WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ruh Roh!  Looks like six more weeks of spankings! 

So you might as well stay in by the fire and enjoy the tales at this week's Discipline & Desire update-- and the new WolfieToon, too!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spankadamy Awards 2002: Boom and More from Arild's!

That is "McWINTOCK!" starring Elmer Fudd and Betty Boop, a brilliant cartoon from the creator of O.T. Katie, hugobOOm, or bOOm for short!  (Feb 1st Edit:  To see the animated version, just left click on the pic!  I didn't know it would work that way (head slap!) so a HUGE thank you  to Devlin O'Neill!) This cartoon first showed up at "Arild's Moviespanking Yahoo Group," which I wrote about here!

Phil "Overbarrel" discovered that he had TONS of files saved from Arild's, and shared them!  He's always been one fine helluva guy!!  He also told me I got the name of the furshlugginer group wrong!  I was pretty sure "Cartoon Spanking" was the name, but Springrose agreed with Phil, and one shouldn't argue with a woman's memory!  

Anyway, I've discovered, to my delight, that lots of people now, beginners as well as those who've been at it a while, love sharing their spanking artwork!  Two of the best places to see that are AnimeOTK,  and the collections at Deviantart, which, oddly enough, isn't only for us deviants!

But Arild's group was the first place I found, LO! so many years ago, and it was bOOm who came up with the idea of all the artists combining their work for Arild's "Spankadamy Awards!" 

Here's bOOm's O.T. Katie taking the stage (supplied by the Poser art of Angus Old!) until my first avatar interrupts!

Then the Hostess meets "Dick Darthedly," courtesy of Angus Old and Darth!  

I mentioned Darth's pencil art last time, but didn't have any to share!  Well, thanks to Phil, we have some now! 

And here's some more art from Dan Rivera:  his Private Eye, "Sam Swat!"

And a comic caricature he did of our host, Arild, and Dan's character, "Spanky Sal!"

Evidently, bOOm is still creating clever O.T. Katie cartoons!  There's a link to his work at the The Chicago Spanking Review, on a page featuring the "Blondie" pastiche that he did!  Way to go, bOOm!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(Singing) In The NAVY!!

Now you have that Disco song stuck in your head for the rest of the day;  you're welcome.

Here is a "Woofie-toon" from  "Discipline And Desire" that my buddy and co-conspirator Brandy Golden shared on her blog! 


(P.S.  In my deadline-rush, I didn't notice the perspective problems in the background until after it was published, and I'm not going to go back and fix it now! :-D )

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It is to laugh!

Springrose says-- and I quote-- "Yeah, I like the rump on that girl!"

She's talking about the new WolfieToon featured at this week's "Discipline And Desire" update.  G'wan, check it out!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Art from Arild's!

Back when the Web was new, and those funny dial-up squeaks and squawks were fairly ubiquitous, I stumbled upon a Yahoo Group known as "Arild's Cartoon Spanking Group," and met some of the finest people ever.  There were a couple of loonies, there, too, but, hey, that happens anywhere you go.  

This was the first place where I found friends, decent. loving, caring people, who also found adult spanking arousing!  Before, I had always felt like the odd man out;  it had been suggested that my libido had taken some woefully wrong turn early in life, and the majority of publications I was able to find then, devoid of humor, filled with anger and/or self-hate, sprays of blood, and other extreme unpleasantness, didn't help.  

So it was a sheer delight to explore "this thing we do," with the others, to finally become comfortable in my own skin, and, most of all, to enjoy a wide variety of art!  We shared pictures from magazines, paperback covers, comics, newspaper strips, and our own original creations!

Our host, Arild, the man who created the Yahoo site and brought us all together, was a fine fellow from Norway (thanks to Vohaul for reminding me!) who gave us his wisdom and humor and great encouragement.  Very sadly, he was apparently seriously injured in an industrial accident at work and eventually dropped off the site.  What finally became of him, I've never known.  If you search "Arild" on-line, you're likely to find one or two of his other, long-abandoned websites.

I encourage anyone else who was there to correct my memory, offer anecdotes, and the art I've lost!  I do have a few examples.  There were, of course, some of my earliest efforts:  

I'm sorry I don't have more of everyone else's art;  my floppies went bad!!  Don'tcha hate when that happens?!  But among those treasures were things from Endart:

And "Boom," who created the delightfully ditzy OTKatie!

(By the way-- I'm not absolutely certain-- but that cop could be Yank, whose famous protest, "Down with Panties!" began at Arild's!)  

