WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bears, Repeating (And one that isn't!)

Lea compared Tops and Bears in this post on her blog, and Kaki and Larken brought up Smokey the Bear-- I mean, they alluded to him, not that they raised him from a cub-- which reminded me of spanking bares, er, bears in general, and this cartoon in particular:

Springrose and I did that for Arild's Yahoo Group after she told me about a woman, an Arizona forest ranger, who had somehow started a conflagration out there! 

Now, forest ranger bear spanking also took place at the end of the Tex Avery MGM cartoon "Red Hot Rangers," after George had been kicking Junior's butt around all through the picture and then nearly started a new fire himself:

Yeah, yeah, I know-- "M/m," as they say-- but still, it got my attention as a kid!  For some sad reason Tex never had any of his red hot dames getting spanked, although both Wolfy and Droopy ran off with Cowgirl Red in "Wild and Woolfy!"

Back to the bears;  there was a kids' book that came out in 1957 (when I was a year old) called "The Lonely Doll" by Dare Wright, although I'd never heard about it until I stumbled across it at this entry by Zille on her blog "Zille Defeu's Fetish Fantasies."

Now there are any number of us who were trying to explore this thing we do at a very early age  with our dolls and action figures, as I mentioned previously:

Hey, look, they were inspired by the Wright book!  

Oh, by the way, to explain the difference between "dolls" and "action figures"--

Now once we was all growed up and started mixing drinks, a recipe for "Sting In The Tail" came with this sculptured pair:

(And I'm sorry, I forgot where I found that originally, and can't find it again-- If you know, please clue me in, and I'll add it here!)

And speaking of stinging spanking, here are two repeat WolfieToons, if you can bear it--

And-- a spankin' new one! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is Cathy.

Bet you can't tell from her expression what she's seeing!

Aw, you guessed!  Howd'ja ever?

That's okay, you can still see the details in the new WolfieToon at this week's "Discipline and Desire" update-- plus preview peeks from the five new members' stories--  and THREE free chapters from "D&D stories!"

Nobody does cowboys (and cowgirls) like Brandy Golden -- and here's the first chapter of "Dusty's Ghost Town!"

Barrie Abalard shows you what might get started at a Dallas Dairy Queen in the start of "Paradise!"

And Maren Smith answers the musical question "I wonder what the (newly) poor people are doing tonight?" in chapter one of "Black Sheep!"


Sunday, September 18, 2011

If you go out in the woods today...

Ah, at last, a little nip in the air, to get outdoors and put some color in your cheeks!

If you'll nip 'round to "Discipline and Desire," you'll see the rest of that colorful cartoon, five fine snippets from the current stories for D&D members, and two free cracklin' chapters for everyone:

The start of  "Endless Love" by Jordan Grace, and the first of Jessica Wallace's "Painful Choices!"

And now I must leaf.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Featuring Lyndal Ferguson! And Gill!

Lyndal Ferguson is a pro whose exceptional work has graced many an album cover and magazine!

(You'll recall the song, "Devil In Disguise?")

I had the privilege of meeting Lyndal at MySpace, and we swapped a couple of notes.  He has a particular knack for the humorously scary, often using the Prismacolor watercolor pens. 

I wish I could switch this witch!  (Actually, I'd rather feel with my paw, that just made a better rhyme.) 

And I get a bang outta his well-crafted details! 

This week, Web-Ed is featuring Lyndal's Creature Feature painting over at "The Chicago Spanking Review!"  

Love all the detail, the flora and fauna, the sparkling water, and the bright pink handprints! Or, er, clawprints?

Obviously, Lyndal and I both grew up reading "Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine," staying up late weekend nights for "Shock Shock Theater," or its local derivations, and painting and gluing together the Aurora Monster Model Kits, because very similar ideas occurred to us!  Here's a "Discipline and Desire" WolfieToon from several Octobers ago:

Pretty funny, eh?  Great minds think alike... or Spankos run in bunches... Well, anyway, it makes a great excuse to show all these!

By the way, the Gill Man really did like to handle pretty bottoms:

Hey, I bet there are a lot of Monster Spankings on the Interwebs!  I'm gonna go look!!

Meanwhile, to enjoy more of Lyndal's scarily fine and funny offerings, check out his MySpace collection HERE and the work Web-Ed features at "Chicago Spanking Review" OVER HERE!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn Activities!

So Autumn activities have begun, and although the very worst of the heat is done, things still seem a little warm.

Well, sure, that'll do it.

That's a "snippet" of this week's WolfieToon over at "Discipline and Desire," where you'll also find five snippets of the new stories for D&D members!

And there are THREE free chapters of D&D books for all to enjoy this time! 

Sebrina Winchester's winsome characters examine domestic discipline in the opening of "The Family Secret" --

Jordan Grace's involving bunch deal with the ramifications of opening "Pandora's Box"--

And Barrie Abalard (Belle, really) presents two sexy strangers giving new meaning to the term "taking one for the team" in the beginning of "Playing Through The Pain!"

Enjoy, and crack the window a bit, would you, please?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The very model of an imp!

Here is Tinker Bell, desperately trying to extricate herself from the keyhole of the drawer she was shut into in the Disney version of "Peter Pan."

(Larken sent me that animation, bless her very much and many love pats!)

Now, imagine that scene twenty-two feet tall and fifty-two feet wide, and the impact it had upon fourteen-year old Wolfie in the darkened movie theatre!  I was transfixed, mesmerized, completely captivated, then and forever in love with that imp! 

Tink has truckloads of personality and attitude, and I discovered that a lot of that was the talent of the spritely young actress-dancer that Mr. Disney, his directors and animators hired to model Tinker Bell-- Margaret Kerry!

Margaret has lots of these pictures at her website, "Tinker Bell Talks!"

(I've wondered if she actually performed that little booty dance, and if they still have those clips.) 

But look what Margaret also shares on her website--!

That was among the publicity pictures-- and Margaret says it was the most popular publicity picture!-- for one of the first big TV family sitcoms, "The Charlie Ruggles Show," starring Charlie Ruggles as Daddy Charlie Ruggles, and Margaret Kerry as his naughty college-aged daughter!

Or, maybe after this, she wasn't naughty enough to get spanked on TV.  Drat!!  

Some brides have been, y'know.

 (And yes, I know that was only a publicity shot, too!  I watched the whole movie waiting for it!  Drat again!)

(By the way, if you can't remember seeing Charlie Ruggles before, you have if you've seen Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in "Bringing Up Baby!"  And if you haven't seen that, you have a lack to address!)

Anyhow, I thought it was delightful that the model for the pixie so many would love to lovingly spank actually got some loving spanks herself!  (Or we can pretend so!)

His Countenance Doth Shine

Say, that dude looks happy, eh?

If there's a particular reason, you'll see it at this week's update at "Discipline and Desire!"

And if you're not already a fan of the authors whose works so frequently appear there, you will likely be after the five intriguing snippets from the new stories for members, and the two chapters everybody gets to enjoy:

The first chapter of Laura Smith's "The Haunting of Elm Groves Library" and the opening of Robin Smith's "The Blue Light of Home."