WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wolfieversary: A Gray Celebration

Well, this blog has been around for a year now, and to mark the event, I went rummaging through the old cardboard box and found some stuff nobody's seen, or at least not very many bodies:  old cartoons from Arild's Moviespanking Yahoo Group, forgotten sketches, abandoned drawings, and unfinished cartoons that I may resuscitate.  Like this one:

Here's a somewhat appropriate birthday 'toon:

Here are some undone cartoons:


You heard about that group making sweaters for penguins?  Here's a couple helping some penguins warm up, too:


This woman is getting mixed signals:

Preliminary drawing for a "Discipline and Desire" cartoon: 

This is the pencil version of the semi-famous Tinker Bell pic.  I don't remember if I had it up at Arild's before I did the more finished version.  Tink is less giggly here:

Warm-up type things with attitudes: 

I'm pretty sure these two haven't ever been shown.  This is Wonder Woman disciplining her young protege / sister Wonder Girl, as they looked in the comics of the mid 60's.  I never chose to go back and fix the perceived problems here, but I like the attitudes:  WW's matronly demeanor, and WG's  squirming protest.  The shape of her bottom and legs I like, too.

Later, I decided maybe Wonder Girl would like a turn:

Speaking of sisterly spanking, the one below is the THE oldest WolfieToon I have.  In fact, my nosey young teenage son had found it and demanded later (trying to get my goat) "Dad, what's wrong with you, drawing little girls spanking each other?!"  I was embarrassed at the time, but I still declined to mention his own oddities.  Heh heh.

And here is the SECOND oldest cartoon in my collection.  Yes, these are fairly ugly, but they were done quickly and for no one but me at the time.  

Now the THIRD oldest cartoon.  I apologize to those of you for whom F/f spanking has no appeal, but you know, I don't have a problem with it myself, says he grinning wolfishly. 

This 'toon is from Arild's.  I sought to evoke the feeling of those fabled days of the early 70's when I began to have a persistent if not constant... awareness.  Sara Cherilyn gets her first spanking:  

Speaking of Arild's and superheroes, here's a spot of color amid the gray:  a scene in which mild mannered Springrose dashed into a nearby phone booth* to emerge as Superspringie, only to fall prey to the evil Blitzerwolf!  Believe it or not, I had a Fairly Vanilla Friend who saw this and remarked, 'Wow, THAT doesn't look like fun!  That looks like it HURTS!!" : 

(*You Younger Crowd who have never heard of a "phone booth" will just have to Yahoo it.)

A huge thank-you to all of you who have taken the time to read, to comment, to check out "Discipline and Desire" and the Lulu books!  To make hearts and bottoms warm is my joy!


  1. Wow! Thanks for the stroll down memory drawing lane, Wolfie! Happy one-year-versary for this blog. I am glad you are still here doing all this. I would have missed out.

    I like the second picture. That is a very funny idea. Seems like that is very strenuous for the Top, though.

    I like the Tink drawing, too.

    It amazes me how someone can draw so well. I can't draw, so I admire anything half decent. Even the worst ones of yours are good looking to me.

    I definitely would have a hard time explaining TTWD to vanilla friends and family. They would not see the good in it.


  2. Thanks, Sara! Your appreciation is much appreciated! (Her blog is lots of fun, too, Kids, click on these blue letters and GO FIND SARA! )

    Hi, Bree! I'm glad you found these 'toons, too, and thank you very much for the sincere compliments!

    It's funny, I've discussed spanking with two non-spanking friends whose reactions were not at all what I was afraid they'd be. In fact, one of them converted! Or at least, she and her husband went and tried spanking, and they liked it! (That should be a Katy Perry song!)

    But it is funny to hear some folks slam TTWD and then they go off, put on penguin suits and jump into Jell-O.

  3. I'm glad Sara mentioned you on her blog. I'm a little careful about posting pictures on my site, but yours are really entertaining. Happy anniversary.

  4. Happy first Wolfieversary! WOW, one year. Seems like no more than eleven months to me. :)

    Thanks for the WolfieToon rarities, DW. I love them all, as it illustrates a portrait of the artist as a young man. I absolutely adore the doctor holding the full grown woman upside down smacking her bum just as was done of her birth day. And the first drawing with the looming shadow over the prone girl is benignly threatening (yes, I can be oxymoronic) in a very squirmy way.

    And what a treat to see the three oldest WolfieToons. That is outstanding! And the Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl 'Toons are priceless. Two females going at it is a favorite of mine.

