WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Verily, thou shouldst view yon posting!

In case you haven't seen it already, click on over to this post on Chross's blog!  It's a "preview" for a German production of "The Merchant of Venice" that included a (F/f) spanking scene, and it's the cutest damn thing I've seen all week!

Now, having really only a smackering, er, a smattering of Shakespeare, I don't know for sure who these two would be-- Portia and her handmaid Nerissa, perhaps??-- or how they would work in a spanking scene!  However, I've sent a note to good Professor Devlin O'Neill hoping he might elucidate, and, when he's through with that, tell us what the heck might be going on.

Dev has proposed amended spanking versions of various Shakespearean works, but I don't think he had gotten to this play yet?  But if so, they owe him some dough!! 


  1. Danka, Herr Wolfe, for the heads up on this clip. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Well, Dave, verily did I watch the reel twice, and I will not swear to this since I'm not as familiar with Merchant as I am with other works, but it appears to me that the blonde girl with the Annie Lennox haircut is actually playing Antonio, the title character.

    Whom "he" is spanking I will not venture to guess since we don't see her face, but it appears he is merely taking out his frustration on someone, possibly Nerissa, possibly one of his own servant girls. I'm pretty sure it isn't Portia, but again I could be wrong.

    Anyhow, fascinating clip, Dave, and thanks for bringing it to my attention. :-)

  3. hiya wolfie,

    watching this sure makes me wish i could read german! fortunately, i was able to transcend the language barrier and enjoy it anyway, thanks, phil

  4. Hi Phil!! 'Lo, Michael!! Thank you, I'm glad you both got as big a kick outta that as I did! And, yeah, ain't it grand that some things transcend the language barrier?!

    Hey there, Devlin! By Falstaff's Belly, I believe you are right!! You know the play much better than I-- I hadda go look up the plot! But, yes indeed, there is that blonde at the start of the clip, in her gray business suit, looking like she's about to get into deep ships! (HAR!)

    Y'know, Dev, the various Shakespearean Sirs and Dames, like Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Patrick Stewart, and Diana Rigg, have all demonstrated a hearty, bawdy sense of humor, making them perfect candidates for the premiere webcast of Professor O'Neill's Spanking New Revised Bard Strap-Her-Upon-Avon Theater!! But... they might wanna get paid!

    By the way, speaking of Falstaff, this time the beer and not Sir John, if you, like me, ever wondered, "Oh yeah-- whatever happened to them??" I found the answer here!

    Wolfie, spreading pervy goodness and pop cultural education wherever he goes!

  5. Well, I guess for the first Strap-Her-Upon-Avon performances we can have a few B list stars, but I feel sure the big guns will fall in line before too long. Poppy will insist on Patrick Stewart whenever possible of course, and probably even tell me to pay him whatever he wants.

    And Antoni(a) just had to let the ships fall where they may, I suppose.

    Thanks for the Falstaff time line. I got so wrapped up in it I'm not sure I finally did figure out where the beer went. I remember the classy logo, but honestly I'm not sure I ever even tried one of their brews. One of very few I missed I'm sure. ;-)

  6. "And Antoni(a) just had to let the ships fall where they may, I suppose." BRAVISSIMO!!

    I'm sure. Dev, the Big Names will want to turn out for your producitons when they see the fabulous new TWIN GLOBES THEATRE.

    Yeah, come to think of it, I never quaffed any Falstaff, either; but it did indeed have one of the most famous and successful ad logos of all time! As to "where the beer went," that's quite a straight line...