WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Once upon a time, with urging from my dear friend Larken, I created three "Pinterest" boards. The first had a bunch of of WolfieToons; the second, WolfieToons that parodied cartoon characters not my own; and the third contained spanking cartoons from around the Web not by Wolfie.

What tickled and pleased me was how many different women would "pin" WolfieToons among their other boards featuring recipes, yarn-work, gardening, mother/family activities, Bible quotes, and the like. Sex, Humor, and Humorous Sex seemed a natural part of their lives!

Until this cartoon!  Evidently it horribly offended someone, who made a report to the Pinterest People, who deleted Wolfie Board #1 for not meeting Proper Pinterest Standards.  Of course, the other two boards, with the very same sort of content, went untouched. 

 So I rebuilt Board #1, with everything except the cartoon below.  All three boards stayed up a good while longer, and then the Particular Pinterest People nuked them all.  Meanwhile, actual Close Up Genitalia Porn thrives in corners of Pinterest.

 I wonder if some of my cartoons are still pinned in parts of Pinterest?

Well, anyway, take a deep breath, because here is the

 WolfieToon Beyond the Pinterest Pale!!!


And this one, well, this one really doesn't make sense.  Probably done late night under deadline pressure.  It's just... wacky.  Or maybe, "whacky."

And, just for grins...


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Friday, March 22, 2024

Audacious And Possibly Atrocious!

Dale, and maybe another soul or two, has wondered Where' s Wolfie?

And the answer is, the painting was eaten by left-handed moths!

No, sorry, that's a Marx Brothers non-sequitur.

Eventually there will be newer and bluer WolfieToons here, but meanwhile...

As you recall, Class, a "pastiche" is a new work done in the style of another artist, as a tribute or parody.  That is not to be confused with counterfeiting.

What follows is not pastiche, but appalling alterations, Wolfie shamelessly ruining other cartoonists' artwork.

Now you've probably seen things like this on line.  Generally I don't like it, partially because of the violation of the sanctity of someone's original intention, but mostly because it's so badly done.

Are my Ruinations any better?  Well, let's see..
For instance, I combined figures by Kurt Schaffenberger and Gil Kane, to make a scene in which Supergirl has been appointed Official Disciplinarian of Themyscira, AKA Paradise Island, and took Wonder Girl to task and over her lap.  

Now, if it had been a later violation, or for those of you insisting WG's star-spankled shorts should be dropped:

As you saw a couple of Wolfie Blog posts ago, Kara might have learned this art at her cousin Kal's knees-- literally.  And speaking of Mr. Kent, here's a violation of a famous scene from Lois Lane comics of the early '60s:

In fact, two:

You've also seen Batman paddle Bratty Marcia, but it wasn't on her floral panties, until now:

The Comics Code Authority of that time certainly wouldn't have permitted such sexual innuendo, insisting that when when a punishment comes through the door, erotic love flies out-uendo.

Nor would they have allowed Scooter's little sister Cindy to have been skinny dipping on the cover, however it might have charged up the spinner racks in every drugstore and newsstand:

Neither would they have let every boy's two crushes skinny dip over at Archie Comics! 

But, maybe-- maybe!--  it would be a little out of character for Betty Cooper to swim sans suit.
Here's Veronica showing that Betty's bikini was always in place while they cavorted at the beach:

And, in outer space, no one can hear you spank.

(What, young Art Adams spanking cover wasn't provocative enough that Wolfie's gotta go and do this?! Tsk.)

As we turn to the newspaper comics, I show you stuff most editors would not have passed.

John Cullen Murphey started a strip in the '50s about a boxer, "Big Ben Bolt!" He featured a coupla spanking scenes during its run, but not like this!

Al Capp also had a bunch of characters taken to the woodshed during the run of "Li'l Abner, and even included an episode in a multipage run-down of Abner's history for "LIFE" magazine!  But while the debutante's drawers were on display for the whole family to see, they were in place~ until some sneaky lupine got his paws on the panel:

Linda and Jerry Walters had their heroine Susie Q. Smith spanked several times, but her jeans weren't taken down.  Butt-- it would have looked like this: 

I've never found out where it came from, but I bet you, too, have seen the drawing of a young feller getting whacked by his mom / big sister / aunt / home invader.

He had a twin sister, don'tcha know! 

OK, that's it for now.

The End.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Happy Spring 2024!

Although it would be hard to tell in a lot of places, this hemisphere's vernal equinox happened this week, and it's Officially Spring!  Life beginning anew!


Some of the Kids even had Spring Break!

Others were doing some Spring Cleaning and Redecorating!

And in some places it actually was nice enough to get outside!

Here's hoping you find plenty of warmth and joy yourself!

Tuesday, January 16, 2024