    Finally, I just want to thank you for all you do for our community, Dave. Sharing your talent, wit, punnery and bonhomie. I count you as a friend and I am lucky to do so. Keep on blogging for many more years and WolfieToons.

  5. Congratulations on your first year.

    Of the lovely drawings you've included in this post, my personal favourite's the first. Very demure and evocative.

  6. Congratulations and thanks for all the wonderful toons.


  7. Congratulations on one year with the blog! I love all your stuff, none of it is ugly! I like that "Defiance" one, though I only stick my tongue out at him when he can't see me. ;-)

  8. "I spanked a girl and I liked it
    The feel of her cherry bottom
    I spanked a girl just to try it
    I hope my boyfriend doesn't mind it..."

    Oh look what you've done, the wheels are turning now! ;-)

  9. Thanks, Mick-- and I hope you find the other stuff here as entertaining as you scroll through! I love your description of things on your "Husbandly Touch" blog, and I'm sure you'll find, as I did, a lot of decent, caring, intelligent, and funny people who have a great time spanking their mates-- who are ALSO having agreat time!

    On that note, Michael, I think "benignly threatening" is the perfect phrase for a lot of this! Women have always enjoyed Bad Boys and at the same time wanted someone they know they could trust and who loved them deeply! Secure Roughhousing is part of the fun!

    I'm touched by your praise, thank you!

    I'm also impressed with your use of the word "bonhomie," which I had to look up, because I thought it was a scouring powder.

    OK, I didn't really, I thought it was the girl's name in "Brigadoon." Not to be confused with the spanking video, "Britchesdoon."

    Those oldest of WolfieToons, by the way, are about 13 years old, I think.

    Thanks, Abel, I'm glad you enjoyed these! That first drawing does invite the viewer's imagination a bit, doesn't it?

    Thank you, too, Prefectdt, I relish giving grins!

  10. Hi, Lea! You sneaked in while I was writing the other replies! Probably stuck your tongue out too, and ran away giggling!!

    Thank you, I'm happy to please, and that's a fine parody you've got going! You should write Katy and get permission to record it!!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I loved seeing those early drawings done when Wolfie was just a cub. I liked the origin of Hot Pants best. That brought back memories of the days when I wore them. The all natural flogger made me giggle.


  12. Happy Blogiversary, Dave Wolfe! Extra belly rubs for you today!

    There's such a thing as anti-spank powers? Now I know what I'm putting on my xmas list! :-)

  13. I love all these sketches!! I especially like the first one, and the D&D cartoon. (I wonder what she's reading... ) "Defiance" is a great toon, but, boy, is her timing off! :-)

    Mixed signals. Hmmm... fairly common, I bet. :-)

    Superspringie and Blitzerwolf crack me up!

    Happy Wolfieversary, DW! I hope this is the first of many! :-)

  14. Thank you, Hermione, and now I will send time thinking about you in Hot Pants. Getting spanked by Euell Gibbons. Hmmmmmm...

    Aw, thanks for making my leg start kicking, Season! Ooh, that sounded odd... good thing Mike knows what I'm talking about! You'll have to ask Springrose, that is, Superspringie, about the purported anti-spank powers, it might just be a fictional creation.

    Hiya, Larken! Yes, I bet "mixed signals" is pretty common!!

    You know, that cartoon was nixed by the editors at D&D for fear that the webhost owners/sponsors might kick at that obvious a sexual cartoon and kill the website! I know, that's unfair and inconsistent, just like many website policies: "This video was deleted for offending YouTube's No Sex Policy.' Puh-LEASE.

    Oh, the D&D Cartoon had the wife reading a version of the nursery rhyme, "And he spanked her quite soundly and took her to bed!"

    Now, that's two of you who think our defiant lass has bad timing; I would think if you're going to BE defiant, that's a courageous and bold way to do it! Many thanks!

  15. happy anniversary - i love your drawings, cartoons and drawings are my fave - you got talent ;)
    love and hugs kiwi xxx

  16. Yayyyyy! Happy first anniversary, Wolfie, and many more to ya. ♥

  17. There was a young Wolfe with potential,
    Who knew spanking girls was essential.
    So spankings he rendered
    With girls red and tendered,
    And he did the whole thing with a pencil!

    So congrats on this very first year,
    That his Toons grace the great Spankosphere.
    Where by Wolfie's hand,
    A bottom gets tanned,
    Every week, in a WolfieToon, here!

