WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Groundhog Day!

And we're not talking pork sausage here!  

Accordion to my German ancestors, 

today the groundhog, also known as the woodchuck,

will peek out of his cozy groundhole, and if it's cloudy--
 Spring will come early!

But-- if Chuck sees his shadow, 

Winter persists another six weeks!!.

Now, all that doesn't sound strictly scientific, 

however, it did lead to two WolfieToons!

This one, for various reasons, was never published!

As a matter of fact, I don't know why it's here now.  

However, I re-did the joke some time later with a better cartoon!

So enjoy the day, and if you see Bill Murray, tell him I said, "Hey."

So enjoy the day, and if you see Bill Murray, tell him I said, "Hey."

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Guest Writers!

Well, I did a "WolfieToon" every week for ten years for "Discipline & Desire," and others before, during, and after, so that's well over five hundred cartoons.  

I don't know how prolific that makes me alongside guys like my buddy Phil "Overbarrel" or guys like Nik Zula or Endart (courtesy of OTK4U), but it is a bunch to do on one somewhat limited topic.  

So once in a while I had Guest Writers.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  Not all of them, so I can post more later!

"D&D" Editor Reesa Roberts had a contest about seven years ago she cleverly called "Name That 'Toon!"  
Here are the winners:

Here's one of the best from a great guy, Charlie "Tunasheart!"

And a topper from lovely Lady Larken!

More Larken Cleverness can be seen Here and Especially Here!

Monday, January 18, 2016

And The Walls Come A-Tumblin' Down!

And PANTS, too!!

I think Belinda is getting spanked for breaking the fourth wall.  

(And it's adorable!!)

You know what the "fourth wall" is, right?  That's the imaginary boundary through which we watch the characters in a play or movie, or even those in comics or legit literature!  

And of course, "breaking the fourth wall" is where those characters acknowledge that you are watching them, and address you directly!

But it's not really a bad thing.  It's been done for dramatic and comic effect since Time Immemorial by the finest of people.  Why, Billy Shakespeare did it--

(That's Sir Ian McKellen as Richard the Third letting us in on his plot!)

George Burns used to do it on TV!

(I wonder if he was reminiscing about Bill spanking Gracie in a publicity photo for "International House" in 1933?) 

Woody did it a lot!

Ferris Bueller did it!

Dave and Maddie did it!

John Byrne had She-Hulk do it!

Even Mike as Austin Powers did it!

Let's do it-- let's break the wall!

(Bulldog Drummond and his phone will make sure we can catch up later.)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How To Keep Wolfie-Warm!

DANG, it got cold everywhere all of a sudden!  

Like it's WINTER or something!  

Well, never fear!  I have a solution!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


I enjoy peeks "behind the scenes" and peeks at behinds, so here is a little of both:  the evolution of one of my WolfieToons!  

First, there's a finished, fairly "tight" pencil drawing.  A heavier paper is a good idea so that the ink will go on nice and smooth and not come to pieces under the eraser.  I used a 2-ply Bristol here. 

Now I went over it in ink, embellishing along the way:  I've experimented with a lot of pens and even brushes;  this was done with art pen that is a combination.  It has a flexible "nib" that creates thick and thin lines, depending on how you hold it.   The lines then give a pleasing illusion of depth and weight.  Drawing proper perspective is still elusive, but I'm impatient and had a deadline.  

Music in the background helps;  my "Pandora" stations include Beatles and Big Band swing.  

Then the pencil marks were erased and it was ready to scan.  Black ink boo-boos and unwanted bits can always be taken out with white paint, or, of course, with the computer.  I really prefer to have as little "touch-up" as possible.  

Finally comes the lettering and coloring, and behold!  A woman really enjoying herself.  You, too, I hope!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Final Preparations!

As you make any final preparations for Christmas,

Wolfie says it's best if you keep it simple!  Not everyone you know and have ever met needs to have something from a store,

and you certainly don't want stinging debt!

The important thing is to share fun with those you love best!

(That's one of my favorites, by the way!)
There are a lot of get-togethers this time of year, and it can be fun to get all dressed up.

That gown never left the house.  
But everyone had a good time, anyway, and there was a happy end.  
Ending. I mean;.

But when you do go out, remember to behave yourself.

And remember the camera or phone to preserve those special moments!

And to all a Good Night.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More Santa Spankings!

I'm surprised to find out, in this nearly total electronic communication age, that some kids actually still write honest-to-Odin letters to Santa Clause!  On paper!  With envelopes and stamps!!

Which put me in mind of this WolfieToon;  I've shown it here before-- 

--but not its sequel!  

My buddy PHIL "OVERBARREL" insisted there should be a sequel! 

 Now, late in 2008, my scanner blew up and I couldn't replace it for a while.  I also had limited graphics goodies.  So, those two 'toons were done on an earlier version of Windows "Paint."  With a mouse!

There sure are a lot of Santa Spankings around.  I just found out, the last few years, that in some places holiday hidings were handed out by the Christmas devil Krampus-- who finally has his own movie coming out this season-- leaving Saint Nick free to disperse jos and toys.

But, in our crowd, toys and joys can also be Kringle Tingles!

(RICH and PIXIE having a whale of a time!)

And as a figure of loving authority, being tummy-side down on Santa's lap can make sense.  Certainly a lot more sense than BEING PAPER-TRAINED BY YOUR PUPPY  or  GETTING PADDLED BY YOUR PACHYDERM!

 Chross just updated his list of St Nick pics (including the aforementioned Krampus and a few WolfieToons!)  which you can peruse HERE--

And here's one more Clause-themed cartoon from moi!