WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Singing Cowpoke Spanks!

I was telling Springrose about this movie just the other night, and then, lo and behold, perusing Spanking Blog, I found the publicity photo from "Sagebrush Troubadour," starring Gene Autry and Company in 1935!  It's a musical western mystery.  Really.   

Now, it's not the best cowboy movie spanking ever, nor even Gene's best, but it has the greatest spanking tag-line ever!  

Warning!  If you're going to try to catch this on TV, Netflix, or run out and buy the DVD and do NOT want "Spoilers," read no further!

Gene and his sidekick Smiley Burnette (named "Frog" in this story) are ridin' and singin' along, headin' fer th'  big Pepper Spread to get cowpoke work, when, Suddenly!!  A stagecoach comes careening down on them!  They dive out of the way, and the hellcat blonde driving the stage-- Joan Martin-- is whooping and whipping the team into a mad fury! 

Gene tells Smiley-Frog he's gotta stop that thing before somebody gets hurt!  Spurring his great horse Champion into action, they tear down the road in a cloud of dust,  and overtake the stage!  Gene leaps into the shotgun seat, grabs the reins and halts the creaky juggernaut!! 

Joan is completely unrepentant, so Gene decides to change her mind about things with a good, hard spanking! 


Just as Gene (and Joan) are getting warmed up, the grizzled old stage driver pops out of the passenger carriage and demands to know why Gene's spanking "Miss Barbara Pepper!"  Yep-- Joan's character is the granddaughter of the big ranch founder, the place our two heroes were headin' fer!  She says she's gonna tell on him, and fix him good!!

As the stage rolls away (now at a much more reasonable pace) Gene laments, "Gee, Frog, we're in trouble now!"

"WELL," croaks Smiley-Frog, "It just goes to show ya-- Ya shouldn't spank girls ya haven't been introduced to!"

And that is the best tag-line ever.

The spanking itself, as you see above, was awkwardly staged (HAR!) with Gene doing some odd cross-armed fanny-whapping. They did it a lot better for the publicity photo:

Thanks to SpankBoss for finding that!

By the way, if you want to see some of this on Daily Motion, it's here!  But whoever loaded it up cut the clip short, before Smiley's classic line.  (Slowly shakes his head)  That just ain't right.



  1. I think the way you find spanking cowboys should be considered a public service.
    I just gave a little sigh of pleasure at the thought of it.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Wolfie my grandmother love's Gene Autry i think he is so COOL and his side kick froggy is so funny when he sing's with that deep voice of his hehehe. his other side kick Pat is VERY funny as well he is always tripping over something and falling and getting hurt he is clumsy like me hehehe. i love his horse Champ he was so BEAUTIFUL and smart :-) i love watching the spanking scene's on there. Love and Hug's from naughty girl Jade xoxo

  3. (Tipping his ten-gallon hat)
    (and carefully, to avoid spilling)

    You're welcome Mizz Poppy, it's my playsure! I'll haveta go git th' links to the "Bonanza" spankings that some kind folks have put up at YouTube and post 'em here fer ya, too!

    Jade, your grandma has very, very good taste! You know, of course, Gene Autry had a bunch of hit records (HIT records, HAR!), owned some radio and TV stations, and owned the Angels, a professional baseball team, too!

    Or if you didn't, now you do. :-D

    Here's the official Gene Autry website!

  4. Hi Wolfie,

    First time fer me ta post. Thanks fer given the story here as I ain't seen but the spankin' part.

    There is another cute spankin' in one of them westerns: it was on a Wagon Train story. Bill Hawks is lookin' fer Charlie with Duke Shannon who is lookin' fer his grandpappy. Them two went off ta find the Lost Baldwin gold mine. See some bad guys followed them. Well, Bill turns Charlie over his knee and spanks him after they find him safe and sound. Seems Bill thinks Charlie ran off from the train poutin' like a little kid.

    I doubt you can get just that scene, but maybe you can. It is funny when Bill and Duke are digging out the mine when Charlie comes up behind them and asks what they are doing.

    I am not exactly a Gene Autry fan, though he was ok. I like Wagon Train, among a few others.

  5. I never saw this one before. Thanks, Dee Dubya! :-)

  6. Howdy, Bobbie Joe, and thanks for the first-time note, Pard! I appreciate it a bunch! TV western spankings ALWAYS got my attention, although I prefer cowboy-to-cowgirl episodes, myself! But you've given a lot of people I know some good ideas; "Wagon Train YouTube, HO!!"

    You're welcome, too, Prof O'Neill! Once upon a time I had the lists from Dan Rivera and Bostn Bob, and had 'em n hand while scouring the TCM listings as well as every shelf at Blockbuster and other video stores!

  7. Wolfie--of course, the real untold story of this film is that Barbara had a musically gifted younger brother, Sargeant....

    Dr. Ken

  8. Hey, Doc, I never knew that!! I bet you found out about that twenty years ago today! :-D

    Young Wolfie Fred