WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dean Yeagle Cartoons!

Taking a break from my own weekly WoofieTooning for "Discipline and Desire" to share some images from one of my very favorite guys, cartoonist-animator Dean Yeagle!

If Dean has done an actual cartoon spanking, I've never seen it, but there's plenty of personality and good humored sexuality in his work, especially the "Playboy" cartoons featuring Mandy!

I missed putting a couple of these relevant to previous posts-- for instance, here's a Valentine cartoon:

And here's Mandy in Pajamas!  With a Shakespeare Quote!

A Pin-up Type and her Pup(s)!

Mythological Mayhem. 

Ice spy something Pink!


I woulda put some Cartoon Stars there, but Dean knows when enough's enough.  But we can go to the stars:

Speaking of Aliens, you Ray Bradbury fans will recognize these.  Ray's in there, too, chomping on the stogie.  (And if perchance you've never read Bradbury, check some out from the library!  The WolfieBlog, it's fun AND culturally enriching!)  .

This bear is enjoying the "SPANKING 101 SAMPLER" clip at SpankingTube--especially Erica Scott in black leggings over Paul "Tubaman's" lap!  WOWSERS!!  

Well, sure, distracting your opponent will give you an edge!

Hay, watch the horseplay!

Gasp!!  A cliffhanger!!

But all's well that ends well.



  1. I'd never heard of Dean Yeagle -- what a talent! Really cute cartoons.

    (and thank you for the PR, dearest Wolfie) ♥

    1. Yes, he is indeed, and you are certainly welcome, Erica Luv! I was going to say the pleasure was all mine, but Paul looks pretty happy in the vid, and I'm guessing you weren't really having that bad a time, yourself!


  2. I had not heard of him either...but what an amazing artist--thanks for turning me on to his fantastic creations.

    1. You're welcome, Dave! Dean's done a lot of stuff, for Kids of ALL ages-- here's the link to his website:


      I'm considering getting the Mandy maquette!

  3. Dave,

    I LOVE the work of Dean Yeagle, especially the Mandy pics. In fact there is one of his drawings that I have often considered having made into a tattoo. The one where she is sat on the ice would be a perfect one, but my favorite, which you haven't featured, is the one where she is asleep with her bum in the air and the sunrise coming in the background. There is also another one where she is leaning over the bed and the dog is begging, I love that one also.

    My preference for the tattoo would be the sleeping one, but I think the most practical would be the one where she is sitting on the ice.


    1. Hiya, Rich!!

      I *think* the one you're referring to might be "Mandy and the Moon," which I had in the post about pinups and their pooches-- but there is also a book called "One Mandy Morning," and pics Dean did of the scotty bouncing on her butt to wake her up, so I might be confused!

      Either drawing would be quite a detailed tatt!! If you do that, I'll look forward to seeing it on your blogs!

  4. Wolfie, I really love Dean's cartoons, I've seen some of them before but didn't know the artist. They have a naughty innocence to them.

    My favorite is the one where she is taking off her clothes and the dog and husband are both drooling. LOL

    1. You put it perfectly, Kaki-- my favorite cartoons have a "naughty innocence!"

      Funny, isn't it, how canine guys can be, and how feline are women?

      Dean's done a lot of great stuff, you'll enjoy perusing his website when you get a chance. I like how both he and the late Shel Silverstein did "Playboy" cartoons AND kids' books!

  5. Great cartoons! I kick my dog out of the room when I need to undress. ;-)

  6. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed 'em, Sarah! Dean is also the guy who designed the Cookie Crisp Crook, among many others!

  7. Replies
    1. They are at that, Kiwiwgirliegirl! Dean is one of the pros I really admire! I'm glad you enjoyed them, too!

  8. Thanks, Wordsmith, glad you enjoyed it! I'll have to feature some of my other favorite cartoonists down the line!