WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, November 22, 2015


And would you like some cuffs on the bottom, Ma'am?


We can have that for you Tuesday.

Actually, that's my alteration of this cartoon:

I don't know who did that, or where it was originally shown, but I'd love to know its context!  The style is familiar-- it feels like a mid-to-late-60's thing to me.  You've probably seen it on several websites and blogs the past few years.  Anyway, I did the alteration for my amusement, and now, perhaps for yours, too.  

But, having done it, and presenting it now, I seem to have violated my own principles!  You see, I tend to be a cranky purist, and dislike radical changes to finished art. 

 Now, restoration is different;  clean the centuries of candle soot and other painter's censorings off Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling, sharpen the faded images and remove the film scratches from the old Universal monster movies, but for crying out loud,  Laurel and Hardy movies don't need to be colorized, especially when it's poorly done!

 Bare pink cartoon butts are pretty darn cute, but sometimes subtlety is sexier!  For instance, here's my second-favorite Dan DeCarlo spanking cartoon, one he did for publisher Martin Goodmen's men's humor digests in the early 60's while also working at Archie Comics!   

A very funny and arousing little drawing, and so someone wanted to see Dan's Daisy Mae Clone with an unclad posterior!  And who could blame him?  (Or her?)

The thing is, I think that alteration, besides not being up to the actual line work, detracts rather than adds to the appeal!  And it somehow bugs me that it might be mistaken by Googlers for Dan's original 

But I don't get all prissy and pissy when someone takes credit for their alterations.  Doc Cylon has done a bunch of colorizations and animations, like this one on a Frank Cho cartoon.

And I actually love the translations my French friend  STAN/E has done for various WolfieToons!  His background colors are often a big improvement, and if he removes a Wolfie Woman's panties, he presents the original cartoon as well. 

 I had a mixed reaction the first time I ever saw a WolfeToon altered.  It was a quick and sloppy Chic Young pastiche that I presented in the long-gone "Arild's Movie Spanking Yahoo group"--

Someone wanted to see a later stage of that spanking, and in color!  

That actually is a pretty subtle pink on her hiney.  And, hey, where'd Daisy go?  Out of the room to allow privacy?  Not running for "help," I hope!

So I guess my thought is, alterations can be lots of fun to craft and to see, but maybe it's better to take credit and/or blame?  


  1. As you know I'm a cartoonist too. It explain why I enjoy doing those little differences
    Thanks to you for such nice pics very funny for me to translate... Best from France

    1. Merci beaucoup, mon ami! I've always enjoyed your artwork-- "kiny" and "vanilla!"-- and the way you manage to translate my American puns!

    2. That's supposed to read, "both 'kinky' and 'vanilla.'" My keyboard misbehaves. Maybe it wants its bottom smacked,

  2. Je ne parle pas français! Mais, la fessée vaut mille mots.

    Euh, je veux dire, une image vaut mille mots.
    Yep, voilà ce que je veux dire.


    1. :-D

      Oui, Il est vrai , mon cher ! En fait, je peux vous imaginer dans un WolfieToon !

      Je ne sais pas la langue , que ce soit , je ne peux imiter Pepe LePew .

  3. Hi Wolfie,
    I agree with you as far as I can follow you; I think you lost me midway. LOL. In general terms I do like the colorizing of some older BW cartoons, but I am not a fan of many illustrative alterations and only because 80% of the time they are done so poorly.
    I have colorized some cartoons without altering the artwork and instead altered the dialogue; as per: http://everdayspankings.blogspot.com/2015/07/just-another-day.html
    Not sure where you align on those type of changes.

    1. Not to worry, Enzo! I'm not sure I knew what I was saying here, myself, but I said it anyway.

      I do like your increasing blush on that comic story! Nicely done!

  4. Oh and forgot to say that Larken's comment above truly made me laugh out loud ;)
    - Enzo

    1. Isn't she a clever lass?!

      I need to feature the Larken-written WolfieToons here soon, including her "Puff" parody, "Dave the Magic Wolfie!"

  5. For the most part, I don't like alterations to already existing cartoons--although if they're well done, I guess I object a little less. The problem is, quite a few of them are not well done. I remember a number of spanking cartoons from years ago where the person doing the alterations not only removed the spankee's skirt and panties to turn it into a bare bottom affair (and he also added a little tear drop to each lady's eye)--but he (or she) removed the captions from the cartoon as well! Without the caption, the drawing is practically worthless. How stupid is that?

    Thankfully, I do like all the cartoons pictured here. Your alteration of the first cartoon is quite well done. I agree with you on the hillbilly cartoons, though--it detracts more than it adds. And why did the fellow leaning against the tree and looking on suddenly become "Drew" instead of "Clem"?

  6. I love the Blondie spanking. Thanks

    1. Thanks, Ron! That was my earliest pastiche, I think!