WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Betty, Veronica, Dan DeCarlo and Wolfie! (Illustrated Profusely)

Sexy spanking intrigued me before I knew what sex was.  Drawing cartoons has also been a life-long passion, so naturally those two came together early on.  The first "WolfieToons" were derived from comics ( comparatively cheap and ubiquitous back then, "sold at newsstands everywhere") and my trusty pad of tracing paper!

 (What the first "WolfieToons" might have looked like if I'd found this panel from "Tom, Dick and Harriet," drawn by Lee Holley.  And, yeah, the dialogue would have been about that "clever.")

Now, all the fabulous flying female crimefighters were wont to strike spankable poses--

--and so were the cuties of the "teen humor comics!"    Of course, the most popular and most imitated of those were the Archie group, in particular, "Betty and Veronica!"  

I would have plotzed to have seen those two actually get spanked, and it did happen on some extremely rare occasions!  

For instance-- cutting a long story short-- at a Daddy-Daughter Dance, Veronica gives her pop, Mr. Lodge, a LOUD earful of grief, thinking he's Archie in disguise (told you, long story) and he restores the equilibrium:  

Nor was that the only time we got to see Ronnie spanked!  Well, more or less.  Huge thanks to Web-Ed of Chicago Spanking Review for posting these pictures during this discussion at "Spanking Panels!"  (Join up for free, and you'll see all the pics!) 

You know, it's so nice to see Mr. Lodge try to teach rich brats the value of things! 

Although I never saw any Betty and Veronica spankings back then, I did admire and copy the brilliant cartooning of a talent whose name I later learned was Dan DeCarlo.  

Dan joined the Archie Group in the late 50's, and although that story didn't end well, his work became their "house style," meaning all the artists had to try to copy him.  It's said his cute, curvy girls with their turned-up noses were based on his wife Josie. In fact, he gave one of his characters her name.  She got some Pussycats and made a band later.  (Again, thanks to Web-Ed for the following pin-up from this page at the CSR Forum!)  

Now, before he went over to Archie, Dan was doing "Millie the Model" for Atlas Comics (which later became Marvel Comics) and single panel cartoons for another group of magazines Martin Goodman was also publishing, for an older audience!

But that was before my time, and I never knew he did that.  Imagine my delighted surprise when the first thing I saw at that new website, Shadow Lane, was a copy of this Dan DeCarlo cartoon!


That particular copy-- slighty dizzy from the scanning-- is from Happy Jolly's page!  Some of these are, too, and the others I've had in my collection for a while!  Enjoy!  I'll be back!


And so the circle was complete, and I loved Dan even more!

He's one of my many cartoonist heroes, for his superb draftsmanship and outstanding humor!  He kept that slightly naughty sense of humor all the way to the end, by the way.  When fans at the comic conventions would meet him and ask for a sketch of Josie, or Betty and Veronica, I'm told he would grin and ask, "Do you want her nude?"  Sometimes they said, "Sure!!" 

Although that one's only a peek! 

And now, if you feel like foolin' around-- check out the new WolfieToon and the story snippets at this week's "Discipline And Desire" update!


  1. I love these girls, all bubbling with girlness, curves, lips and wide eyed with how thrilled they are at just everything.
    I love this type of sexuality, beautiful.
    I am so glad you were influenced by these comics and that you share your art with us.
    Have a great Monday

  2. "All bubbling with girlness!" That's the perfect phrase, Poppy! Yes, there is an irresistibly appealing quality to Dan's girls that seems to relect that of the women I've known and loved, and, oh yes, I'm also much in favor of curves!!

    Thank you, and I hope the week starts very well for you, too!

  3. Dear Dave, BRAVO! BRAVO!GRANDIOSO! A great way to start a Monday, yes I admit it I had a crush on both Betty and Veronica, Betty the girl next door, Veronica the rich spoiled brat, brings back such good feelings of a more innocent time, thanks again , your friend BOB

  4. I had a lovely Monday, thank you.
    Your comments on Dev's site made me smile in a big way.
    I suspect you make lots of girls smile.

  5. Wow, thanks for the cheer, Bob! I was hoping this might take the edge off Monday!

    Well, for those that had an edgy Monday. Erica Scott seems to always have a good Monday lately. ;-D

    And I'm glad YOU had a lovely Monday, Poppy, and that I could make you smile! There are times I've gone all Georgy Porgie, too. :-D

  6. hi wolfie,

    great trip down memory lane. i read web-eds update with some of this stuff in it at csr and enjoyed that too. of course, it didn't have a prehistoric wolfie toon in it. i saved that for my collection:D thanks for posting the pics and for the history lesson. it was great. phil

  7. "Prehistoric WolfieToon!" LOL Yes, that is coprolite.

