WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pin-Ups, Their Puppies, and Cockapoos!

Frisky cartoons often feature frisky canines!

One of my all-time favorite pin-up painters, Gil Elvgren, frequently had his gals interacting with their dogs!

This Art Frahm girl didn't lose her pup.

Dean Yeagle's Mandy usually had her Scotty nearby.

Cal Slayton shows us a Lucky Pup!

Dogs have forever been tugging away swimsuit parts, like this one by Wolfgang M. Otto. 

Likewise, I like to include furry friends in the WolfieToons from time to time!

All of which brings up a tail.  Er, tale.

One of the WolfieToons for "Discipline and Desire" featured a Grinning Baker getting her round white fanny smacked with a big wooden spoon by Boss Baker for creating Gingerbread Men with Something Extra, thus:

"D&D" Editor Reesa Roberts thought that was fall-down-funny, but was also concerned that Our Web Host Naughty Stuff Police would object to Cookie Penises, at least on the opening home page, and asked me, "Is it necessary to show the little cockapoos?"

So I did this version, which I thought also got the point across, and maybe was even funnier, but not nearly as funny as calling them "cockapoos."

Then my somewhat rebellious nature took hold, and on the very next cartoon I decided, Damn the Torpedoes, we WILL show the little Cockapoos!!  

Reesa wrote back and said:

"Sorry, but those aren't cockapoos.  Those are dogs."

I love her!


  1. DW, you often have the canine chorus commenting, and sometimes snickering, in the glow of rosened rears. Do you think Wolfgang trained his dog to pull off his girl's panties? I wouldn't be surprised if he trained them to fetch implements, too. ☺ All you lupines and canines are cut from the same fur!

    LOL! Cockapoos?! Gee, I'd love to say something here about a dog being a girl's best friend… but I'm not quite sure how to word that… {\☺/}

    I'll bet Reesa is a bit of a rebel herself, isn't she? What a great story, DW! Thank you!

  2. Oh, Thank YOU, Larken! Nice alliteration, too!

    Ah, yes, pooches pulling off panties-- I was remiss not to include something from painter Joyce Ballentyne!

    She did lots of great eye-grabbing pin-ups, and everyone has done a copy or parody of her famous bare-bottomed CopperTone Girl! Y'all can peek at some of her stuff by CLICKING HERE!

    Yes, mix a cocker spaniel and a poodle and you get quite a mess. I guess someone decided "cockapoo" was better than "Poocock"-- oh, yeah, lots better!!-- or even "Pocker." "What's that little pocker into now?!!"

    Y'know, there was one WolfieToon where a CAT proffered a paddle. I've heard of a cat fetching toys, it could be done.

  3. Oh, and yes, Reesa IS a card!! Besides being a fine soul and the hardest-working woman in publishing!

  4. Haha, very funny toons. Dogs seem to always have a good view.

  5. They do, Lea! And they tend to share the joy. To quote Ben Williams, "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

  6. Yep, there's nothing like a dame, I mean dog. Ours often likes a front row seat during a spanking and to date has NEVER tried to save me, not a growl, not trying to stop in any way. I swear if he told her to fetch the paddle she would in a flash.

    I like the cockapoo on the right, she looks like she is up to something.(which is why I assume it is a girl) ;-)

    I thought maybe you forgot the little Coppertone girl's dog.

    1. (Jumps up singing for Kaki)

      There is nothing you can blog
      that is anything like a dog!!

      A paddle-fetchin' pooch is a GREAT idea!

      Phil (that "Overbarrel" dude) told us about once upon a time how he was spanking his wife and their dog was slurp-kissing her face at the same time!

      The cockapoo on the right IS female!!

  7. Replies
    1. Well, that would make a cool tatt, if the artist was good!