getting her feathery fanny paddled!

Enjoy-- and thanks, Mitch!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Summer!

That may seem an odd greeting when it's already been hotter than several bottoms I could mention, but the first "official" day of Summer is this Tuesday, June 21st!  Could that be why this plastic seahorse, or plastic sea-serpent, or plastic sea-thingy, is so dang happy?

You'll have to take a gander at this week's update at "Discipline and Desire" to sea!  Er, to see!  And while you're over there, check out the previews of the five new enticingly erotic stories for members, including our first Fourth of July sparkler, and everyone gets to enjoy a couple of full chapters from the "Discipline and Desire" books "Healing In Time" by Katrina and "The Eight Wisdoms" by Oona West.

To continue the celebration, here's a "Discipline and Desire" cartoon from two summers ago:

                                                               Stay cool, cats!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ah, the little minks! (More cartoon cuties)

This is Minerva Mink.

More about her presently.  My previous post with Daisy Duck started me thinking about anthropomorphic cartoon cuties. 

Over at Chicago Spanking Review, my buddy Web-Ed has been going through seventy-three years' worth of four-color newsprint in an attempt to find any comic book spanking of interest.  Lo and behold, I discovered a rare one for him on the blog "Stanley Stories," devoted to cartoonist John Stanley, who did a fine flurry of furry friends and cartoon kids back in the day.

Here are the last six panels of a 'Tom and Jerry" story;  Tom has donned a Genie Outfit, turban and all, to supply every wish for his girlfriend kitty's birthday.  However, she and a rival tomcat give him six kinds of grief until he goes nuts, throwing the other guy out, and then--

I daresay you've seen videos with less plot and emotional development.  Toots' reaction proves she is One of Us!  (Gooble, Gobble!) 

One of the commentators told blogger Frank M. Young that piece would attract all kinds of Web Pervs.  Frank replied with a virtual grin that he was  "happy to share the pervy goodness!"  I think I should make that my motto here!

Web-Ed enjoyed this find a lot, adding it to his list, but lamented that Funny Animal Spankings have a low to non-existent erotic content.  I think that might depend upon the Funny Animal.  Which brings us back to Minerva Mink.

She was one of the characters in the Warner Brothers cartoon show "Animaniacs!"  (If you never saw "Animaniacs," I recommend you sample it on YouTube, rent or buy it.  It's very well done on all levels, by the entire team, and is freakin' hilarious!)

Minerva causes a big stir amongst the male denizens in the woods: 

But what's delightfully original is when Minerva's own libido kicks in.

My favorite gag is her bouncing in a circle around the Hunky Mink, making Valentine Hearts with her butt:

She also explodes and melts into a puddle of, as Devlin or Erica might say, Minky Girl Goo.

Aside from being just plain giggle-inducing, the subtle point here is that Eros makes fools of us all, and Sex is pretty dang funny.  

So I'll be on the lookout for other spanking cartoons, possibly with Minerva-- 

or maybe Lola, the bunny who showed up in the movie "Space Jam"

or any others, because they could indeed have a bit of humorous eroticism.  

Mind you, there are people who take that a lot further than I would...

...but, hey, variety makes the world go 'round, my little chickadee! 

(Here's Minerva and the Werewolf!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Shoe Off And One Shoe On...

...Deedle, Deedle, Dumpling, What Goes On?

You can see what at this week's "Discipline And Desire " update, along with snippets of five new spanking-oriented tales for D&D members.  Or maybe members get to spank tails from the Orient.

There are also free chapters for you from a couple of D&D novels!  One is from Reesa Robert's "A Chemical Romance" (the romance part will appeal to the ladies-- for the guys, there's a naughty nurse involved!) and the other is some of the underlined parts from Belle's thriller, "Networked!" 


Friday, June 10, 2011

Paddled Duck!

Over at the forum for The Spanking Bloggers Network, Ian, who does the Yeowch Spanking Blog, was talking about the Kinky Googling people do!  Using the Stat Counter option to look at "recent keyword activity," he found a long list which included "Paddled Duck Spanked Tasty."

I don't know what that was supposed to uncover, and I wouldn't have looked for it myself, but I would feel bad if the next time someone searched for "Paddled Duck" or "Duck Paddling" there wasn't a chance they'd see this:

Now, there is a precedent of sorts for that, and from an actual Honest-To-Uncle-Walt Disney comic!

I think "Spanking Her Piggy" is one of those euphemisms that employ animal abuse terminology.  "Hey, don't go in there!  Grandma is spanking her piggy!"  "Oh, right!  Thanks!!" 

And now This Musical Interlude!

Monday, June 6, 2011

(Jingle Singers Shout) W-O-O-F Wadio!

A rowdy howdy from Wild Woofin' Wolfiie, Cats and Kittens!  Melt away any Monday misery with some serious sixties shakin' courtesy of Stacy Adams and Scopitones!  Join the poolside gang by clicking these here blue letters for "Pussy Cat A-Go-Go!"  DIG Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Eyes of Sasses Are Upon You

The eyes have it in this week's WolfieToon.  

Fingers are involved, too, and tongues and noses and paws, and-- of course-- a perfect pear of a derriere.  

You can see it all for yourself at this week's "Discipline and Desire" update, as well as snippets of salacious stories members get to enjoy, including one of the "First Time Spanking Series" by Michelle Carlyle, and free chapters from "Borrowed Bride" by April Hill and Maren Smith's "Angel of Hawkhaven!" 


