WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, April 11, 2011

Topical 'Toon

The WolfieToon at this week's "Discipline And Desire" update is a topical 'toon to relieve some of the stress for those who feel overtaxed by life in general and the Gummint in particular!


  1. hi wolfie,

    as i was saying...........i just love the way those panties cling to that great ass:D i hope everyone is planning on going and checking out the full pic so they can see the businesslike expression on that spankers face. i know he's faking it...............LOL. i wonder if his "audit" includes taking down those panties:P great toon. thanks, phil

  2. Why do some Tops feel the need to match bottoms to red knickers?
    Why do they not leave a girl unspanked when she wears white knickers or light pink ones?
    She really does have a very cute bottom.

  3. Ah, Poppy, we make by the Law in which we are made, and thus we must bring into being beautiful, matching and contrasting colors, adding to the rich fabric of Creation. And thank you, I think she does, too!

    Hiya, Phil! Yes, it's all business with him. Or maybe he became provoked when she said, "I shouldn't audit done that, huh?"

    Thanks many!

  4. Terrible
    April 15th

    Resulting in
    Targeting of
    Nates, and

    Imposed by

    Oy. Acronymitis is contagious. :-)

    I believe this young lady's audit comes with some bonus stress relief :-)

  5. Laughing and cheering your creativity again, Larken! The acronym itself is a fab bit of work, but just as good is "acronymitis!"

    Now, you don't know the whole story here; our "innocent" she in this cartoon might have been claiming five cats and a turtle as dependents, or under-reporting a vast income from writing clever blog poetry, or some similar stunts that made the rest of us have to pay an unfair amount!

    But, yes, everyone felt better afterward!! :-D

    Thank you!

  6. You're welcome, DW!

    Well, five cats are a bit many; I only claim two - I think that's the limit. She can claim a turtle as a dependent - but only if it’s an albino - that's a handicap for a turtle, you know. And the income derived from writing blog poetry is vastly exaggerated, as is the income from drawing blog cartoons, I assume. ☺ I'm certain this young lady is only misunderstood, and that whatever happened is not her fault.

    I'm off to do my taxes. I'm getting a refund; the IRS spanked me preemptively. ☺