WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The WolfieBlog Sing Along!!

In the spirit of Spike Jones, Stan Freberg, "MAD" magazine, and "Weird Al" Yankovic, here are some spankin' song parodies just for giggles!  

The first one Larken did for my birthday, back in March,  to the tune of Peter, Paul and Mary's "Puff the Magic Dragon!"  And here's a new cartoon to go with it!

Dave the Magic Wolfie howls at the moon,
And frolics on the Interwebs, and draws those WolfieToons.
Little spanking capers, all that kinky stuff,
Swats and stings and ouchy things, he never gets enough!

Dave the Magic Wolfie howls at the moon,
And frolics on the Interwebs, and draws those WolfieToons.
Dave the Magic Wolfie howls at the moon,
And frolics on the interwebs, and draws those WolfieToons.

Forever he is drawing, transforming bottoms pale.      
Wolfie does his own research on rosening girl's tails.
Forever he is searching for bottoms plump and round;
Naughty Imps will lower their pants when Wolfie comes around.

Dave the Magic Wolfie howls at the moon,
And frolics on the Interwebs, and draws those WolfieToons.
Dave the Magic Wolfie howls at the moon,
And frolics on the interwebs, and draws those WolfieToons.

Spanks don't sting forever, despite our protest noise;
But painted bums and penciled puns will always bring us joys.
Today is Wolfie's birthday, the Dave that we adore;
The day he started on this path, to make us Imps so sore.

His head's full of tomorrow, planning his next toon.
Wolfie's got an itch, you see, to spank some Imps real soon.
He is our life-long friend, so the Imps must all be brave;
We'll take his birthday spankings now, and Happy Birthday, Dave!

Dave the Magic Wolfie howls at the moon,
And frolics on the Interwebs, and draws those WolfieToons.
Dave the Magic Wolfie howls at the moon,
And frolics on the interwebs, and draws those WolfieToons.

And you oughta hear her actually sing that!!  

Here's one I did while the wind was sweeping down the plains.  Sing it to "Surrey With the Fringe On the Top" from Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!" 

Chicks and Imps and Teases better scurry
when I git th’ paddle in a hurry!
When I git my paddle in a hurry,
I’m a furry Top!

Watch that lace and see how it flutters!
I’ll reduce th’ brats down to stutters!
Noisy Imps will learn not to mutter or
they’ll get a POP!

They’ll squeal and holler when turned upside down,
’cause my paddle’s gen-u-wine leather!
The Imps have panties y’ can roll down
to make them all behave better!

Two bright cheeks, can’t get any redder!
Now she squeaks, “Oh, please, I’ll do better!”
You can bet your butt that she’d better
or her rear I’ll strop!
I’m the funny furry critter who’s a
firm, loving Top!!”

Maybe some day I'll write more of that!  Sometimes a snippet will do, like this one derived from Disney's "Mary Poppins!"

When she was just a little lass, inclined to pull a prank,
Her nanny put her on her knee and gave her butt a spank!
And then one day she learned a word that quite explained her zeal,
the biggest word you ever heard to tell you how it feels!
Oh! Superswatafragilesitspotohitisdelicious!
And you'll sit quite carefully, it tingles and it itches!

And now, one of my very favorites, the one Larken wrote and posted on Season and Michael's "BLOSSOM AND THORN" blog!  Any Dean Martin fans here?  You'll really get a kick out of this improved version of "That's Amore!"  

(In Spankoli, where love is King, when Top Meets Imp, here's what they say)

When the moon hits His eye 'cause you're over His thigh
That's amore!
When He makes your tush shine 'cause you've had too much wine
That's amore!
Imps will sing, what's that thing, ouch what sting
But they'll sing a cappella!
Imps will prance; they will dance, without pants
Like a hot tarantella!

When your Top is old school and He makes a new rule,
That's amore!
When you dance on His lap with each loud ouchy slap,
You're in love!
When you're spanked 'til you gleam
It's your dream, and you might want some-more-ay
Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Spankoli
That's amore!

When His spoon makes you cry 'cause you did not comply
That's amore!
When His brush makes you whine 'cause you stepped out of line
That's amore!
Tops will say, "Imps obey."
You might stray, and 'cause you're not vanilla
You'll be tipped,
Over all the way,
Spanked without delay,
He's a real Toppy fella!

You're an angel all day, and you just want to play
That's amore!
Then Top Logic appears and you're flipped OTK
You're in love!
When your life is a dream that's come true, you adore your Signore!
You lie over His knee and you're spanked happily,
That's amore!

Standing ovation, lovely Larken!!  

By the way, that last dotted derriere is a detail from the current cartoon over at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE!"  Believe it or not, it's a Thanksgiving 'toon!

And if you feel inspired, please feel free to contribute your riffs below, or e-mail 'em to me and I'll edit this entry! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Just musing here about the appeal of handprints.

  I don't know that they actually denote "ownership," like the dye-paint handprints some Natives used to slap on their ponies' flanks, but it does seem to announce to the world, "I've handled this lovely, dear-to-my-heart mischief maker," and, on the other hand, "I've got a really cute love-tat from my handsome lover and aren't the rest of you jealous?" 

 They're funny and sexy.  And really, that's all the analysis we need.

I recall as a tot seeing the Walter Lantz cartoon "Fox and the Rabbit" on TV, which ended thus

and something deep inside tiny Wolfie said, "I like that. I wonder why?"

As a young teen, still in front of the set, I thought some of the other cartoons could use handprints, too.

Now there are the "painted" kind of prints.  

and you can even use flour in the kitchen!  In fact, I've done that,  just like this TV guy, only with better aim.

There were a couple of times at the pool I gave my college lover a nice,  wet hand-smack-print that showed up admirably on the seat of her suit.  It looked more-or-less like this artistic reproduction.

But one day I discovered it wasn't a joke, it wasn't just a cartoon, you actually could put a red handprint on a round fanny!!

(And my thanks to various Web Sources for sharing!)


Talk about making your mark in the world!  

So handprints (and even paw prints ) have shown up in several WolfieToons through the years.

Like anything done well, making a nice, clear handprint on a cute female fanny take practice.  Lots and lots of practice.  So excuse me while I pursue artistic endeavors.  First of all I'll have to pursue and catch my "canvas." 

I suspect it won't be all that long a chase. 

By the way, didja see the new and spiffy Free Area at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE?"  

Go click on the pictures there and see what all comes up!  (Yes, that was a deliberate joke.)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Discipline & Desire" News!

I'm delighted to tell you that the spankin' new FREE PAGE AT "DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE" is up!

Click on those blue letters to see the weekly update, with five free romantic spanking stories--  three free chapters from the novels-- three FULL-SIZE WolfieToons, including the Halloween cartoon Larken wrote-- details about the eBook editions-- information on how you could write for "D&D"-- a link to our thirteen-year-old Yahoo group-- and membership details, too.

Here's what editor Nattie Jones told everyone in the aforementioned Yahoo group:

We now do updates on Saturday evenings, and we have eBook editions of our weekly stories that you can read on your eReader (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony, and iPad... and most every eReader!) or an eReader app on your computer, like Kindle for PC, Adobe Acrobat Reader, or Nook for PC.

Coming before the end of the year is a redesign of the member's area, with easier navigation, the ability to comment on stories, interact with each other, and interact with authors. I can't wait for it! I know Yahoo! Groups aren't as active as they used to be, but I really miss the close community we had here in the "olden days" of the Internet.

I hope you enjoy the new free stories!

So have a look, I think you'll be pleased!