A Golden Birthday! (Plus a Pastiche!)

That's  Brandy Golden--  author,  gamer,  feisty cowgirl, and another of my very best-loved friends!  Today is her birthday! 
'Twas she who introduced me to Josh Smith, Reesa Roberts, and all the gang at "Discipline And Desire!"   We had met at the Western-Themed Yahoo Group, Spankville County!   Four years ago when I missed her birthday, I decided to add insult to injury with a Dr. Seuss pastiche and I repeat it here for people whose breakfasts have already settled.
"How D-Wolfe Caught Brandy!"
By Dr. Wolfe

All the Brangels in Bratsville liked Birthdays a lot,
but D-Wolfe, who lived outside of Bratsville, forgot!
Then he looked at his calendar, cried aloud, "D'OH!"
"I've missed Brandy's birthday two years in a row!!"

"Three weeks ago now," thought D-Wolfe, "give or take!
She must have had presents, loud singing, and cake!
I bet that she partied with Tom, Dick, and Fred
who also made sure that her jeans-seat was red!"

And the more D-Wolfe thought of this missed birthday treat,
the more D-Wolfe thought, "This is darned incomplete!
She's a lovely li'l Brangel, so thoughtful and sweet!
I MUST find some way to go love-pat her seat!"

Then D-Wolfe got an idear! An awful idear!
A wonderfully awful, Wolfie Idear!

"There's still some June left!" he thought, gaining hope,
"No need to sit here on my tail and just mope!
I'll ride into Bratsville before it is dawn,
and deliver the spanking that should have been drawn!"

So he gathered his papers and pencils and gear
and chuckled while thinking of Brandy's cute rear!
Out the door for his horse he strode with a will,
still laughing aloud, then he whistled for Bill.

Down the hill he did gallop, his furry face set
for the small town of Bratsville and Brandy to get!
"I wonder," he wondered, because it was hot,
"If Brandy is wearing pajamas or not?"

Then pulling Bill up near a house made of cake,
he thought to himself, "What a big thing to bake!"
He crept to the roof and listened a while,
the cute snoring inside curled his lips with a smile.

Down the chimbley he slid, as practiced Wolves do,
then stuck his head out of the fireplace flue!
'Cross the room he did creep, yellow eyes in the dark
gleaming with glee at his planned Birthday Lark!

The bundle in bed he tapped on the seat,
"Happy Birthday!" he cried and he threw back the sheet.

Then he stared--

No Brandy or Brangel lie there on the bed,
but a big bunch of pillows were piled up instead!

The end of a gun poked his head from behind!
"Paws up!" cried Brandy "And you'd better mind!"
"Why Brandy, my love!" said D Wolfe with a grin,
"I brought you a drawing! I'm glad you were in!"

"Cut the crap!" growled the Brangel, "Wolfie, you creep!
Trying to spank me while I was asleep!"
"What! Never!" said Wolfie, his fuzzy lips pursed,.
"For spanks on your birthday, you'd be awake first!"

"That's it!" shouted Brandy "You horrible Louse,
here's what you get for invading our house!"
Before Wolfe could move, she fired off her gun--
a flash in the dark and then it was done!

His face was all sticky and gooey and pink,
but hold on, dear reader, it's not what you think!
The gun Brandy held was a fine baker's tool
to decorate cakes and D-Wolfe, the fool!

So now Wolfie stood with his face finely iced,
licked his lips and mumbled, "Now, that wasn't nice!
A bad shock like that is not what I need!"
But Brandy was laughing too hard now to heed.

While helpless with laugher, the Brangel was caught
and D-Wolfe told her sternly, "Funny it's not!
My whiskers are sticky, and shaky my hands!
Now you WILL get a spanking, just like I'd planned!"

He then wrestled Brandy down over his lap
and suddenly came on the lights with a snap!
All of Bratsville, or leastways, that's how it seemed,
were now in the room, and "Surprise!" they all screamed.

They all joined Brandy in howling with glee
and D-Wolfe looked down at the girl on his knee.
"We knew you were coming!" she managed to choke,
"And so turned YOUR plan to OUR practical joke!"

D-Wolfe sat and pondered how they could possibly know
of a plan he'd concocted an hour ago!

He puzzled and thought til his puzzler was sore,
then Wolfe thought of someone he hadn't before:

"My horse! It was Bill! I see! What the hell!
That really tears it, I'm taking his cell!"

And what happened then? Well, in Bratsville they claim
that Brandy got spanked by D-Wolfe just the same!

Her birthday was over, but then, so was she,
ready and waiting on D-Wolfie's knee!
And when she'd had all of the spanks she could take,
he-- himself-- D-Wolfe- cut the cake!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Holey socks and shredded shoestrings!  I just found out the WolfieBlog has been chosen as the flavor of the month at The Spanking Bloggers Network!

This is the best surprise I've had since getting in line at the water park!

I'm thrilled!  The Spanking Bloggers Network  has a long list of  highly entertaining members, some of whom I haven't seen since the "Southern California Spanked Wives (And Girlfriends) Club!"  My secretarial staff is very excited by the announcement, too.

The thing of it is, I didn't even know I was in the running;  I was a little busy this week. 

I think Season and Michael might be the crafty surprise-party plotters!

But in any case, my sincere thanks to everyone who voted to provide this magical moment!

Say-- is there some ceremony that goes with all this?  I'll have to go help Springrose decide what to wear to the event!