Dan Rivera's "Spanky Sal" and "Sam Swat" cartoons had been published in "Spank Hard!" magazine from Shadow Lane, and he did a lot of original art at Arild's site.

What a great superhero!  Don'tcha love those little hands on his mask?!  Springrose, by the way, is my best friend, beautiful and eminently spankable!!  She's also the one to thank for the best WolfieToons; I can judge from her reaction if a cartoon is going to work, and she's never been afraid to answer a proposed idea with, "Uh-huh;  what else ya got to peddle?"  :-D

There was a fella from Germany at Arild's who signed himself "Angus Old," creating wild stories using the "Poser" program:

'Twas he who sent that program to Phil, and LO!  "Overbarrel Spanking Toons" were born!!

Even from the start, Phil's creative, cinematic staging and hilariously horny imagination were in full swing!  As you can see from my previous post about his work, his skill has mightily grown!  And, yes, that's Springrose and Wolfie again!

"Darth" was a great guy from the UK who created pencil art to share, and I've lost it!

The high point of the group was the First Anniversary Special, in which Boom and Arild combined all our efforts into an awards show!  For example, at one point, Wolfie's avatar strode on stage and spanked OTKatie for taking up too much time, and making him fall into the orchestra pit!

Well, as I mentioned, Arild disappeared, and slowly everyone began to waft away as well, to other things on-line and in life.  My next stop was MSN and the "Southern California Spanked Wives (and Girlfriends) Club"-- but that's another blog.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Betsy's Bottom!

The first thing I noticed about Betsy was her shapely bottom in motion.  OK, actually, the very first thing I noticed was her long blonde hair streaming behind her as she rushed past me, attending to her job in the department store where we were both working in that 70's summer between college semesters.  But my natural inclinations took me almost immediately to her behind as she strolled past, in tight, form-fitting baby blue knit slacks, with a feminine hip wiggle I thought could only be done on purpose.  As I found out later, she was innocently unaware of her delightfully graceful and very definite left-right-left-right shift.  She dropped her keys when I told her, and didn't really believe me until she saw our reflections approaching a store window. "Holy cow!" she laughed. "I really do wiggle!"

Betsy was innocent in a lot of ways, actually, and a bit shy, but remarkably intelligent, perceptive, artistic, and very funny.  You wouldn't expect, from that delicately beautiful face in a quiet moment, an eruption of pig noises, but it could happen.  And did.

Betsy and I discovered we had several things in common, became good friends, and within the year, sweethearts.  She was quite passionate, but also quite proper.  One did not take excessive liberties with her and remain in good graces, which I learned quickly when daring a slight butt fondle while massaging her back.  However, her birthday was approaching, and I decided to test the water and prepare her for the birthday spanking I thought she really, really should have.

I had been dropping hints about my interests along the way, and she was catching on.  We had even discussed the phrase that came up in a movie, "I'll tan your fanny!"

"There was a limerick in an old collection by Bennett Cerf," I told her one day at lunch, parked at Sonic.  "It went, 'The lovely young wife of the banker, sweetly slept while their yacht lay at anchor.  She awoke in dismay when she heard the mate say, 'Hi! Hoist up the top sheet and spanker!'"

 "Oh," Betsy replied, "And was it her birthday?"

"Might've been!" I growled, taking a bite of burger.
 Waiting until we were in a crowd of people again, she said loud enough to turn a couple of heads, "Yeah, well, if you try to tan MINE, I'll tan YOURS!"

 Okie Doke, we're all set!

Came at last the eagerly anticipated evening.  I took Betsy to dinner at a steakhouse, puzzling for the first time over how to eat an artichoke, and then we returned home for cake and presents and oh-I-can't-wait!  I think I played it very cool the whole time, but I've been wrong before.

Betsy's long time pal Jeannie had dropped by to share in the fun.  "Could you please?" I asked Jean, handing her my 35mm camera, loaded with fresh Kodachrome.  "Sure!" Jeanie replied, and I hugged Betsy to my side for a cute couples shot, sitting together on the couch.  "Thank you!" said I, keeping my arm around Betsy's shoulders.  "And now, there's one more shot I want!"  And I pulled Betsy right over my lap.  Jeannie giggled herself silly, but cocked the shutter and tried to aim.

Betsy had changed from her long summer dress after dinner, and was now sporting a brightly striped T-shirt and pocketless, bell-bottomed jeans of light and faded denim.  She made a pretense of trying to escape, and tried to slap my behind.  Well, we'll have none of that!  "Look at the camera, Honey!" I instructed, and Jeannie snapped the pic.  Then I proceeded to snap the seat of Bets' pants.

