WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fairy Tails, Part Four-- Happy St. Paddy's!

And now, the climax to this series!

As all things Irish are celebrated this week-- by many, quaffing green beer and beverages made pure and healthy  by the distillation process--  one remembers the Faerie Folk of Lore, and the stories of their mischief!  Why, it's said they can even make you disappear, taking you right away into their magical realm!  

And then who knows what the "Aes Sidhe" might get up to in their Faerie Mounds?! 

I think I've mentioned here before that one of my favorite movies (there are lots) is Disney's "Darby O'Gill and the Little People!"   I was three years old when it hit the theaters.
("WOW, Wolfie, that movie's OLD!!"
"Sure 'n' it's a trip over my knee you're after!")

ANYWAY, it's a captivating, charming tale, with the beautifully-done special effects supporting the story, rather than being a distraction, like so many CGI things done now that only call attention to themselves.

This movie is especially nice for those of you with an appreciation for a young Sean Connery! 

("Oh, and wouldn't I like to be feelin' your strong palm on my wee backside!")

And there are the wild and scary parts, like when the Banshee appears to herald the approaching death of the heroine!! 

The Banshee's wail is indeed unnerving!!

So, here's a bit of timely folklore you may not have encountered!

Take heed, it could save your hiney!


  1. For some reason, those Irish holiday cartoons are especially exciting... And charming. :-) Thank you!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, DW!

    1. You're welcome, m'lass, and thank you! The realm of Faerie is indeed enchanting but perilous! I'm absolutely certain the Wee Folk love spanking!!

  2. Why is it that St Patrick's day brings out the imp in us?

    1. Well, some would say it never really takes much, bold and lovely Kaki! And with the Fairy Folk abroad to encourage you, what mischief might be wrought, with the inevitable and exciting consequences! Thank you!

  3. Yer and awful devil, Wolfie, but yer our devil! Thanks and praise be the fayries fer yer good works!

    1. Ah, sure 'n' it's very kind y'are! Happy you enjoyed it so!

  4. There once was a Wolfie who drew
    With a pencil and pen he'd make do
    Sketching bottoms precisely
    And pinking them nicely
    Cartooning a spanking, or two.

    But this wasn't a new avocation.
    He's harbored a small fascination.
    Since youth he has eyed,
    Some say he has spied
    On girl's bottoms, and found inspiration.

    Wolfie's toons started ages ago,
    A lifetime of bottoms aglow.
    I'll not say he's old,
    I won't be that bold,
    But he is young at heart, that, we know.

    Happy Birthday, DW, old friend.
    May Wolfietoons be without end.
    The day the stork brought you
    Who would have thought you'd
    Have rosened so many rear ends.

    Happy Birthday, DW!

    1. Larken Limericks, a rare wonderful gift!
      Thank you so much, creative and dear friend!

      Her rhyming and wordplay sublime
      always give us a wonderful time!
      She needs tips of the hats
      and appreciative pats
      on her cute little fanny so fine!

  5. Hi Wolfe -
    Despite being a bit late to this post, I had to comment; another excellent job - the Fairy Ring cartoon - love it!.
    Again, her expression makes the scene - perfect. Love how all the ferries are helping hold her in place. Are those 4-leaf clover panties?


    1. Those are indeed her lucky panties, Enzo! I put a lot into that one, so I'm delighted you're enjoying it, and thank you very much for saying so!

    2. "Un-lucky" panties I would say. I did notice quite a lot of details here including her auburn hair. Well done.