WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, July 28, 2014


That (mostly) black and white drawing is a detail from the "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE" WolfieToon titled, "Cosplay," done as a salute to Comic-Con International held in Sand Diego this past weekend!

One of the fun parts of any comic convention is the "Cosplay!"

If you're unfamiliar with the term "Cosplay," it's not about listening to Bill Cosby albums-- 

--although that's a very good idea.  

"Cosplay" means "playing in costume," usually at parties and conventions.  If you'll YAHOO it, you'll find a lot of delightfully entertaining stuff.  As a matter of fact, PBS just aired a program about the people that make and / or wear the character costumes. I bet it's streaming on their website! 

Cosplay, originally a Japanese term describing those who became the Manga (Japanese comics) and Video Game Characters, is not restricted to Fancy Dress Parties or Halloween--

--but can happen any time!  In fact, one can even experience Premature Cosplay!

So, if you're aware of this phenomena, it can prevent problems. 

Although you don't necessarily have to explain to your daughter why you're borrowing her school uniform.

(That's the original inked drawing from a WolfieToon you've probably seen a lot.  Notice how I had my Tweedy Dad in a cool bow-tie six years before Matt Smith became Doctor Who!  Ha!)

(Sorry, Doctor Who-Ha is an entirely different program.) 

Now, when choosing these cartoons, I made a distinction between my characters dressing up as characters and real characters.

For instance, this is the first pencil sketch of the real Big Little Red Riding Hood out in the woods

--and this is the real Princess's Whipping Girl, thoroughly enjoying her work.

But the couple at the top of the page are in costume, as are the two below.

The difference is, the former are appearing in public, at a convention, and the latter are performing in private.  Or they were until their hostess blundered in.  

Well, blow me down!!  


  1. Fun stuff, Dave! The SyFy channel also has aired two seasons of a show called, "Heroes Of Cosplay". It follows a number of cosplayers as they prepare their costumes, go to the various Cons, and enter the costume sontests. It's very enjoyable. Not as enjoyable as your artwork, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    And btw, serious props to the lady in the red Vampirella costume! That had to take a certain amount of intestinal fortitude....

    1. Right you are, Doc!! And she looks just like a Frazetta girl, eh? I am studying her costume, trying to determine what she made it from-- surely not tape?! Gah!!

      Thanks for the comments on my cartoons-- it's great knowing you enjoy 'em!

      I've heard the title and seen a promo or two, but have never managed to catch an episode of "Heroes of Cosplay!" I'll have to, now!

  2. I love your artwork. I have been trying to get my husband into cosplay and he has been kind of resistant. I will have to show him your pictures

    1. Aw. thank you, Blondie, you are very kind!

      As to the Mister, I can well understand someone feeling self-conscious and even silly in costume-- but there are ways to "start small." How about an old-time gangster look, a la Jimmy Cagney or Humphrey Bogart? There are long "duster" coats and broad-brimmed cowboy hats for the Old West look...every man looks good in a cowboy hat!

  3. Hey Wolfie -

    Love CosPlay and enjoyed your post.
    So who is Humpty Dumpty spanking exactly? It is a great illustration! just not clear on who that is - Alice?

    1. Thanks very much, Enzo!

      Yes, that's supposed to be a gal dressed up as Alice!

      I'll have to scroll through "EVERYDAY SPANKINGS" to see if you have some Cosplay entries!