    And here's to many more years
    Of him drawing men spanking girl's rears
    The men look like winners,
    And the girls are all grinners.
    Bottom's Up, DW, and Cheers!

    Happy 365 Days, DW! :-)

  18. Thanks, Kiwi, that means a lot! I've always shared your view, too-- I think because cartoons and drawings are the distillation of an emotion! And can be pretty frakin' hilarious and horny!

    Aw, thank you, Erica! You are a treasure!

    Larken-- ROFL and then gets up to applaud!

    A lady there was name of Larken
    whose poetry all bright and sparklin'
    gave the wolfie such glee
    she flew over his knee
    'til she was the one who was barkin'!

    Waddaythink, Gang? (crickets, crickets) (Mel Brooks voice) Aw, go ta Africa, ya want gems!

  19. Happy First anniversary, Wolfie.

    Your drawings are the best around. You have such a talent.

    Thanks for sharing them with us.


  20. 'Tis my pleasure, Ronnie, I blush (yes, I still can) at your compliments-- thank you very much!

  21. Wolfie, my apologies for being so tardy.

    Congratulations, I didn't realize your blog was only a year old.

    I loved the first one, it awakend the butterflies in my tummy. Something a little sinister in it.
    The one with the hippies and bell bottoms and hot pants was fun, now I wear a different kind of hot pants. I love the way you incorporate animals in your toons. ( I love animals) The penguin standing with a marshmallow to toast on her roasted buns, not to mention the one warming his hands made me laugh. I really loved them all, thank you so much for sharing them with us. I hope you never stop drawing your cartoons or entertaining us with your puns.(as bad as some of them may be. And I mean that in the nicest way)

    I love you poem, Larken, a tribute to our Wolfie. :-)

  22. Because your most of your couples look so happy.

    There once was a 'toonist named Dave.
    Everyone thought his works a rave.
    Fun loving Tops
    giving giggling girls pops.
    When they were finished, kisses and cuddles they gave.

  23. Hi, Kaki!

    Tsk, running tardy, you'd better come with me to the Wolfie's Office!

    Then I can see how to improve that first cartoon with a live Kaki model!

    Thank you, too, for your lovely, grin-inducing poem! And here I thought sugar pops was a cereal!

    Always happy to supply butterflies and giggles! I'm glad you noticed that marshmallow-- and knew what it was!

  24. Happy Wolifiversiary! Wow...what a post, your early sketches are absolutely...errm...enticing! and pretty much all of your work is made of awesomesauce.

    Love it and thank you for bringing some great humor to this little kink of ours,
    Dave :)

  25. Many thanks, Dave! That's quite a compliment from an accomplished Blogmeister such as yourself!

    ROFL at "awesomesauce!" That's the second time I've ever heard that phrase, but then, I don't get out much.

  26. What's this reference to Lulu, Dave. Do you have a book or books out?

    Some great drawings here, btw, that I haven't seen before!

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  27. Hi, Karl!! Long time no see, 'cause like the song says, "I don't get around much anymore!" Hopefully I'll get to prowl the web some more again soon!

    Thanks, I'm very glad you enjoyed the scribblings-- yes, there are some here that nobody's seen, not even my Staff of Censors, I mean, Consultants!

    There are links to the Lulu books over on the right, included with the growing list of blogs! The most popular has been the "Wolfie Coloring Book," which is black-and-white versions of the early WolfieToons. I keep hoping someone will actually color a couple and send 'em over here!

  28. Congratulations on your 1-year. May it be the first of many!

    And for the record--I enjoy F/f drawings and pictures. The only thing I have against them is, whenever I see them, I inevitably wish I could spank BOTH ladies!

    Dr. Ken

  29. You said, it, Doc! I always enjoy those scnearios at "Punished Brats" and elsewhere!

    Thanks very much for your support and well wishes!

  30. ireally do enjoy your sisterly spanking toon as the otk positioning was great as well as the bottom and expressions. These are the elements that I enjoy in any drawing and I loved these. Thank you for all your time and talent in creating these and sharing them with us spankos to enjoy. Have a great day.

    1. You're welcome, Jim, and thank you, very much! By the way, are you the Jim who has done the wonderfully entertaining comic composites I've seen around the web? Something tripped my memory, but it might be another guy. Anyway, your response is very gratifying, thanks again!

    2. No, he is Jim from Texas and I'm Jim from Virginia. I have commented on CSR and Discipline and Desire, so maybe those are where you recognize the name. Have a great day.

    3. Ah, thanks for clearing that up, Jim!