    (Now people will have to go look that up!! The WolfieBlog... it's fun AND educational! And part of a complete breakfast, fortified with eight essential vitamins!)

    Of course, that was only a re-creation. The originals were, shall we say, utilitarian in nature, and were immediately destroyed lest I be discovered and involuntarily outed by snoopy siblings.

    Thanks, Phil!!

  8. Ah yes. Loved Betty and Veronica - an excellent source of fantasy for young lads such as myself who didn't happen to live next door to the girl next door. And of course the rapier like wit of those Humor magazines is never to be forgotten - well, assuming one even read the cartoon captions.

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Superhighway!

  9. You're welcome, Dev, and thank you!

    Funny thing about the captions from the humor digests; the editors were wont to reuse the same cartoons several times (getting your nickle's worth!) and would rewrite "new" captions that weren't as funny, or weren't funny at all, or had nothing to do with the drawing.

    The fella that does the admirable and always entertaining "Vintage Sleaze" blog featured a batch of spanking cartoons once. contending that they weren't funny. Well, no, they weren't, because the captions for those were missing altogether, and they hadn't been designed as strict sight gags (har!)

    Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this entry!

  10. A fun trip down spanking memory lane! The Humorama editors, as you noted, did tend to rewrite the caption when they "recycled" a cartoon. This was usually a mistake with DeCarlo, who was probably the most consistently excellent cartoonist they had, because his spanking cartoons only supported one scenario: a guy using a flimsy pretext to smack a pretty girl's bottom!

  11. "A flimsy pretext to smack a pretty girl's bottom!" :-D That's WolfieToons in a nutshell, Web-Ed! Or, maybe just as often, a woman slyly getting someone to smack her delectable bottom!


  12. A-hem


    That is all.

  13. And that is quite a lot!

    Anyone looking, copy and paste Poppy's link up there, or click this for another of her brilliantly entertaining Miss Putupon tales!!

    My thanks!!

  14. I must own several hundred Archie and Betty and Veronica comics! I always related to Veronica when I was a little girl because we have the same name and are both brunettes. Thanks for posting. xoxo

    1. It seems to be when I look on the pictures in Pinterest today and also try to memorize the old magazines that Archie and Jughead were slapped a lot by the girls, but the girls were not spanked in return. Perhaps it was part of the chivalrous dating system in US in the fifties that the boys did not spank the girls until after they were married - until then it was a task for the fathand indeed he did on a few occasions.

  15. Hi, Veronica!!

    And YOU always look just as cute as a Dan DeCarlo girl OTK! (Aren't acronyms great? I just saved all kinds of time and space not having to type out "over-the-knee!")

    Glad to find out you're a Betty and Veronica fan! There's a place on-line called "Cover Browser" that has covers from Archie comics all the back to the forties!

    Thanks for the note, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  16. Hiya Wolfie, I love Dan DeCarlo toons for the same reason I love yours, there cute and fun :)

  17. Hey, Jules!

    Thanks, that's quite a compliment-- especially from someone who is herself cute and fun!!

  18. LOVE this post, Dave! I sometimes bought Betty & Veronica comic books back in the day. One time there was a story where Veronica got spanked (off panel) but she came back to the soda fountain and couldn't sit down. Wish I could find that as the memory of exactly what happened has faded.

    Loved seeing where you got some of your early inspiration as a cartoonist! Thanks for sharing that!

  19. Thanks, Season, and I'm glad you enjoyed this, too! I find it heartwarming myself to know that Ronnie had her bottom warmed three or four times, even though most were out of direct view! :-D

  20. There are some frames where Archie spanks Veronica, but they are not, alas, made by the real people behind Archie Comics. To me Archie and his friends and girlfriends herald the start of the emasculation of the American male, and I relish the frames where Veronica gets spanked by her father instead. You and others have made up for this neglect with your toons later, but I love Archie Comics and would have liked him to put Veronica over the knees occasionally - or Betty, burt she is the fair and good one and does not need it very often.

    1. Thanks, Christian! I suppose you've seen the story, or at least the climatic page, from "Betty And Me" #81 in which a possessed Betty was dispossessed by a good spanking from the gypsy fortune teller, channeling the evil sprite's mother! If not, you can see it on line. Stan Goldberg was the artist for that story.

    2. Oh, yes, and there was the time Archie whacked Veronica's bottom with a tennis racket playing doubles with Reggie and Betty, but that was (supposedly) an accident! :-D