Her mother came in to see what the commotion was, and stood laughing and enjoying the show!  (What is it about mothers wanting to watch their daughters get spanked? Are they chaperoning or living vicariously? Hmmm.)

I counted off the twenty-twenty-two-and-one-really-good-one-to-grow-on swats, alternating gentle but very firm spanks on each cheek.  I loved being able to "legally" cup and spank her soft, firm buttocks!  Then, setting Betsy back upright with a kiss, I marveled at her expression, her startlingly blue eyes behind those round John Lennon glasses reading embarrassed humor, love for me, and-- dare I interpret it?-- desire!

The photograph, by the way, was out of focus.  Jeannie was laughing too hard, and only took the one shot.  If I had known that, I might have really carried out my tease to spank Jean the next night, which. by an odd coincidence, was her birthday!  "Get the camera ready, Betsy!" I threatened, and Jeannie grinned in a worried sort of way.  But I didn't spank her. I did, however, spank Betsy again when we got back to her house, enjoying the roundness of her white short-shorts seat tremendously, and her sly, over-the-shoulder remonstrating grin at me as I began.

Alas, heartbreak was ahead, and she dumped for another guy!  (Everybody: "Awwwww!")  But I'll always fondly remember those spankings, and the fact that Betsy was also quite disappointed that the photo didn't come out.

Oh, and, speaking of spanking fun, another reminder that the Wolfie Books Sale is still on at Lulu until Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

What's New at D&D!

Just thought I'd drop a plug for this week's update at  Discipline And Desire;  the new Wolfie cartoon comes directly from badinage I entered at Zelle's blog a couple of weeks ago!  Which, I see, has all sorts of fabulous new entries (new to me) that I need to go and remark upon!  The picture of the belt lurched up like a rattlesnake is frakin' hilarious!

Meanwhile, back at the D&D update, there are snippets of new stories by Maryse, Jennifer Somersby, Jessica Wallace, Tara Bard, Nicolette Shannon, Michelle Carlyle, and Maren Smith!   


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back To Work!

Hope everyone had a great holiday, and that you have a better time back at work than this gal is!

Or, I dunno, she might actually be having a pretty good time, at that!  Springrose says, "Those are UUUGLY pants!!"  I thought they were kinda cute, myself!  :-D

Hey, guess what!  We've decided to extend the WolfieBooks sale until Valentine's Day!  Now the guys don't have to sweat it, it's all handled!  Imagine her delight, fellas, to see  the WolfieToons Adult Coloring Book or  the Wonderful World of Wolfe in the box with that expensive jewelry! 

I'll be off line until this coming Friday night!  Got a job as a cook on a cattle run.  I'll ring the triangle on the back of the wagon and holler, "COME 'n GIT it, Pardners!  Now, all yew li'l COWGIRLS go and WASH UP first, 'fore I haveta DUST OFF the seat o' yer BRITCHES fer th' THIRD TIME t'day, y'hear?"  :-D  Well, that's my story, and I stickin' to it.

Meanwhile, be sure to see this week's What's New at Discipline and Desire!  Previews of the new cartoon, inspiring fiction by Jessica Wallace, Jennifer Somersby, Maryse, Tara Bard, Michelle Carlyle ,  Alexandra James, Sabrina Winchester, Laura Smith and Robin Smith! Plus further details on the Wolfie Books Sale I mentioned! 

Tink In Color Again!

Two more Tinker Bells! 

OTKUGO66 is the signature of the web-ed of the terrific Chicago Spanking Review Since I am often, especially before I visit Folgers House, not the brightest crayon in the box, it took me a while to understand that was the letter "O" there, and not the number zero-- now I get it!! "OTK YOU GO!"  YAY!!

Anyway, Ye Web Ed sent me his version of the Tinker Bell art, claiming his "bad" coloring was to reflect Tink's naughtiness!  That's pretty funny, but there's nothing bad about this at ALL, OTKUG066!  You've made her Pixie-pretty and perky-- well done!  And most importantly, you had FUN, which was the whole idea!  Making art is theraputic, and I find people liking my stuff enough to want ot participate, and then sharing it, quite the compliment!  

Larry Legarde says this "assignment" reminded him of one of the last times he colored, which was also one of the first times he wanted to spank a girl-- the brat next to him in second grade who kept loudly complaining about him "going outside the lines!"  Evidently, he's had some practice since then-- notice  how he made Tink pink all the way to her eyes and wing tips! Good job, Larry!