WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, September 26, 2014

Erica And Her White-Bottomed Friends

This is ERICA SCOTT'S Birthday Week!

My humble contribution:

With my love to Her Smirkiness!

I should have re-drawn her legs, though.  Even in Cartoon Form, Erica has much sexier legs.  

Butt!  Lookit that cute white bottom!!

Say, let's view some other cute white bottoms that didn't stay white very long:

(My thanks to Various Web Picture Share-ers.)

Hm, she looks familiar!

And so does she!

If you run around the house in just your blouse and panties, really, you're just asking to be put over his knee.  And I bet she was  

I personally have no problems with Visible Panty Lines-- quite the contrary!-- and, to be fair, this lass had just been in the rain, but it's still considered a Fashion No-No and A Reminder must be Applied.  That's the law, after all.

Speaking of the law, Top-Types are required in every circumstance to hoist plaid skirts.

And Helpful Tops will also make sure that her panties fit correctly for proper curvature display and augmentation.  And after an Interval of Appreciation, they may be tugged right down.  

It's also incumbent upon the fellas to frequently ensure that the ladies' derrieres have not gone cold.

Reheat as necessary.

Or even if she thinks it's unnecessary.  One doesn't want to become neglectful.

Because Neglect might lead to the woman becoming Wicked, which would then have to be addressed by an Injured Party, such as her Stepsister. 

How many times have you seen the word "sparkling" and misread it as "spanking?"  Me, too.

All's well with a happy end.


  1. HEE! Happy to be in such beautiful company. Here's the funny part: I own two dresser drawers crammed with panties of various prints and solids in every color of the rainbow -- EXCEPT white. :-) Something about white panties makes me think "little girl" and I just can't go there. But those white shorts are awfully cute!

    1. I've always had a thing for white shorts, Erica! They fascinate me! (Wanna see my fascination, it's right on my arm!)

      I'm tickled that you are so pleased with this cartoon effort!

      I wonder how complete your collection is; do you have Garfield the Cat and Wonder Bread Color Balloons?

    2. Hmmm... neither. But I did have a Wonder Bread halter top in high school! The WONDER was right across the chest. :-)

    3. Well, and no small WONDER, eh?
      You're a wonder, Wonder Woman! Satin tights and all!

  2. Wolfie, Erica's birthday card was a masterpiece. Thank you

    1. Well, thank you, Six, that's very kind! I'm glad you enjoyed it so!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Erica.

    Dave, I LOVE Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman toon.

    1. Me, too, Kaki, and thank you! I never saw the new "Peabody" movie; but it'll be out on DVD this week. I wonder if it's any good?