WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here On Gilligan's Isle!

From what I hear, Tina Louise actually deserved a spanking,  

Dawn Wells, now... Dawn woulda just been fun!

Here's an early Endart drawing called "Ginger's Turn!"

Or, I dunno...They all could've been into something else entirely.


  1. What on earth is Gilligan doing with Maryann's...third arm?

    That show was one of my favourites.


  2. Hi, Hermione! I think in a minute she's going to do a back flip.

    Yeah, "Gilligan" is a lot of fun! But one has to be in the right frame of mind, or you could be like the space alien "Thermians" in the movie "Galazy Quest," who thought all television transmissions from Earth were historical documents, and when "Gilligan's Island" was mentioned, tearfully bemoaned, "Those poor people!!"

  3. That is one wierd picture of Gilligan and Maryann. It doesn't look like an arm, it seems to be coming out of her chest. I don't remember that episode.

    Dave, where do you find this stuff? *shakes head*

    Galaxy Quest was a hoot. :-)

    1. Hiya, Kaki!

      Mary Ann is explaining foot fetishes to Gilligan.

      I probably saw that episode, but I don't remember such a face!!

      "Galaxy Quest" is one of my faves!

      And, where do I find this stuff??


  4. Loved "Gilligan's Island" as I was coming of age. Ginger and Maryann fueled many a fantasy for this fevered young adolescent. FYI I always preferred Maryann, though I wouldn't hesitate pulling Ginger over my lap.
    Great post, DW, and a very Happy Birthday to you. Seems you've been celebrating your 21st birthday for a number of years now. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Mike!

      The very first discussions on teh interwebs were as follows:

      Mary Ann or Ginger?

      Betty or Wilma?

      Betty or Veronica?

      Paper or Plastic? (That was a fetish site)

      Thanks for the birthday greeting! 21, nah, I have achieved Jack Benny Wisdom at 39. For a decade and a half.

  5. Oh, I loved "Gilligan's Island."
    We used to watch it after school, along with "Dark Shadows." ;-)

    Remember all those theme songs from Gillligan's Island, and The Beverly Hillbillies, and Green Acres, and all those '60's shows. I knew 'em by heart. :-)