WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Smurfin' Wolfie Tribute!

Presenting a Peyo Parody for your peekin' pleasure! 

(Credit where credit is due-- Larken came up with the Color Smurfle.  She says that's what happens when a blue bottom gets reddened! I hadn't thought of that, but decided it must be true and fixed my cartoon accordingly.) 

But, wait!  That's not all!  You also get in this entry, at no additional charge, the link to Phil's spankin' new blog, OVERBARREL'S SPANKING TOONS!  Treats await you when you click on those blue letters like THIS: 

Phil's busy moving all of his Poser Work away from the Yahiccup Groups into Blogger where it is so much easier for everyone to see and enjoy,  so go have a look!

Oh, and have you seen the latest free samples at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE?"
That's worth a click, too!


  1. I'm sure glad that nosey dog doesn't live near me. :-)

    I love the look on Spanky Smurf's face with his tongue hanging out. He looks like he is really getting into it. And the little heart with the stars.

    Good Smurfy word, Larken, smurfle. Wolfie, what did Larken win for her clever word?

    1. It is so clever, Kaki, that Larken will be well and lovingly smurfed until I'm blue in the face, followed by a smurftacular award dinner at the Smurfle Olive (it's a great place, olive going there!)

      Glad you enjoyed the cartoon! Bet it's not the lat time you'll see someone pop a Smurf!

      And the nosey dog always knows what the noise is!

  2. Yeah, Kaki, Spanky Smurf looks way too happy. I'll bet if we all worked together, we could smurf an entire language!

    DW, if you smurfed until you were blue in the face, wouldn't you be Wolfie Smurf?

    Phil seems to have gotten his blog up and running, and the last time I was there he had some library wallpaper. Now if he'd just stop with the spanking thing... (insert eye roll here) ;-)

  3. hey, Kaki.........that's not a nosy dog...................that's a nosy Wolfie...........and a well prepared one at that with the binos and probably other spy equipment. after all, everyone has to have a hobby..............LOL.

  4. hi Larken, as i told Wolfie in my personal reply to him, i liked his original dialog, but i liked yours better..................it's always nice to have some help with this stuff:D my blog is up and running and it does have a background that looks like a library. it reminded me of a study and where better to give a naughty girl a spanking than a study:P