WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mommy Got Spanked!!

Finding out about Sex at age ten or so was a pretty shocking thing to me.  They put what where??!  Aw, c'mon, you're making that up!!  Then my cousins laughed at me.

So I after I consulted actual authoritative sources and acknowledged the truth of the matter, I had to ponder that my parents were Sexual Beings.  Mind-blowing, dude.

I'd always seen them hug and cuddle and kiss, and on very rare occasions I saw Dad put Mom over his lap and playfully (but firmly!) spank her butt while she giggled her head off.  And said "Ouch!!"  

The fact that I'd always found such activity enticing and highly entertaining began to make  a little bit of sense.    

There's just something very grin-worthy of having mothers-- who so often give spankings-- get them, too!

The acronym "M.I.L.S." will never catch on, but here are some examples from "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE"  WolfieToons new and old, starting with this pencil version:  

That's "Reesa Roberts" on the writing credit!  

And there's a story behind that drawing I've told HERE!

By the way, the spankin' new server and host and whatchacallit doodad for "D&D" is still pending, but oughta be up soon!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ends and Odds

In case you were wondering What The FlintstoneVitamins is going on at  "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE"-- they're building a new, easier-to-navigate site!  The weekly member updates actually are there;  only the Free Preview Page hasn't been in action while all the technical stuff is getting Iron Manned out.  But it will be all set soon! 

Meanwhile, some Ends and Odds for your perusal:     

This is one of the ends in the new WolfieToon.  I like short shorts. 

And something odd.  A penguin kite.

Here's another end from a recent WolfieToon.  It brings to mind something Larken just told me:  "Spanking is just like eating Chinese food-- an hour later, you're naughty again."  

 This is really cool, I still want one. 

Chalk up another WolfieToon end.

Now, at first you'd think this deliberately odd pic is from a student film-maker trying her best to be David Lynch.  But, really, they're just horsing around in an equus-opportunity setting. 

Oh, Wolfie fuzz-wuzz here!

And now something completely different.  Weird Al Yankovic with an arm graft about to spank Clare Fonda.

(My apologies to Seth Olenick / Harper Collins, Al and Clare and everybody at "Shadow Lane!")