WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, January 30, 2012

These Pajamas Could Keep Me Up All Night

Not that the pajama patterns are so loud, but the pajama patting might be.

That's de-tail from the new WolfieToon at this week's update at "DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE!"
Quoth the Bard, "To sleep..

 ...perchance to dream!" (Dream courtesy of Richard Windsor's collection!)

There are many obvious reasons why dreaming of a woman in her pajama bottoms over our laps appeals to us male spanker types... (Thanks, Audrey!)

And yet there are a lot of women who long to be roundly spanked in PJ's!  

That might have begun, as Veronica and Pixie demonstrate, with something involving Mom...

... Maybe it was Dad.  (As played by the lucky fella here whapping Lily Anna!)

Heck, it even could have been Aunt Clare!
(Yes, I know she was actually playing the mom here, hush.)

 There might have even been some teamwork involved!

  And possibly experiments at those dorm slumber parties!  (Yay, Sarah!)

But, however it came to be, the end result is a penchant for pajama paddling...

 ...having your fanny striped...

...until it's pink and shiny!

So now you know-- it's a mutually pleasurable event!  (It's still funny to say that about butt-smacking, eh?!)

Those of you my age will remember that song from the Monkees about "so righteous  making fudge, your Auntie Grizelda!  So proper, pushing others over her knee!"

Well, that's how I heard it. .

 Now if you scroll down quickly, this will almost be like one of those animated "GIF" spanking pictures! 

Anyway, I just thought I'd post a few of my favorites;  there are LOTS and LOTS of Pajama Spanking Pictures on the Web!  As a matter of fact-- and you may already know this, depending upon who you are-- "Punished Brats" has an entire movie on this theme.  You can check it out and see the preview HERE!  

My thanks to everyone who let me steal, that is, share their pictures! 

Oh, and be careful how you phrase things in your search engines!  You might wind up with something like this!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sharing Some Culture

  Greetings, Beau Monde!  

(Hey, wasn't he Daddy Ward on "Leave It To Beaver?")

Here is a representation of one of my favorite pieces of classical music!

In case anyone doesn't recognize it, that's part of "The William Tell Overture," also known as "The Lone Ranger Theme:"

"Titty-Rump, Titty-Rump, Titty, Rump-Rump-Rump!"

Ah, sometimes I tickle myself!

But you probably don't want to hear about that.

However, if you'd like to be tickled and titillated yourself, you can, if you haven't already, find some delight at "Discipline and Desire!"

The new WolfieToon explores Communication, and, along with peeks at the new members' stories, you get to see the first chapter of Belle's thriller,  "Networked," and Deborah Plum's heroine begins a bright new direction in the first part of "Behavior Modification!"

My thanks to all the Imps (some of whom you might recognize?) and Photographers and Web-sters for this presentation.


Monday, January 16, 2012


One should never tell Fibhoods.  There are consequences.  And yet,this Fibhoodteller doesn't look very repentant.  That is a puzzlement.

Perhaps you can work it out viewing this week's WolfieToon at the "Discipline and Desire" update!  And black socks are pretty sexy, don'tcha think?

I really enjoyed the two free "D&D" book chapters this week, from two of my favorite genres, and believe you will, too!  In fact, I think you'll want to read more!  

Shannon Stevens's characters made me laugh aloud, and there's some mighty fine Western Whalloppin' in the first chapter of "Wayward Rescues!"  It's a hoot!

Then we discover that Skye Westlocke-- love that name!-- is in trouble-- in fact, we're ALL in trouble-- in Chapter One of Robin Smith's "The Blue Light of Home!"  Resistance may or may not be futile, but it definitely has its consequences!    

Later, Gators! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mini Spanking!

Well, not "a short spanking," but "a spanking in a short skirt."  Maybe her name is Minnie.  Anyway, this was on stage and Gilligan features it in THIS "MINISKIRT MONDAY" POST at his wonderful blog "RETROSPACE!"  There's always something entertaining to peruse there!  

I don't know what this production was.  I only know that when I was doing high school theatre, we never got any scripts with spanking.  And Wolfie was sad. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bruce Canes!

First of all, this post is MUCH ado about NOTHING:  the scene detailed below lasts all of three seconds, and only we Spankophiles would particularly notice it with special glee.  .  

However, I haven't seen anyone else do anything with it, so I will.

There was a TV cartoon show at the turn of the century (it sounds funny to say that, huh!) called "Batman Beyond."  It takes place in Gotham City in 2039, as an old Bruce Wayne guides a young man, Terry McGinnis,  who takes over the bat-role in a futuristic, flying batsuit.  

It was done, and done very well, by Bruce Timm and Company for Warner Brothers Animation, who did several very cool and entertaining series with the DC Comics superheroes.

The pics are from the first episode,  when a cycle gang called "The Jokerz" try to run old Bruce down.  He clonks the guys in the head, and smacks the clown girl across the butt and off her bike.  :)) laughing  I'll put this in context to make it more fun;  if you don't care, you can just scroll on down!

Terry has run afoul of the Jokerz, a gang reminiscent of the playful hoodlums of "A Clockwork Orange."  They dress in honor of that now-gone maniac with the green hair and weird sense of humor, and catch up with Terry outside a creepy old mansion outside of the city.

The owner of said mansion suddenly appears and warns them away.

"Hey, old man-- we're the Jokerz!"

"Sure you are." 

The attack by the entire gang begins, and is quashed.

Don't mess with Bruce Wayne.

Even when he's elderly.


  I love Bruce Timm's designs:  very simple and eloquent lines that say a lot, and work exceedingly well in animation.  

For comparison's sake, here's Bruce Wayne in his prime.  The lad next to him is the second Robin, Tim Drake.  Dick Grayson had outgrown the role and gone off on his own as Nightwing.

So, yes-- that's Bruce and Tim by Bruce Timm.

First surrogate son, Dick Grayson, Nightwing.