WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, February 12, 2011

From Poppy!

Poppy sent me this item from the "Cheezburger" sites!

Poppy asked if this were perhaps a relative of mine.  Oddly enough, 'tis.  That's Great Great Great Grampa Wolfie!  He was great!  

Speaking of All Things Wolfe, the WolfieToons Books Sale is still going on, for unique Valentine Warm-Up Activity!


  1. Wolves have always been misunderstood. I'm sure you would never resort to cross-dressing either.
    Of course, we'll never know....but that's a whole other blogosphere!


  2. hiya wolfie,

    hey! it's great great great grandpa wolfie:D i was glad to see that i am not the only one who depicts wolfies going around on 2 legs............which of course leaves their front paws free for more important activities:D phil

  3. That was super! God I love cartoons! And I'm enamored by a big bad wolf.. and a big good wolf with devilish quirks!

    Hey.. my inner editor here says G'pa can't spell.. ruh-roh.. "disist"? (desist) - hope that doesn't that takes the oomph outta his note to the Brothers Grimm... cause he does have some VERY VALID POINTS! LOL

  4. I am so glad you liked this.
    I would be the worst person to be Red Riding Hood- I would have chucked the basket at granny and run off with the wolf at a moment's notice.
    Your G'pa had a good point- I am with Zelle.

  5. Yes, Hermione, you're correct, very few wolves actually engage in cross-dressing. Rabbits, now, that's a very different story.

    Hiya, Phil! Yep, I thought about your wolf when I saw this! I think I'll post some more Phil Posers!

    Zelle, I noticed that spelling lapse, too. GGGGW had trouble with book-larnin'. People said he was "bad at grammar," which, as you see, became corrupted as "in bed as Gramma." Which is why no legal outfit took him seriously and the Grimm Tale stood.

    I enjoyed this very much, Poppy, and thank you again! Red Hot Riding Hood, that's you! ;-)

  6. heya Wolfie, just stopped by to say hi, and thank you for my bday pic, I loved it, my own cowboy :)

  7. Good spot of disist, Zelle and Dave. And DW, since your GGGG'pa used disist shouldn't he also have used dipiction and discription? At least he didn't say destasteful.

  8. HI, Jules! You're welcome! I hope you had a grand birthday week!

    True, Michael! It was Hubert J.'s distany to be enconsestint.