WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is Paddle Cat-- P.C. for short.

He's in this week's WolfieToon at "DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE", and he's one of the rare repeating characters I've used.  I'm thinking of making Paddle Cat T-Shirts to sell.  He has one of the best catchphrases ever! 

Y'know, I think most cats are actually spankophiles.  

Consider their intelligence, sensuality and general cattitude.

Certainly cartoon kitties enjoy "TTWD!"

That's from cartoonist John Stanley's "Tom and Jerry" comic that you can read at "STANLEY STORIES", a terrific blog by Frank M. Young.  (Not to be confused with his cousin, Frank M. Stein.)  

Richard Windsor also featured the full story AT HIS BLOG! 

Naturally, cartoon kitty women will follow suit!  And, oh. how I love her suit.

(That's Poser art by Invidia, who featured a whole month of superhero spankings at her blog some years back!)

I hadn't seen that one before!  Nice job!

You do know, I suppose, that Anne Hathaway is the movies' new Catwoman.

Excuse me a moment while I react.

I'm going to imagine her in the scenes above while she cooperatively poses.  


  1. I remember someone posting a video of a cat spanking a girl's bottom but I couldn't find it. ;-(

    I like the Puss in Boots picture.

    1. A video! Too bad it's hiding, Kaki-- although you reminded me of two other Kitty Spanking Pictures I'll have to dig out of the files and put in here later!

      Glad you enjoyed this! Mwah!

  2. The only way I could dislike cats any more would be if they were holding paddles. Lol. I recently wrote about a comparison between cats and tops and bottoms and dogs. Cats being moody, plotting, always giving The Look and watching and waiting. Dogs being cute, innocent, and loyal to friends. Sound familiar? ;-)

    1. Well, Lea, that's an interesting take! I always thought it was women who were feline: lovely, soft and cuddly, but mysterious and rather unpredictably dangerous!

      But you make a good point, dogs are always guilty-looking. ;-)

      And I love watching those wagging tails!!

  3. Wow - I absolutely loved that Batman/Catwoman with her old/new costume (that is, it was an old costume which was later brought back in the 80's, I think)! I'd never seen it before, either. I'm running Batman "family" spankings all summer so I'll have to add this one. Wonder if the artist did any others?

    Also loved your "Super-Phil" drawing!

    1. Thanks, Web-Ed! We can sleep safely knowing Super Phil OOOooverbarrel is on paddle patrol!

      And yeah, I was kinda hoping Anne Hathaway would sport that slinky slit purple-and-green gown in the new movie-- but the Julie Newmar-esque look will do just fine!

      Speaking of the upcoming "Dark Knight Rises," your Batman Plan is a good tie-in! I don't know who did that last painting-- maybe there's more info on the website!

  4. On an opposite note, in one of "The People's Choice" TV show episodes there was a spanking scene where Cleo the dog brings a ping-pong paddle to the Mayor's wife to help her spank a young man.

  5. Hiya, Charlie!!

    I'll be doggoned! Y'know, I did a WolfieToon with a fetching beagle recently! I didn't know they'd done the same idea! I have seen two spanking clips from that show, one in which Mandy spanks and another in which she gets spanked! Great Shades of Clare Fonda!!

  6. Cleo brings the paddle in the same scene where Mandy is being spanked. I have yet to find that on YouTube.