WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Howl-o-ween Fun 2014!


That is a detail from the Halloween WolfieToon over at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE" this week!  

So is that!!  And here's the one from last year that was almost the display cartoon for the "D&D" home page! 

Here are a couple of Halloween Rerun WolfieBlog Links :  


So, have fun on All Hallows Eve and do brush your teeth after scarfing your bag of treats!

(Ooh, did you see what LON DON AFTER MIDNIGHT??!)


  1. The Prankster Paddling Poem still makes me laugh out loud! That was a fun re-read! There are some fun toons here, too! But, hey! Nobody's getting their butt spanked off! ;-) Happy Halloween, DW!

  2. Thank you, Larken, your praise for my prankster poem pleases me no end! And I'm looking forward to the completion of your own secret project! (Say, wasn't that was a Doris Day song? "Once I Had A Secret Project~!")

    Nope, no one is the above cartoons is losing her seat, but if anyone wants to see such a thing, she or he may click THESE BLUE LETTERS and they can see it for FWEEEEE~!

  3. Now hes seeing her full moon otks ..great art.