WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Update at "D&D!"

We may need a bit of musical accompaniment this time, so open up this YouTube-DTV play of the Leapy Lee song that hit the airwaves when I was in 7th grade, and enjoy the mushy goodness to be found this week at "Discipline & Desire"!  


  1. Love your Valentine's Day WolfieToon, DW. A portrait in magenta. Red hearts spanked upon the beauty's heart-shaped sit upon. Tiny red hearts and stars floating over her derrière denoting her sensual ouchiness. Her sweater and headband in varying hues of red. LOVE the touch of pink in her love infused upper cheeks and her luscious ruby red lips. You didn't even miss the red enamel on her fingernails or the paddle as that is also pink with a red knob on the handle. You used your entire scarlet palette. And all this offset by the blue clothes and black hair of her fellow adds up to a lovely, artistic masterpiece of sensual spanking.

    Sorry to go off like this - I've done book reviews in the past but never a 'toon review - but I think you've gone beyond your normal high standards and really knocked it out of the park, DW. Maybe because under this gruff exterior I truly am a romantic, and unlike many of my brethren, I have always found Valentine's Day an enchanting holiday. This WolfieToon just struck a chord within me. Thanks, Dave, thank you so much.

  2. Also, enjoyed the Leapy Lee (Gawd! I love that name) 'Little Arrows' clip as I had never seen it before. The cute little fellow hunting the rabbit reminded me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon - Bugs along with his Warner Bros. cohorts were my favorites as a kid - of Hiawatha trying to track down good ol' Bugs. Mr. Bunny even recited the Longfellow poem during the cartoon as narration. Classic stuff.

    Great find, DW.

  3. Oh boy! I love mushy goodness at this time of year.


  4. oooooohhh...the...pain!..... I so remember that ♫ TUNE! ♫ -- and cartoon! The look on the 'weetle wabbits' face just endeared me to the little critter.. AND THAT is what Valentines Day is for .. sharing what we each find in ourselves, that defines those TERMS OF ENDEARMENT ... and your Wolfie Toons endear me to you more and more each day...

    I ♥ U Wolfie!!

  5. I never saw that cartoon or heard that tune before. So cute! Valentine's Day kisses for you, Dave!

  6. What a gratifying response, thank you all very much!

    I appreciate your in-depth reivew, Michael! Phil had a positively effusive reaction, too! I did work a long time on getting the postures and attitudes and so forth into that cartoon, I'm glad it all came through!

    Hermione, I hope the day is indescribably mushy for you and your fella!

    Aw, Zelle, you make me blush, thank you, and much love to you, too!

    Yep, Season, that jolly little tune will stick with you forever now! Kisses back to you, real and Hershey's, both!

  7. A very happy Valentine's Day to you Mr Wolfe - I like to think your whole world is filled with girls like the ones you draw.

  8. hiya wolfie,

    as you know from my personal comments to you, i thought this is arguably the greatest wolfie toon of all time. i could tell just from the thumbnail that she was hugging the stuffing out of him and i thought that you totally conveyed the message of her total passion for him brought on by the valentines spanking. of course, you draw a great female posterior and this one was totally top of the line..............as was her expression as she surveys her valentine hearts! i don't remember all the comments i made to you but this is an absolutely great wolfietoon! i love it!

    i remember that cartoon...........LOL. i remember the song too but the name leapy lee is totally unfamiliar to me???? anyway, great valentines post. thanks for sharing this with us. phil

  9. Happy Heart Day to you, dearest talented Wolfie! :-)

  10. Thank you, Poppy! As a matter of fact, I try to draw the girls in my world!

    Aw thanks, Erica! Hearts and kisses to you!

    Hiya, Phil! Yes, thank you, I knew that cartoon was gonna be a hit from your response! I'll have to look up "Leapy Lee" and see what else he ever did; OK, he was on a BBC show, writes a newspaper column, and runs a bar! :-D