WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Just musing here about the appeal of handprints.

  I don't know that they actually denote "ownership," like the dye-paint handprints some Natives used to slap on their ponies' flanks, but it does seem to announce to the world, "I've handled this lovely, dear-to-my-heart mischief maker," and, on the other hand, "I've got a really cute love-tat from my handsome lover and aren't the rest of you jealous?" 

 They're funny and sexy.  And really, that's all the analysis we need.

I recall as a tot seeing the Walter Lantz cartoon "Fox and the Rabbit" on TV, which ended thus

and something deep inside tiny Wolfie said, "I like that. I wonder why?"

As a young teen, still in front of the set, I thought some of the other cartoons could use handprints, too.

Now there are the "painted" kind of prints.  

and you can even use flour in the kitchen!  In fact, I've done that,  just like this TV guy, only with better aim.

There were a couple of times at the pool I gave my college lover a nice,  wet hand-smack-print that showed up admirably on the seat of her suit.  It looked more-or-less like this artistic reproduction.

But one day I discovered it wasn't a joke, it wasn't just a cartoon, you actually could put a red handprint on a round fanny!!

(And my thanks to various Web Sources for sharing!)


Talk about making your mark in the world!  

So handprints (and even paw prints ) have shown up in several WolfieToons through the years.

Like anything done well, making a nice, clear handprint on a cute female fanny take practice.  Lots and lots of practice.  So excuse me while I pursue artistic endeavors.  First of all I'll have to pursue and catch my "canvas." 

I suspect it won't be all that long a chase. 

By the way, didja see the new and spiffy Free Area at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE?"  

Go click on the pictures there and see what all comes up!  (Yes, that was a deliberate joke.)


  1. Ok, so....a couple of those look like mitten prints!

    Also, the girl pulling up her panties a bit to show a red mark reminds me of when I would get spanked (when younger) and I would go to my room and assess damage! The red marks fascinated me enough that I'd stop crying!

    1. You're right, Sarah, there are some mitten prints there! :D

      I suspect those Spankers need more practice to keep the imprints nice and distinct!

      You reminded me of a cartoon Springorse sent me a long while back: A just-spanked cute little cherub is looking at her red bottom in the mirror and saying, "Now, look-- you cracked me!!"

  2. Heya, DW! I love sizzling handprints on an imp's curvaceous bottom. I see you have a wonderfully squirmy set of images which includes your WolfieToon of caveman Alley Oop leaving his red mark on his girlfriend Ooola's bum. I can identify with that.
    "Me Michael, wife Season need butt red now. Where leave Mastodon tusk paddle? I know, neighbor man Fred borrow to spank naughty wife Wilma. Naughty wives bad, spanking good."

    1. Hi there, Mike!

      Thanks!! You're a mean motor scooter and a bad go-getter!

      Say, I wonder if that kinda scene is where the OOO in Ooola came from?

      Maybe with her last name being "LA!!"

  3. I love a good hand print. You have to be quick with the camera to catch it though. Nice toons!

    1. In WolfieWorld, Lea, glowing handprints last for hours and hours! Glad you enjoyed these examples of that! Think I'll scroll along and see if there are any fine examples of Kodak prints from LeaLand!