WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Halloween 2021: The Princess Mummy!!

Addendum for Wolfman Rick and anyone else tuning in-- here's how this cartoon began:

I think the Prof's tootsies are better drawn in the scribble sketch!  But I came up with better names, and dropping the cat saying "That's a wrap!" was no big loss.  😃

Also for Wolfie:

Couple Cosplay Idea:  When Silent Movie Zorro meets Big Little Dot!


  1. Dave:

    Thanks for the toon; it would not be Halloween without one of your creations!! In particular, he spanked her ass off, and my personal favorite "Top Her". Thanks again.


    1. Aw, thanks, Rick! Halloween tends to be my favorite holiday because it's just fun, with a lot less baggage, and because I was a mystery-monster-movie kid of the 60's! :-D

      Halloween 2021 wanted some new cartoons, so there's this one with Dramatic Lighting, and a ghosty one on the way. I'll put up the first sketch of this one for ya!

      And thank you, too, I'm very glad you like all the Reruns! The "Bride" is still a favorite of mine, too. The caricature attempts on "Top Her" were taxing, but maybe I got better at it from the practice! :-D

      About the time I think I shouldn't rerun so many of the old ones, up pops somebody who hasn't seen 'em and gets a big kick out of 'em! So I'll sprinkle some in here again!

    2. Dave:

      Thank you again for the rerun of "Top Her", in my humble opinion it is a truly great toon!! There are a number of things that I feel make it so great. First there is our spankee who is young, beautiful, and seemingly so innocently feminine. She is over Cary Grant's knee with dressed raised and pink ruffled panties on full display. I love pink panties on girls especially when they are enhanced by ruffles or lace. What can I say, I'm a dirty old man and at age 75, we are talking a lot of dirt!! Then there are the caricatures of Mr. and Mrs. Kirby, Cary Grant is fantastic!! Finally there is the humor, "a little bit ruffled", It still produces laughter. The entire composition is terrific, fine art, romance, a playful male female spanking interchange without a trace of the sadistic brutality that we see so often. I have always enjoyed your work but this has been my favorite since it first appeared. I spoke of being old, To illustrate, I saw this episode of "Topper" on TV in it's first run!! Not trying to be a critic, but rather a most appreciative fan.

  2. You're welcome, Rick!!

    Y'know, I read the first two "Topper" novels from the 1920's, and Cary was WAY more charming than the Book Ghost, who was kind of a putz. :-D

    The girl OTK was supposed to look like Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was doing a TV series on CBS called "Ghost Whisperer" at the time! I think I got the hair right, anyway, :-D

    Anyway, thanks again, I'm delighted that you're delighted!!

  3. First off, I absolutely agree with Rick describing your art!
    My favorite is ‘Top Her!’ Gosh those movies bring happy memories! My dad always encouraged the Watching whenever they were on!
    Did you do a Thin Man toon as well?

    1. Merci beaucoup, Minielle!

      I'm glad your dad passed on the delights of past pop culture! I've tried to do the same with my brood!

      Yes, your memory is correct! Although the characters in that WolfieToon weren't exactly Mr. and Mrs. Charles, at least one face was somewhat familiar! I'll rerun it for you in the next post!

  4. Truly enjoy looking at the Top Her. Great drawing! Thanks for all the free art you share with everyone! Quite amazing. Thank You
    bottoms up

    1. Well, hi, Red! Good to see you again!
      Yeah, I should set up a Tip Jar, huh? :-D
      Thanks, I'm very glad you enjoyed this and responded!