WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Didja know there are WolfieToons over on PINTEREST?

Well, there are, and it was Larken's idea!  Thank you, m'lady!

One of the things that pleases and amuses me about that is that a lot of the women over there who "like" and share my cartoons also feature boards on their Pinterest Pages about puppies and kittens and babies, fab clothes, recipes, travel photos, makeup tips, shoes, et al.   

Often as not, we spankophiles tend to "partition" our interests on-line.  In my case, it's to avoid embarrassment for my young and/or uninitiated relatives, because otherwise,  I'm rather proud of my WolfieWork!  Most of it, anyway. 

So it's refreshing to see these young women, moms, and grannies put it all up there, as if to say, "I have lots of personality facets, and some of them are sexual and humorously kinky!  So there!"

I mentioned this to Larken, who said, "There should be a word for that, you know, like Spanknilla!"

That's brilliant!  I'm going to start using it.

And, of course, "Spanknilla," to me, sounded something like--

(Click for a bigger, better view!)


  1. That is exciting and fun for you! I think you're correct that some of those ladies have no problem showing their different likes!
    I for one need to differentiate! My reasons are much the same as you!
    Love the toon!

    1. Thank you, Minelle, yes it's great to find a new audience!

      Come to think of it, I don't know if my relatives would cringe or yawn-- some might even giggle! But I'll practice discretion.

      Springrose has intimated that I need to practice discretion, because I don't always do it so well.

      Glad you enjoyed the li'l composition!