WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Where's Wolfie?!

Because he's a helluva fella, Michael (of BLOSSOM AND THORN) sent me an e-mail asking, "Your last post was on Valentine's Day-- are you and your family all right?"

Mike's a good friend, and the short answer is, yes!

But it does raise the question-- WHERE'S WOLFIE?!

(Click on the pictures below to see!)

Maybe he's just with the folks at the local theater, checking out the new 3D releases!

Perhaps he's in Rome at what wonderful Springrose calls "The Pope Pickin' Party!"

  He might be out with the gang anticipating March Madness?

It's very possible for him to be among the beach crowd for Spring Break, sketching Research Bikini Pictures!

Maybe he's the one who cried, "LOOK!  Up in the SKY!" and got everybody all overexcited about a bird or a plane.

There's not enough material for me to try to make Wolfie Cartoon Sales explode by faking my own death, so the dull reality is I've been attending to normal, happy, but time-consuming matters at home and at work, and there have been computer problems that make doing almost anything online take a terribly troubling amount of effort and time. Hopefully those will be corrected soon!

Thanks for looking in!!  More to follow!!


  1. Ooh I wish I was watching March Madness live! Good luck with the computer issues.

    1. Thanks, Lea! So-- if you can say!-- who are you rooting for, hoping will make it to the Sweet Sixteen and Final Four and Championship?

      Being at the live games really is exciting-- 'course, then you can't see the new Old Spice TV commercials with Wolfdog!!

      I like Wolfdog, he looks familiar!!

    2. Picking Kansas and/or North Carolina to go far is usually a pretty safe bet. I do well at least 50% of the time rooting for one of them.

    3. Kansas made my brother have to erase his brackets this weekend, Lea, I believe you are right! May you be able to cheer and throw your popcorn up all over the sofa!! And then Somebody should say, "Hey, who threw this popcorn everywhere?"


  2. DW, so glad to see you kicking up your heels again. As to "Where's Wolfie?" I can tell you where the furster of fun is.

    Where there is an imp being spanked, there is where Woflie will be front and center. Be it my Season, or the naughty Larken or the cheeky Kaki having their bums warmed Dave Wolfe will be there lending a paw while cracking wise with a quip which is usually a pun.

    Where there is a naughty girl serving corner time DW will be there with his array of brushes - hair, bath and art - painting the girl in a corner while also freshening up the shade of red on her posterior.

    Where there is a cheeky imp being punished with writing lines DW will be over her shoulder critiquing her penmanship with the use of a school cane applied to her delicate bottom.

    Dave Wolfe, he's here, he's there, he's everywhere...so imps, beware.

    1. Gosh,,,

      (Stands and doffs striped cap in awe and respect.)

      Steinbeck would be proud, Mike-- not even Henry Fonda ever gave such a stirring speech! That was inspiring! I shall sally forth into Destiny, lit by the pink sunset glow of those freshly and lovingly warmed, round, soft, yielding feminine fannies!

    2. Hmm, having my bottom redden by a paint brush. That don't sound too bad, I just need to make sure Wolfie has a ample supply of paints. Err, that is what you meant, right Michael. Umm, Michael....

      Glad to see your back, Wofie. Not to mention your other parts. ;-)

  3. DW, you immediately zeroed in on my allusion to Steinbeck's ending in "The Grapes of Wrath" so magnificently performed on the silver screen by Henry Fonda playing Tom Joad. I knew I wouldn't slip that one past you. Good job, my friend.

    Kaki, your bum only gets painted red via the vigorous application of the hairbrush or bath brush. Though DW will use his paint brush to draw a bull's eye on your bottom.

    1. Michael, my bottom don't need no stinkin bull's eye. Hrummp!

      Dave, I found all the Wofies! What do I win?? :-)

    2. Good job, Kaki! Besides the undying admiration and respect of your peers, you win congratulatory po-po pats, just like on the football field or volleyball court, making everyone happy and warm with team spirit!!

      Hey, Mike, remember in "Horse Feathers" when Professor Wagstaff's secretary bursts in to say, "The Dean's furious! He's waxing wroth!"
      "Oh," replies Wagstaff, "Is Wroth out there, too? Have him wax the Dean for a while!"

      Which brings up the question, who should we whacks now?

      I think I had that target-painting-on-her-bottom WolfieToon up here somewhere... Blogger's Find A Thing Feature doesn't work. Well, see if I pay their bill until they fix it!

  4. DW, I certainly remember that in "Horsefeathers." I am a HUGE Marx Brothers fan. Bigger even then you but that may be because I weigh more than you.

    Kaki, you are right that your bum doesn't need a bull's eye because we all already know it is a target of opportunity. To misquote that legendary statesman, Bugs Bunny - "It's Kaki season."

  5. Hi, DW!

    LOL! I see Wolfies everywhere! And not one red bottom! Are you on vacation, DW? I'd hate to be there when you get back and you have all that work to catch up on. ;-)

    Michael, there is no such thing as "naughty Larken." Sheesh.

    Watch out for those brushes, Kaki! Maybe you should paint a target on a sofa pillow as a decoy. (He DOES need a target, you know - he's getting older by the minute.)

    1. Yes, Larken, "Wolfie-- He's Everywhere You Wanna Be!"

      It was a trip indeed: The fella next to me in that last picture is Stairwell Codger. He and I went on a road trip in search of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which is where the red bottoms actually were at the end of our quest.

      And so I do return, rested and ready to tan.

      Say, Mike, didja notice how lovely Larken contradicted her previous statement in that last paragraph?